Flashman Hudson Bay Axe

This Hudson Bay Axe ($255) by Best Made is a versatile, everyday axe, so long as your idea of "everyday" differs from ours. Still, you'll be glad you invested in it. Its longer-than-average handle will come in handy in the event that you've got to... [More]

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Nine Space for J.Crew Beach Towel

Even though spring is three months of awkward weather, it's the perfect time to get your summer ducks in a row. Snag a new swimsuit, stock up on sunscreen, and invest in a lush beach towel. We've got our eye on the Nine Space for... [More]

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ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Looking to do a little cuddling on your camping trips this summer? Clip the ENO DoubleNest Hammock ($70) to your pack. It folds down to the size of a grapefruit and expands to hold up to four hundred pounds. Clip it to a few trees... [More]

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BioLite Camp Stove

It's time's like these that we have to stop and marvel at science. The BioLite Camp Stove ($228) generates electricity, heat, and a flame for cooking by burning twigs! With your energy supply littered everywhere around camp, you can play tunes on your phone without... [More]

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Natural Light Candle Co. Firestarters

While we know it might not yet be quite warm enough to build a backyard bonfire, we're thinking you should stock up on supplies while you wait. Mostly, that means buying as many graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows as you possibly can, but make... [More]

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Martone Cycling Company Women's Grand Bicycle

Sure, the price on the Grand Bicycle ($899) may be steep, but think of the money you'll be saving by biking everywhere this summer. It beats tossing away your coin at the pump, that's for sure! Plus, you're more likely to get a buncha "sweet... [More]

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Glacier Stainless Leather Wrapped Flask

Who says flasks have to be wide and rectangular? Sure, they fit into back pockets that way, but the cylindrical Glacier Stainless Leather Wrapped Flask ($43) slips right into the pockets of our purses with ease. It also fits well into a car's console cup... [More]

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Portable Gel Seat

Fine, we're old. We admit it. Our rears just can't take sitting on flat metal or unforgiving wood benches and seats for hours at a time. We've got two choices: either start packing in the cookies to expand our natural cushion, or invest in this... [More]

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Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Sometimes mittens just don't cut the mustard. Keep the frostbite at bay with this Rechargeable Hand Warmer ($30). It's small and sleek enough to easily fit into your purse, and packs four hours of digit-thawing power. Just plug it in and it'll be ready to... [More]

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keri golf Sarah Cart Bag

Working on becoming a maven of the greens this summer? Have your caddy tote your clubs around in the Sarah Cart Bag ($335) from keri golf. It's modern, feminine, and tasteful, and says that you take your game seriously. Just be sure to master your... [More]

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Yield Picnic Bag

Yay! We're having a picnic! We have all sorts of yummy snacks, the sun is shining, we've trekked out to this beautiful field, and...ew, the ground is wet. And dirty. And we're wearing cute picnic dresses that we don't want to mess up. Luckily we've... [More]

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Pure Fix Glow in the Dark Fixie

You can wear all the blinking lights and reflective gear you want, but if your goal is to be seen while cycling at night, you can't really beat a Glow in the Dark Bike ($399).... [More]

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Surf Sling

We're dreaming of summer and picturing ourselves paddling out into the waves on our longboards, catching a few great rides in between floating and flirting with cute fellow surfers. We are not thinking about what a pain it is to carry said boards to and... [More]

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Leighton Bubble Umbrella

It may not be flashy, but we're not starting the rainy season without a Leighton Bubble Umbrella ($21). It's designed to keep you dry, even when it's raining in sheets. Windy out? No prob! It takes an especially rough gust to turn this sucker inside... [More]

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I Am Busy Beach Towel

Does your breadwinner have to interrupt you on his or her way to work? Isn't it obvious that your skin won't tan itself!? With the I Am Busy Beach Towel ($100), you can let the world know you're hard at work, even if it looks... [More]

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Pinnacle Camper Set

Getting out into the wilds of the world is one of our goals for this coming summer. We've already mastered the arts of decksitting and margarita drinking, so it's time to get a little more active. Planning some overnight hiking and camping trips, too? We... [More]

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Danish Bicycle Bell

It's almost time to dust off the ol' bike for spring riding. But before you get going, check the chains and wheels and update your bell! The Danish Bicycle Bell ($65) is as simple and sturdy as they come. What's more, each one is made... [More]

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Kai Canvas Pool Float

If you're going to spend a lazy day lounging in the pool, you might as well go all out with it! The Kai Canvas Pool Float ($169) is the waterproof version of a comfy beanbag chair. Don't sacrifice comfort just for buoyancy - have both!... [More]

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KD Kanopy EZ Up Tent

When you are on the sidelines of your son's T-ball game and the clouds start moving in, there are about thirty seconds of difference between saving the day and watching every little athlete present become a muddy, minivan-ruining monster. Be the change you wish to... [More]

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Submarine Camcorder

Anyone got a spare six grand lying around? We think we've found the coolest way on the planet for you to spend it (besides taking a Dom PĂ©rignon bath, of course): this Submarine Camcorder ($6,300). This baby will explore watery depths of up to a... [More]

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