Personalized Dog Treat Jar

You spend a small fortune to spoil your pup with gourmet treats, so why not store them in a Personalized Dog Treat Jar ($37)? The tight-fitting lid may also help keep Pooch from getting into his treats and inhaling them all at once. We say... [More]

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Catit Design Senses Massage Center

You may not be aware of it, but it's actually your job to provide constant free massages. Just ask your cat. If petty concerns like work or a social life are causing you to neglect this all-important duty, you can at least purchase this Catit... [More]

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PetPeek Fence Window

If you spent ninety-five percent of your life on a single plot of land, you'd appreciate a window, too! This PetPeek Fence Window ($35) satisfies your dog's natural curiosity and sheds some light on the mystery of what's-that-thing-that-sounds-like-a-lawn-mower. (Spoiler Alert: It's a lawn mower!)... [More]

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Adopt-A-Cat Month

You know what the month of June is, right? Well, yes, the precursor to a fabulous summer - that's a given! But it's also Adopt-A-Cat Month! We've hinted and nudged you, our favorite readers, about this for a few years: if you're thinking about bringing... [More]

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FroliCat DART

The FroliCat DART ($28) is nothing more than a rotating laser pointer, but it probably will entertain your cat for hours as advertised. Cats are kinda stupid, sometimes.... [More]

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Ombre Fade Brass Dog Leash

The chic Ombre Fade Brass Dog Leash ($68) reminds us that anything on or around our persons may be considered an accessory, and should be accordingly stylish.... [More]

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Zombie Foot Dog Toy

Has the zombie apocalypse finally started, or does Fido just want to play? With the Zombie Foot Dog Toy ($10), you can live the zombie movie cliche of the dog bringing home the first sign that something bad is "afoot."... [More]

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Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn

We're constantly on the lookout for ways to make our cats ridiculous. We've given them necktie collars, scratching posts that turn them into Tokyo-destroying monsters, and wigs. But none of these humiliations hold a candle to this Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn* ($5). It's the perfect... [More]

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Seek-a-Treat Dog IQ Puzzle

Try not to get too down if your pooch has a tough time figuring out this Seek-a-Treat Dog IQ Puzzle ($10). After all, we adopt four-legged companions because they're loveable and cute, not so they can solve advanced calculus problems. What this puzzle will do... [More]

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Billy Wolf Dog Rain Jacket

In all honesty, we're kind of hoping that if we order the Billy Wolf Dog Rain Jacket ($59), it'll come already fastened onto that darling Australian Shepherd pup. (Just look at those brown and blue eyes!) Of course, we know it won't, so maybe it's... [More]

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Arrfscarf Dog Ice Cream

A good puppy parent makes sure there's lots of water available to her pup on hot summer days. A super awesome puppy parent makes sure her pup has plenty of water and a tub of Dog Ice Cream ($4) from Arrfscarf. Each tub contains a... [More]

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Cats Attack Scratching Post

Cats can be little monsters - but just thank your stars that they're little! The Cats Attack Scratching Post ($39) conjures up grim fantasies of Godzilla-sized felines terrorizing Tokyo. We like the helicopter toy on a string - it's a nice touch!... [More]

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Lucky Diner Pet Bowl

Is your four-legged friend of the retriever or pit bull variety? Then stop daydreaming about this Lucky Diner Pet Bowl ($15) right now. You'd have to fill the adorable little thing twelve times to make up a snack for your pet monster. But if your... [More]

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Killer McFluffy's Room Spray

Let's face it. No matter how you try to hide the litter box, every time your sweet muffinpaws drops one, it stinks up the whole house. It can't hurt to give Killer McFluffy's Room Spray ($12) a try. The citrus and flower oils should help... [More]

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The Hedgehog's Dilemma

Do you have a minor (or major!) obsession with hedgies? The prickly little cuties have risen in popularity in the last few years, and Hugh Warwick penned The Hedgehog's Dilemma: A Tale of Obsession, Nostalgia, and the World's Most Charming Mammal ($7) to give us... [More]

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Hamster Racer Set

This Hamster Racer Set ($31) makes us a little bummed about being bipeds! With this pet toy, your rambunctious rodent can propel itself across the floor Flintstones-style, run in place, or travel along the track that comes with your purchase! Available in pink, blue, orange,... [More]

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Climbing Cat Tower

If your cats are a part of your family, then it's time to resign yourself to making your cats' furniture a part of your home decor. While the Climbing Cat Tower ($350) by Bowsers is a bit pricey, it's also aesthetically pleasing. The wooden cubes... [More]

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Temple Standing Feeder

Just think! With the purchase of a Temple Standing Feeder ($90-110), you'll no longer have to hide your pooch's disgusting food dishes in the back room. The sturdy feeder makes mealtime a happier experience for both your and your dog (or cat!). He won't have... [More]

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Floats My Boat Buoy Toy

Finally, the weather is starting to warm up enough for you to take the pup to the lake and wear him out with a (seemingly endless) game of fetch. Take along a Floats My Boat Buoy Toy ($14-29) from Waggo. The sturdy rubber-and-rope toy floats,... [More]

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Cat Necktie Collar

We give it five minutes before our beloved pet manages to drag this Cat Necktie Collar ($10) through food, water, or litter. But how freaking adorable will those five minutes be? Just make sure you've got your phone ready to snap some heart-meltingly cute pictures... [More]

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