Ultra Paws Wound Boot

Oh, great, Bosco hurt his foot again. We love his adventurous spirit, but his constant injuries are driving us nuts. The Ultra Paws Wound Boot ($20) allows ailing dogs to keep running around while reducing the risk of infection. Designed to be breathable, the Velcro-strapped... [More]

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Cool Down Doggie Refreshing Misting Leash

Normally when you have a hot dog, it's not a problem - you just eat it. If that hot dog happens to be your overheated pet, however, you're probably not interested in smothering her in mustard. The Cool Down Doggie Refreshing Misting Leash ($8) provides... [More]

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Lui Cat Scratcher

Remember being a little kid and having more fun playing with the cardboard boxes than the toys that came inside of them? That's a phase that cats never grow out of. We may never fully understand why cats love cardboard as much as they do,... [More]

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Harry Barker Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

We're definitely getting a tin of Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits ($12) from Harry Barker because we know our pups will love the tasty treat. It's, uh, not at all because the tin itself is super cute and we can't wait to keep it stocked and... [More]

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You wouldn't wander around in the bright sunlight without shades on, so why do you allow your dog to do the same? In addition to making your pooch the coolest dog on the street, Doggles ($20) legitimately block out 100% of UV rays. Protect your... [More]

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Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs

You already consider your pet a part of the family, but would you also consider her a person? In his new book, Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs ($17), David Grimm outlines the case that pets may soon be granted a protected... [More]

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Blink Rope Collar

Your dog is already the cutest on the block, but now it can be the most stylish as well. This hand-made, hand-dyed Blink Rope Collar ($45) is a stark contrast to those inferior plastic and nylon collars that other dogs have to wear. Plus, it... [More]

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Playful Plaid Dog Collars

We think it's safe to assume that just about every doggie looks dapper in plaid. Wanna prove us right? Clip your pup into a Playful Plaid Dog Collar ($16-20) from Waggo and send us the picture. We'd love to spend an afternoon cooing over cute... [More]

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Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash

Taking one dog out for a walk in the park is... well, a walk in the park. Taking two dogs out for a walk in the park, however, is a recipe for trouble. The two dogs keep playfully switching positions with each other and before... [More]

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Come Along Bird Carrier

When most birds fly south for the winter, it's called migration. When your pet Polly flies south for the winter, however, it's called economy class. If you travel everywhere with your chirpy companion, make sure she's riding in comfort in a Come Along Bird Carrier... [More]

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Dogtails Shampoo and Microfiber Towel Bundle

Luxury pet care can be obscenely expensive, so we're surprised that this Dogtails Bundle ($32) doesn't cost more. Because if you're the type of person who thinks its important that your pup's bath involves green tea extract and grapefruit and rosemary oil, and that he... [More]

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Whistle Activity Monitor

Overprotective dog owners take comfort - you're not alone in wanting to keep tabs on your pup even while away from the house. The Whistle Activity Monitor ($129) attaches to your dog's collar and charts when he's moving and when he's resting. From anywhere via... [More]

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A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends

Want a coffee table book that'll leave you blubbering like a baby? A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends ($21) is a compilation of notes to canine friends from their owners - celebs and ordinary people alike. Each letter is heartfelt and... [More]

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Cuddle Clones

Miss your deceased pet? Maybe you're just already dreading the day that your pet does pass on? Help relieve some of the grief and separation anxiety with a Cuddle Clone ($199). After you send in photos of your cat or dog, Cuddle Clones creates a... [More]

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How to Have a Very Bad Dog

Do you spoil your pup and let her get away with murder? Of course you do, she's your sweetheart! Rather than allowing your friends to shame you into signing her up for obedience school, embrace your flawed parenthood. How to Have a Very Bad Dog... [More]

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WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain

Does your dog have a drinking problem? No, not like that, but maybe he often kicks his water dish over. Or maybe he drinks stagnant water with dead bugs floating in it. Or maybe his water dish attracts other animals into your yard. Regardless of... [More]

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Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder

Your mother may have always told you not to play with your food, but that same rule shouldn't apply to cats. Since felines are natural hunters, they'll love the thrill of searching for food in the Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder ($25). Besides, spreading the food... [More]

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Glass Fish Fishbowl

The Glass Fish Fishbowl ($25) is almost a little too meta. Do you think it would give a goldfish a complex to swim around in his likeness all day long? Will double the fishiness tempt the cat even more? We have so many questions and... [More]

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Buffalo Plaid Circle Bed

Would that we could switch places with our pooches, settle into the center of this Buffalo Plaid Circle Bed ($98-168) from Waggo (which has been conveniently dragged next to a heading vent), and sleep the day away with nary a thought about the cold weather.... [More]

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Mighty Mite Pet Lover Vacuum Cleaner

Our dog has mastered fetching and rolling over, but despite our best efforts, no amount of training has managed to teach him how to clean up after himself. Alas, we suppose that frequent vacuuming is a small price to pay for his companionship. The Mighty... [More]

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