Monogrammed Tube Cooler

This Monogrammed Tube Cooler ($30) looks like a yoga mat carrier to us, and probably also to park rangers and other official types. But it's really a cooler perfectly designed to carry six cans of cold refreshment. Get yours monogrammed to make sure nobody ends... [More]

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Fredericks & Mae Morning Kite

We've never flown a kite as pretty as the Morning Kite ($64) by Fredericks & Mae. In fact, it's been quite a while since we've done any kite-flying at all! This beauty is certainly a motivator. All we need is a lightly windy day, a... [More]

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Man Crates Outdoor Survival Crate

We totally get the idea behind Man Crates, we do. But their kits can be sold to women, too. Our favorite is the Outdoor Survival Crate ($80), which comes with everything we'd need to survive a few nights camping off-trail. Okay, not everything (we gotta... [More]

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Peterboro Traditional Picnic Basket

It may seem a bit unnecessary, but packing a picnic is much more fun with a Traditional Picnic Basket ($49). Just think about how much gratification you get out of taking pasta salad out of a brown paper bag. The warm fuzzy factor is seriously... [More]

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Spa2Go Inflatable Hot Tub

Full-time hot tubs are a pain in the rear. For the three or four times a year you actually use the darned thing, you've got to spend ages - and plenty of cash - filling it with chemicals. Never mind the cost of the electricity... [More]

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Reel Roaster Marshmallow and Hot Dog Skewer

Getting that perfectly roasted campfire goodie requires the perfect rate of rotation. Sure, we can twist a stick with the best of them, but how much cooler will we look when we use this Reel Roaster Marshmallow and Hot Dog Skewer ($18) for our s'more... [More]

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Farmers Market Rack Basket

Add the Farmers Market Rack Basket ($45) to your ride as you pedal around town and you'll always have somewhere to put your impulse market buys - some cave-aged blue, some farm-fresh broccoli florets, or some small-batch roasted coffee beans. Why can't it be summer... [More]

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Pink Floral Knife

Sure, we've already got a Swiss Army Knife floating around somewhere, but what we don't have is a Pink Floral Knife ($21) with a two-and-a-half-inch blade. Those teensy knives with their even teensier scissors and blades don't ever seem to do much. We can barely... [More]

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Bug Repellent Perfume Serum

We can't be bothered to spritz ourselves with both perfume and bug spray for a night out. Bug Repellent Perfume Serum ($28) protects our tank-top-bedecked bodies from the ravages of hungry mosquitoes and the like. As long as there are hot dogs and snacks from... [More]

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Heated Insoles Foot Warmers

We get that these Heated Insoles Foot Warmers ($130) are designed for winter activities like skiing, hiking, or snowblowing the driveway. We plan on using them for watching TV, reading, or possibly just drinking a cup of coffee at breakfast. Our house is cold in... [More]

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Reserved Beach Towel

Ever notice that people on vacation seem to leave common sense and courtesy at home? For instance, when your beach bag, towel, sunglasses, and straw hat are sitting on a lounge chair, that usually indicates that you are somewhere in the area and will return... [More]

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Silca Bicycle Pump

Last week we got all ready to hit the gym only to discover a flat bicycle tire. No worries, we thought, we'll just fill that sucker up and be on our way. Wrong. Our (very old) bike pump had other plans. Instead of filling the... [More]

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Lady Elegance P EZ Female Urinal

We don't exactly seek opportunities to pee outdoors. But for those of us who occasionally like to ditch the hair dryer and take to the wilderness for some camping or hiking, it becomes a necessity. While our male friends can mark trees and try to... [More]

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Cuisinart Smore to Love S'more Maker

The Cuisinart 'Smore to Love' S'more Maker ($18) is everything we want the rest of this summer to be. Even though we should probably only eat one s'more per cookout, our new inanimate best friend here cooks six at a time. And since this makes... [More]

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Bern Lenox Bike Helmet

Doesn't the Lenox Bike Helmet ($60) by Bern remind you of a funky equestrian helmet? Just us? As soon as we saw it, we imagined ourselves on a horse named Mojito Madness the Third, jumping fences like they weren't no thang! Instead, we'll just take... [More]

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Angry Birds and Slingshot Toy Action Set

It's a blast on your iPhone. Think of how much more fun you'll have playing it in real life! This Angry Birds and Slingshot Toy Action Set ($11) comes with everything you need to launch irritated fowl at the pigs in your life.... [More]

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Fiberstars Light Streams Star Floor Kit

We'll put this one on the "When We're Real Grown-Ups" wish list, because we're pretty sure the effect of this Fiberstars Light Streams Star Floor Kit ($686) would be somewhat less impressive in the eight-foot kiddie pool currently gracing our backyard. For those of you... [More]

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Outdoor Cabana

Forget outhouses and strenuous uphill hikes - this Outdoor Cabana ($4,995) epitomizes the kind of camping we can get behind. Just give us a private beach we can have it set up on, and we'll happily give up our hair dryers to spend a long... [More]

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The Stronghold

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to survive the zombie apocalypse will be getting to the most remote location that you can and setting up camp. That's why we're putting our pennies in the jar for The Stronghold ($3,000). This is the Godzilla... [More]

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Sea-Doo Mega Inflatable Island

Thought you couldn't afford your own private island? Boy, were you wrong! For less than a month's rent, you can be the proud owner of your very own Sea-Doo Mega Inflatable Island ($530). Think of it as a blow-up party for you and seven of... [More]

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