Bloom Flower Golf Club Covers

Your partner's clubs are decked out in sweet Collegiate mascot covers and you're stuck with the drab factory issued ones. No longer, ladies. Bloom Flower Golf Club Covers ($54) will save your clubs from feeling under-dressed on the greens. Four fully lined club covers are... [More]

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Nokko Umbrella

Spring showers abound, but those raindrops aren't fallin' on our heads, no sir! We're darling and dry under our Nokko Umbrella ($65). This is just one of the many urbane umbrellas at pare*umbrella. Check 'em out, especially if you reside in a rainy region.... [More]

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Window-Mounted Birdfeeder

The urban spaces in which many of us dwell are not always conducive to our love of nature. Born in Sweden's Window Mounted Birdfeeder ($18) is a bubble of recycled plastic that is mounted to your window through a double-sided suction cup. Designed for small... [More]

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Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier

You're putting your foot down this grilling season... No longer will the man of the house hog the tongs! Of course, you put this foot down in a dainty manner while bringing something new outdoors. Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier ($30) is the cast iron wonder... [More]

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Gerber Daisy Umbrella

Geez Louise, the Gerber Daisy Umbrella ($25) could brighten anyone's day! It gives the rain a big "eff you" with the age old floral trend. Even the edges are cut like petals. Flower girl or not, this umbrellas a boost of energy that's welcome on... [More]

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Reebok Easy Tones

Try on a pair of Reebok EasyTones ($100) - wearing them is like walking on wee pillows of happiness. There is a small, round pocket of air below the heel and ball of the foot. The pockets function similarly to balance balls and not only... [More]

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The Perfect Snowball Maker

The Calvin in us said, "Duuude. YES!" when we found The Perfect Snowball Maker. ($10) Make up to 45 snowballs a minute, each one perfectly packed and spherical, each designed to collapse on impact. We are so winning our next snowball fight with the neighbor... [More]

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Cat Rechargeable LED Flashlight

You know how cat's eyes glow in the dark? Why not harness that power to good use? That, at least we presume, is the premise behind this nifty Cat Rechargeable LED Flash Light. ($10) No batteries are needed; about 20 seconds of squeezing will recharge... [More]

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Freehands Ragg-Wool Gloves

With so many of us rocking the touch screen phone or music player these days, winter can be a frustrating time of year. Keeping our fingers cold while still being able to navigate our playlists or text our peeps is nearly impossible. Yes, fingerless gloves... [More]

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Modern Apple Birdfeeder

Sure, you can cover a pine cone with peanut butter and birdseed to give your little yard visitors a helping hand this winter, but why not make it easier on yourself and use this Modern Apple Birdfeeder ($20)? You pop an apple onto it every... [More]

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color spectrum umbrella-s.jpg

Color Spectrum Umbrella

So what if raindrops are falling on our head - we're still bright-eye and bushy-tailed (and frankly, excited about our light layer options). MoMA's windproof Color Spectrum Umbrella ($24) celebrates bad weather; heck, maybe it outright mocks it. We enjoy mocking things as much as... [More]

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Selk Sleeping Bag

The Selk Bag Sleepwear System. ($215) Ostensibly for camping, yes. But we happen to want one so that we never, ever have to worry about anyone stealing the covers from us, ever again. Or, for that matter, if our cheap-a** landlord decides to cut back... [More]

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bread storage-s.jpg

Best Manufacturers Fresh Bread Bag

The Best Manufacturers Fresh Bread Bag ($9) keeps bread, bagels, flour, grains and pasta fresh and fragrant way longer than conventional store bought twist-and-pinch bags. A quaint 1950s graphic that almost convinces us we've become a housewife adorns the twill cotton/polyester canvas casing. The design... [More]

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Mrs. Obama's Shorts: The Gams that Galvanized a Nation

Although we can't actually find any *normal* people who were bothered by Michelle Obama wearing shorts to visit the Grand Canyon, it did get us interested in finding some other cute shorts for Mrs. Obama that are both suitable for these last few weeks of... [More]

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leaf umbrella-s.jpg

Leaf Umbrella

Costume-inspired looks are a do, and with this Leaf Umbrella ($32) by Jansen & Co we'll look like a fairy without resorting to the horrid wings. Simple whimsy that's simply cute . . . we like it. Inviting our elf and other forest friends under... [More]

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smart solar outdoor light-s.jpg

Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern

Night has fallen, we've had one too many glasses of wine at our garden party, and we may burn our house down with all the decorative patio tea candles. Just because we're drunk doesn't mean we can't keep danger at bay with Ceramic Solar Sphere... [More]

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Nikon Ecobins

The whole marketing campaign for the new Nikon Ecobins ($200) is based on the fact that they are eco-friendly because they're made with earth friendly glass and contain no harmful chemicals, which is all good, but doesn't really mean a whole hill-a-beans when you're talking... [More]

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Croquet Set

Whip up a batch of lemonade and bring out this smart looking Wooden Croquet Set ($50) from JC Penny for an afternoon of fun and games with your friends. Each set includes six mallets, balls, stakes and wickets all stored in a monogrammable storage bag.... [More]

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Off! Clip On Repellent

What do we hate worse: mosquito bites or the icky smell of bug repellent? Tough call. Hopefully with Off! Clip On Repellent ($12.99) we can keep those little blood suckers far away without repelling the more desirable contact of the affectionate, human variety. This portable... [More]

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The Cadillac of Picnic Sets

What are you doing for 4th of July? Wait, nevermind, it doesn't matter, because now you're going on a picnic! Wheeee! Doesn't The Cadillac of Picnic Sets($154) make you want to go lay on a blanket (there's one included!) and find shapes in clouds and... [More]

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