Alpha & Ruby's Heart Healthy Cookies

If you're headed out for the weekend and leaving your furry friend behind, make sure the dog sitter is equipped with a stack of Heart Healthy Cookies ($4), baked by Alpha & Ruby's. The gourmet dog biscuits are made from the good stuff, from real... [More]

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Purr Your Heart Into It Cat Pajamas

We should Doubtblush these Purr Your Heart Into It Cat Pajamas ($24), but we just...can't. If you can manage to wrestle your kitty into a pair of long john-inspired pet pajamas, then kudos. You either have an extremely patient furbaby, or you better watch your... [More]

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Much in the same way that it's not ideal for our bodies when we inhale a cheeseburger in thirty-seven seconds flat, it's not good for our pups when they hoover their whole bowl of food in less time than it takes us to say "good... [More]

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SkidStop Slow Feed Pet Bowl

Dogs can be such pigs, right? And while it can be fun to watch your pet go to town on its food like it's its last meal, the laughter subsides when the choking begins. This SkidStop Slow Feed Pet Bowl ($3) comes with treads and... [More]

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Qute Hamster Cage

Living in this deluxe hamster cage in the sky is the highest status symbol possible for animals that walk around in their own waste. The top level of the Qute Hamster Cage ($169) is wired for ventilation, while the bottom level is a removable plastic... [More]

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Home Cooking for Your Dog

Home Cooking for Your Dog ($16) by Christine Filardi: now you can post photos of your own dinner and your dog's dinner on Instagram. (And have your followers guess which meal belongs to you and which meal belongs to the pooch!)... [More]

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For Gimli Dog Den

For the most spoiled dog in town: the For Gimli Dog Den ($950-$1,300). Get the canine love of your life this luxury doghouse, made of sustainably harvested walnut (for the eco-conscious pup). For a few (hundred) extra bucks, you can choose to have it painted... [More]

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Duckbilled Dog Muzzle

No one likes putting a muzzle on their dog... but if you have to, you might as well enjoy it! The Duckbilled Dog Muzzle ($16) effectively prevents your canine from biting and barking - and trust us, people respond better to a dog with a... [More]

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Soggy Doggy Drying Towel

You could be living in the middle of the Sahara. We can still guarantee that if there is water anywhere within a mile radius, your dog is going to find it and dive in. And when he makes it back inside, he's going to make... [More]

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Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo

The people at Kiehl's are experts in skin and hair, so maybe we ought to see if they know a thing or two about fur. Their soap-free Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo ($17) gently gets rid of dirt and grime (and smell!) without irritating your pup's skin.... [More]

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Plane Cat Playhouse

The Red Baron had his day - now is the time for the Calico Baron! You may not be able to justify spending extra money on your cat, but you can justify buying the Plane Cat Playhouse ($30) for your own personal enjoyment of watching... [More]

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Sure, we'd love to take our pets with us when we travel, but taking a dog on an airplane? We'll pass. Thankfully, PetChatz ($349) is the perfect thing for stay-at-home pets, and it's more reliable than your neighbor's daughter. Plug it in and you'll be... [More]

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LazyBonezz Pet Toy Box

People come into your house and ask where the kids are - and you don't have any kids. If your pet has enough toys to keep a preschool busy, maybe it's time to invest in this LazyBonezz pet toy box ($20). Then all you'll have... [More]

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Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

We've heard legends of training cats to use the toilet and flush, but our cat wears the pants at home... and it's training us to not bother training it. But if you can't train the cat, you can at least "train" the litter box. The... [More]

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Space Cat Laser Cat Toy

All laser cat toys are pretty much just standard laser pointers, and we're not saying the Space Cat Laser Cat Toy ($10) is any different. What we are saying is that this laser is the only one that shoots out of the one good eye... [More]

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Cataction Magneticat Cat Toy

That catnip high is here and gone, but this Cataction Magneticat Cat Toy ($15) is that cat crack fix that keeps on giving. Your feline friend will get hours of obsessive, frantic fun out of this simple, battery-free device, which means that much more you'll... [More]

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Big Paw Bottle Opener

Big Paw Bottle Opener

We've found the perfect gift for your dog-lovin' guy! The Big Paw Bottle Opener ($15) is just the right gadget for the guy that has everything...including man's best friend.... [More]

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Dog Starter Kit

The kids have been begging for it. Those SPCA commercials have been making you cry. And there's a groundhog in the yard in desperate need of something to chase after it. Must be time to enlarge the family with a four-legged friend. This Dog Starter... [More]

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To Scarborough Fair Hats for Cats

There's no greater punishment for a cat than being forced into demeaning clothes, which means you'll be hoping for them to misbehave after shopping at To Scarborough Fair ($37 - $56). The name says it all: a wide variety of hats...for cats.... [More]

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Fair Isle Dog Sweater

You aren't the only one who needs to look your best as you greet holiday company and dinner guests. Tuck your pup into this Fair Isle Dog Sweater ($28) to keep her looking perfectly posh in the winter season's favorite sweater style.... [More]

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