Cooking Secrets Notebook

Need to put down your favorite kitchen tips, tricks, and recipe alterations on paper? Scribble in this Cooking Secrets Notebook ($10) so they're all in one place. The pages are bigger and better organized than a simple deck of index cards so you won't have... [More]

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Breakfast Buddy Gift Box

Can't be with mom and dad on Christmas morning? Bummer. We bet they're disappointed to not get to share the holiday with you. Send along the next best thing via this Breakfast Buddy Gift Box ($45) from Pinhole Press. It's a box containing some morning... [More]

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Why You're So Awesome Journal

Journals always seem like such a thoughtful gift to give, but often times, they just get put on a shelf and go unused. This Why You're So Awesome Journal ($12) turns the tables, though, and asks the giver to fill it out for the recipient... [More]

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Our Q&A a Day: A Three Year Journal

Aw, ain't that sweet. The Our Q&A a Day: A Three Year Journal ($17) gives you and your other half a reason to set down the phones at night when you climb into bed and interact with each other. The journal asks a question a... [More]

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Landscape Bookmarks

These laser cut wooden Landscape Bookmarks ($24) from Henderson Dry Goods are almost as rich with imagery as the novel you're reading. Made from maple and walnut veneer, the bookmarks are as sturdy as they are pretty to look at, and they'll hold your place... [More]

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Personalized Photo Grocery Bag

We keep meaning to make better decisions for the environment, but halfway to the grocery store, we realize that we left our reusable bags at home... again. The trick to improving this habit is to customize one of Snapfish's Personalized Photo Grocery Bag ($12). Like,... [More]

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Polaroid Cube

Aww, look, it's a baby camera. The Polaroid Cube ($100) is just two inches long (and wide and high, because, you know, that's how cubes work) - the perfect size for toting around in your pocket. Don't let its size fool you - it still... [More]

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Pizza Slice Friendship Keychain

The problem with those two-part best friend necklaces is the assumption that you only have one best friend. Best friends are like slices of pizza - the more, the merrier! That's why we're all about this Pizza Slice Friendship Keychain ($8). You and your FIVE... [More]

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Photo Magnets

Imagine your Instagram feed lining your refrigerator. Wait, no need to imagine, you could make it a reality. Sticky9 allows you to turn your favorite Instagram snapshots into Photo Magnets ($15, sheet of 9). Most households use magnets to attach their most cherished photos to... [More]

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Personalized Photo Memory Game

Playing Memory is a great way to build kids' minds. Finding pairs of corresponding animals is fine, but why not give young children a way to familiarize themselves with family members? With the Personalized Photo Memory Game ($20), you can submit 12 photos of loved... [More]

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Loud and Clear Lapel Mic

Hey, vloggers. If you're shooting lots of content for YouTube/Vine/Instagram etc. on your phone, you know how difficult it is to have reliable audio quality. Make sure the sound comes out crisp with a Loud and Clear Lapel Mic ($37). Attach the microphone to your... [More]

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Postcards have always meant one thing: using someone else's photos to brag about the fact that you're on vacation. Well, that's about to change. Not the bragging part, of course, that's the best part, but the idea that postcards need to use someone else's photos.... [More]

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Digital Time-Lapse Camera

Time-lapse videos are all the rage on YouTube. Why don't you get in on that viral action? With a Digital Time-Lapse Camera ($249), you can set up a camera specially designed to take a series of stills, walk away, then watch the results later. We're... [More]

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Snapfish's Personalized Laptop Case

How convenient - a weeklong business trip requires you to bring your computer, but leave your loved ones behind. Thankfully, you don't have to be without the ones you care about the most... symbolically, anyway. With Snapfish's Personalized Laptop Case ($35), you can turn a... [More]

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Selfies Photo Album

Mom's been hinting at your biological clock again lately. Apparently, her friends keep showing off pictures of their grandkids and WOULD IT KILL YOU TO JUST HAVE A BABY SO SHE CAN SHOW PICTURES TO HER FRIENDS TOO?! It's not too much to ask, is... [More]

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Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.07.29 PM.png

Polaroid Pic-300 Instant Print Camera

Rumors of Polaroid's extinction have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, you can still purchase a modern incarnation of the classic photography instrument: the Polaroid Pic300 Instant Print Camera ($95). Snap photos and hand them to your friends just seconds later. In an Instagram world, it... [More]

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Oh Snap: Fun and Funky Camera Strap

Shout out to those photographers who keep it old school and hang their cameras from their shoulders rather than storing them snugly in their pockets. Perhaps they'll take pride in this Oh Snap: Fun and Funky Camera Strap ($25). Admittedly, we can't envision professional photographers... [More]

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Uncle Milton's Pet's Eye View Camera

Each day, we let our cat outside to go on who knows what kind of adventures. Since she can't exactly tell us what she's been up to, we can only speculate on how she's spent her day... up until now. The Uncle Milton's Pet's Eye... [More]

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Pocket Reflector

No matter what kind of effects and filters you apply to your cell phone pictures, there's often nothing that can completely redeem a poorly lit photo. The Pocket Reflector ($15) is a smaller version of a device that professional photographers use to ensure that their... [More]

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Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories: A Tribute to the Threadbare Companions of Childhood

Teddy was your childhood best friend; it's a shame that all that affection resulted in him losing an eye, getting his stomach stained with apple juice, and having his arm severed by a neighborhood dog. Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories: A Tribute to... [More]

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