Toilet Water Bowl

If you can't beat 'em... well, don't join 'em! Instead, buy 'em the Toilet Water Bowl ($15). Not only will it satisfy your pets' esoteric urge to drink from the toilet, the basin in the back makes refilling it easy.... [More]

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High-Back Console Pet Car Seat

When your car is already filled with kids on the way to soccer practice, that doesn't leave much room for Fido. Get the High-Back Console Pet Car Seat ($100-120) so your pup isn't causing a ruckus in the backseat. (The kids do enough of that... [More]

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Stick Chew Toy

A great choice for the picky dog for whom a regular stick isn't good enough. Not only will it never break in half at the critical moment, the Stick Chew Toy ($8) also squeaks, making for double the fun of a boring stick made of... [More]

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Waggo Dipper Bowls

Who says the dog's bowl has to feature cutesy paw prints or dog bones? Your pup may not always behave like a class act (we know you're working on that digging habit!), but these Dipper Bowls ($11-20, plus $10 for a custom monogram) from Waggo... [More]

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Merry Products Night Stand Pet House

The question's not whether the Merry Products Night Stand Pet House ($92) is a good idea - we think it is. The question is whether your pet will actually stay in its cubby instead of taking that short walk to its preferred spot on your... [More]

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Dog Leash Plus

Leash, doggie treats, baggies, water bowl...sometimes we feel like our dogs need more things than our kids. That's where the Dog Leash Plus ($26) comes in handy. This Swiss Army-like leash includes an LED flashlight, a pop-up water bowl, a treat compartment, a baggie compartment,... [More]

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Dog Umbrella

What? It's okay for doggie to get drenched while you hide under your human-sized umbrella? This Dog Umbrella ($28) keeps your dog dry, and you don't have to do or hold anything you wouldn't normally do or hold on a walk. Plus maybe you guys... [More]

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Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium

Desktop essentials: pens, clock, Siamese fighting fish. The USB Desktop Aquarium ($30) has them all covered! Plug it into any USB port for a fully functional aquarium, complete with a water-circulation system and color-changing LED lights to give your goldfish a little showmanship. (Not a... [More]

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Catillac Cat Playhouse

Kitties love boxes. People love laughing at ridiculous-looking kitties. These two truths come together in a beautiful way with the Catillac Cat Playhouse ($28). Felines will love climbing into this cozy cardboard space, while the rest of us can enjoy a good laugh over the... [More]

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For the dog lover who doesn't like dogs! This Port-a-Pug ($17) is a cardboard model that's way easier to assemble than the original! Whether you lack the space or the sinuses for actual pet, this cute cutout will help fill the void.... [More]

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Decorate-Your-Own Pet Figurines

You love your pets, it's just...did you ever think maybe you could have designed them better? These Decorate-Your-Own Pet Figurines ($8) allow you to recreate your four-legged friends - or create better versions and show genetics how it's done!... [More]

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Kung Fu Cat Bowl

We guess it's a little weird to make your kitty eat out of a bowl shaped like a cat, but the Kung Fu Cat Bowl ($48) is too cool to pass up. And on the bright side, maybe a "playmate" will keep your furball occupied... [More]

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Olive Fur Spritzer

It never fails. As soon as your bring your pup home from being shampooed, he finds ways to undo all of that hard work. Spray the troublemaker with Olive Fur Spritzer ($13). It'll freshen him back up more quickly than a bath and more cheaply... [More]

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Funston To-Go Bowl

Easy to pack and less embarrassing to carry around than doggie doo bags, the Funston To-Go Bowl ($14) from Wildebeest makes traveling with your pooch a cinch. The flat bowl pinches together at the corners to make a water-resistant container for pup's food and water... [More]

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Rad Dog Release N Run Leash

Dogs love it when that leash comes off so they can finally chase after that tennis ball. This Rad Dog Release N Run Leash ($38) saves you the trouble of calming Fido down enough to unhook the leash from his collar. Simply let go of... [More]

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Bowser Beer

Does your cute wittle puppy have a dark and haunted past it longs to forget? (We're thinking love lost and poor decisions made, but we're not ruling out murder.) If so, give man's best friend man's other best friend: booze! Bowser Beer ($20) is beer... [More]

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Of all the school subjects, you just gotta love science made possible the AquaFarm ($60), a self-sufficient herb garden/aquarium. Fish waste feeds the plants, plants clean the water. Let's see something like that come from that career planning class they made you take between... [More]

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The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bamboo Cat Bed

It's no secret that we love our cats, but it's also a well-established fact that we don't love carpet-covered cat furniture. The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bamboo Cat Bed ($150) is here to save the day and our decor. Now all we need to do... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: KONG On/Off Squeaker Bone

You love ::SQUEAK:: your little furball, and of ::SQUEAK:: course you want to keep him happy, ::SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK:: but wouldn't it be nice if you could ::SQUEAK:: do so without driving yourself ::SQUEAK:: absolutely bonkers? Silence the squeaker on this KONG On/Off Squeaker Bone... [More]

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Seeing Stars Leash

While your pup may prefer to be off-leash, your city has strict rules about such things. Show nosy neighbors that you're a compliant dog owner by taking Bruno for a walk attached to the Seeing Stars Leash ($20-40) from Waggo. The leashes are bright, stylish,... [More]

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