Scout Field Bed

Why does "roughing it" have to be so - well, rough? If we're going to sleep on the ground somewhere, we'd like to do it in style with this Scout Field Bed ($487). Made from organic Italian denim and luxurious Japanese chambray, this portable wonder... [More]

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Crossbow Snow Launcher

We'll see how long the neighbor's cat keeps stalking our bird feeder once we get our hands on this Crossbow Snow Launcher ($40). Our own off-the-porch pitches were sadly short of the range we needed to get that bird-eating bastard out of the yard, but... [More]

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Brass Stow-Away Capsule

Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than damp matches. If the prospect of eating cold beans from a can and shivering in your sleeping bag turns you off, invest in this Brass Stow-Away Capsule ($32). It's a wonderfully watertight way to keep those firestarters sparky.... [More]

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

We can't all be Bear Grylls (and most of us probably wouldn't want to), but if you're a fan of the great outdoors beyond the mall parking lot, it's important to be prepared. This LifeStraw Personal Water Filter ($20) is a tiny portable water filter... [More]

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Torch T1 Helmet

You may have stashed your bike back in the basement for the winter, but that doesn't mean you've stopped thinking about riding. Come spring, all of your gear will seem outdated. Get a fresh start by ordering a Torch T1 Helmet ($120, preorder). Ordinarily, lighted... [More]

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FieldCandy What A Melon Tent

Summer may be officially over, but we're holding onto the last bits of warm weather and are spending as much time outside as we possibly can. We've set this What A Melon Tent ($796) up in the backyard, and just looking at it has us... [More]

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Sawako Furuno Sherlock Check Bike Helmet

We'll admit it: bike helmets make us look silly. Or at least, most of them do. Donning this Sawako Furuno Sherlock Check Bike Helmet ($198), on the other hand, makes us feel like genius private investigators pedaling our way to the latest crime scene, where... [More]

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We know drinking water is important, but we just gauge whether we're getting enough H2O by how many trips we make to the bathroom. Apparently, there's a better way to know if you're getting enough fluids, and HydraCoach ($30) has all the data you'd ever... [More]

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Tailgate Backpack Cooler Chair

When you tailgate, you need somewhere to sit. And once you sit, you'll need something to drink. And if you drink, you'll need a place to keep the next drink nice and cold. The Tailgate Backpack Cooler Chair ($48): your football season wingman.... [More]

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Raging Red Bike Light

Now that it's getting darker sooner, we implore all you bikers out there to keep a light on. The Raging Red bike light ($29) from Bookman will not only insure that we drivers see you so we don't accidentally run you off the road, but... [More]

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Sevylor Inflatable Canoe

You know what's really fun and relaxing? Canoeing. You know what's a gigantic pain in the ass? Transporting and storing a canoe. Guess what's a win-win? That's right, it's the Sevylor Inflatable Canoe ($550)! Spend a peaceful day cruising the currents, and when you're done,... [More]

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Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Now look, we're not trying to imply that cold weather is in any way around the corner. But if, hypothetically, it were to be winter someday - and if that winter were to be cold enough to set Jack Frost nipping at our toes -... [More]

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Hot-Pot Barbecue Grill

Stuffy landlord won't let you cook burgers out on the fire escape? What he doesn't know can't hurt him, and he'll never guess that this cute pot conceals a handy-dandy grill. Just make sure your Hot-Pot Barbecue Grill ($125) has cooled before you set the... [More]

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Roll Up Picnic Blanket

There's still plenty of time to get in a few picnic meals before cold weather keeps you inside. Take the handy Roll Up Picnic Blanket ($98) along on your next outing. It's water-repellent on both sides, so you won't get a wet bum sitting in... [More]

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Aqua Swing Pool Lounge

For years, we've been in search of the ultimate pool float. We wanted something we could sit up in - it's much easier to eat snacks and drink beers that way - but that still allowed us to enjoy being mostly-submerged in the water. After... [More]

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Monogrammed Tube Cooler

This Monogrammed Tube Cooler ($30) looks like a yoga mat carrier to us, and probably also to park rangers and other official types. But it's really a cooler perfectly designed to carry six cans of cold refreshment. Get yours monogrammed to make sure nobody ends... [More]

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Fredericks & Mae Morning Kite

We've never flown a kite as pretty as the Morning Kite ($64) by Fredericks & Mae. In fact, it's been quite a while since we've done any kite-flying at all! This beauty is certainly a motivator. All we need is a lightly windy day, a... [More]

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Man Crates Outdoor Survival Crate

We totally get the idea behind Man Crates, we do. But their kits can be sold to women, too. Our favorite is the Outdoor Survival Crate ($80), which comes with everything we'd need to survive a few nights camping off-trail. Okay, not everything (we gotta... [More]

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Peterboro Traditional Picnic Basket

It may seem a bit unnecessary, but packing a picnic is much more fun with a Traditional Picnic Basket ($49). Just think about how much gratification you get out of taking pasta salad out of a brown paper bag. The warm fuzzy factor is seriously... [More]

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Spa2Go Inflatable Hot Tub

Full-time hot tubs are a pain in the rear. For the three or four times a year you actually use the darned thing, you've got to spend ages - and plenty of cash - filling it with chemicals. Never mind the cost of the electricity... [More]

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