Climbing Cat Tower

If your cats are a part of your family, then it's time to resign yourself to making your cats' furniture a part of your home decor. While the Climbing Cat Tower ($350) by Bowsers is a bit pricey, it's also aesthetically pleasing. The wooden cubes... [More]

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Temple Standing Feeder

Just think! With the purchase of a Temple Standing Feeder ($90-110), you'll no longer have to hide your pooch's disgusting food dishes in the back room. The sturdy feeder makes mealtime a happier experience for both your and your dog (or cat!). He won't have... [More]

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Floats My Boat Buoy Toy

Finally, the weather is starting to warm up enough for you to take the pup to the lake and wear him out with a (seemingly endless) game of fetch. Take along a Floats My Boat Buoy Toy ($14-29) from Waggo. The sturdy rubber-and-rope toy floats,... [More]

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Cat Necktie Collar

We give it five minutes before our beloved pet manages to drag this Cat Necktie Collar ($10) through food, water, or litter. But how freaking adorable will those five minutes be? Just make sure you've got your phone ready to snap some heart-meltingly cute pictures... [More]

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Sniff Pet Candles

Weird, right? Your dog won't care two shakes about sniffing a scented Sniff Pet Candle ($28). He voluntarily smells his own butt! But the fine print reveals that the candles are infused with natural aromatherapy oils that promote good health in canines. The scents are... [More]

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You love the environment and are especially in love with your pets. In an effort to give them the world and protect Mother Nature the best way you know how, order a few of these Moochews ($15-17). While the name sounds like some sort of... [More]

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Bistro Dog Biscuits

These tin cans of Bistro Dog Biscuits ($14) are total twofers. You get a darling vintage can for your pup's treat storage, and he gets twelve ounces of yummy doggy biscuits. Just make sure you pick out his favorite flavor. You wouldn't want to offend... [More]

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Baroque Feeders

Don't you hate it when your dog spills his foie gras into his wine bowl? Animals can be so uncivilized when they eat! These Baroque Feeders ($40 - $80) are designed only for the most sophisticated and discerning outdoor-poopers. (Vets recommend raised feeders for helping... [More]

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pEi Doggy Pod

While giving your pup an Easter basket full of chocolate is a definite no-no*, don't leave him out of the celebration altogether. We bet he'd enjoy sleeping in a new egg-shaped pEi Doggy pod ($130)! The cozy little hidey-hole comes in mint and pink with... [More]

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Ocotillo Poncho

Why shouldn't your pet look as fashionable as you do? Most of the pooch jackets we've seen on the market look like doggie versions of the latest styles aimed at eight-year-olds. How about something a little more sophisticated, like this Ocotillo Poncho ($88)? The subtle... [More]

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Flint & Lars Pet Toys

Why shouldn't your pet paraphernalia compliment your home decor? These Flint & Lars Pet Toys ($10) are downright trendy, made from an assortment of fashionable fabrics. We'll probably skip the cute little dog bones, which would get shredded into scraps in a minute or two,... [More]

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Wildebeest Bandana Collar

We're gonna say it. Sweet dogs wearing summertime bandanas rival (hell, surpass) babies when it comes to cuteness. It's true! We love watching playful pups prance about with bandanas tied around their furry little necks. What's better is that the Wildebeest Bandana Collar ($20) embodies... [More]

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Flip Litter Box

You may love your snuggly kittycat, but that doesn't mean you enjoy scooping her poo! The sleek-looking Flip Litter Box ($120) from Modko probably won't change that, but it will make scooping days go a little quicker. The magnetic top folds over once for easy... [More]

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Silver Fox Kitty Wig

Buy something for your cat that she really wants...then buy her this wig! The Silver Fox Kitty Wig ($65) is a fun way to decorate your cat and give her a classy, almost-human look! You buy your feline dinner every night. The least she can... [More]

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The Elvis Dog Biscuits

Your pooch may be nothing but a hound dog, but we think he still deserves a better-than-average treat every once in a while. The Elvis Dog Biscuits ($10) come in a flavor combination worthy of The King himself - banana, peanut butter, and nitrate-free turkey... [More]

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Bow Tie Dog Collar

It's a concern everyone's had: you're hosting a party, and everything's going perfectly... when all of the sudden your dog walks in, and he's completely underdressed! Talk about faux pas! "Who would bring such an animal to this party," your guests say, "I'd hate to... [More]

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Dogsbutter Peanut Butter

We know this is kinda gimmicky. Peanut butter is peanut butter, no matter how it's marketed. But a jar of Dogsbutter ($10) may eliminate your need to share spoonfuls of your own favorite peanut butter brand with your pooch. Sure, you could always buy two... [More]

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Waggo Flagged Leash

Okay, so your dog doesn't care a lick about the coolness factor of his leash. But you do, right? We mean, being dragged along by your pup on the end of the Waggo Flagged Leash ($18-24) means you'll look a little more presentable than you... [More]

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Vintage Inspired Pet Tags

While the Vintage Inspired Pet Tags ($12 each) by Sycamore Hill don't hold any practical info on them (you know, like your pet's name and your phone number), they do add a touch of cool to your pup's collar. It's a good compromise if you're... [More]

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Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee

Your cat in need of a little past life regression therapy? We expect that's just what it will find when it starts napping inside of this Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee ($32). Just don't expect the process to make it any more well-adjusted.... [More]

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