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Captain Kirk Collar

Beam us up, Scotty! And by Scotty, we mean our adorable Scottish Terrier, obviously. He's going to look great with his freshly groomed hair and this Captain Kirk Collar ($20). We're going to take him where no man has gone before - the dog park.... [More]

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Purrfect Arch Cat Massager

Cats are so silly... we swear, they love nothing in life more than having their backs and necks petted. It's like, hello, there are more important things than... You know what? On second thought, we can't think of anything more awesome than having our backs... [More]

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Trixie Mad Scientist for Cats

Keep your kitty entertained (or frustrated - same difference, really) with the Trixie Mad Scientist for Cats ($25). After placing treats in the beakers, your cat will eagerly learn how to flip the containers to get the treat to flip out... and then use his... [More]

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Exo Terrar Bent Glass Turtle Terrarium

"A turtle's home is on his back," our third grade teacher once told us. Bullsh*t. You try living in a shell for a week and tell us if that supposed "house" feels like a home. That's why we're buying our favorite reptile an Exo Terrar... [More]

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Cat Scratcher Console Table

It's a struggle to find cat accessories that a) aren't hideous and b) don't send off "pathetic cat lady" vibes to our house guests. We may have actually squealed when we came across this pretty Cat Scratcher Console Table ($399) - it'll fit in perfectly... [More]

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Four Paws Doggie Doo Bags

Ever since your city banned plastic bags at grocery stores, life has gotten a bit more difficult. While the ban is certainly good for the environment, it's of no help with dog sh*t. When it comes time to clean up your pup's #2s (and we... [More]

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Tennis Bed

And now, a message from your dog: Balls. Balllllllls. I love balls. I love chasing balls. I love chewing balls. Maybe it's a psychological thing since you had me neutered, but I love balls. What's that? Is that a bed made out of balls? I... [More]

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Doggie Tote

Who knew that you'd be spending more time running around the dog park this summer than you would lounging on the beach? But hey, you're cool with making sacrifices if it means your pup is happy (and tires himself out so you can have a... [More]

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Zombie Aquarium Ornaments

What would your goldfish do in the event of a zombie attack? Probably just continue to swim around his fishbowl... he's pretty predictable like that. Still, if you want to put that theory to the test, try adding some Zombie Aquarium Ornaments ($5-8 each) to... [More]

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Ikat Pet Bowl and Tray

Nevermind that this fabulous Ikat Pet Bowl and Tray Set ($23) from Amy Sia is gonna get covered in hungry dog slobber and splashed with spit containing bits of half-chewed kibble. It'll still look great sitting out on the floor in your kitchen - much... [More]

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Feline and Dine Dish

This cute little dish ($10) is technically meant to be a treat bowl for the cat, but we think it would make a cute catch-all for our nightstands. It's plastic, so it won't break if we accidentally knock it off when we're reaching for the... [More]

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Room with a View Pet House

Sweet pad, dog. You've got that cool little room for chilling out at night and a rooftop lounge area for catching some rays during the day. Life doesn't get any better than the Room with a View Pet House ($67). Heck, if it weren't restricted... [More]

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Play Ball and Bowl Gift Set

Know someone with a new pup? You could offer to walk the little scamp, or dog sit the next time they go on vacation, but that would require you to be responsible for their animal, and there's a reason you don't have one of your... [More]

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Hemp & Solid Brass Dog Leash

Thin leashes are all the rage, but good luck keeping your disobedient, 100-pound dog in line with something the width of a piece of yarn. The Hemp & Solid Brass Dog Leash ($60) is sturdy "marine-grade" rope that's designed to withstand thousands of pounds in... [More]

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Cool Dog Bed

Summer's here, and the only hot dogs you want to see are on buns slathered in mustard. Help your favorite pet beat the heat this season with the Cool Dog Bed ($30-90). This cooling pad senses your dog's weight and automatically emits a lower temperature... [More]

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GREENIES Daily Dental Dog Treats

Your dog is really cute, but his breath... woof! While you can't teach an old dog new tricks (like, say, flossing), you can give him some tasty snacks that will improve his oral hygiene. GREENIES Daily Dental Dog Treats ($43) are protein-infused treats for adult... [More]

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Gift Tote for Dogs

Everyone has that one friend who has to cart her furbaby with her everywhere. Ordering her this Gift Tote for Dogs ($24) will score you some major friend points - the cute muslin tote is filled with pet wash, fur freshener, itch and ouch balm,... [More]

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Orbee-Tuff Glow-in-the-Dark Whistle Ball

You try telling your dog that it's impossible to play fetch at night. You might as well be explaining to her the meaning of life! Alas, there is a solution for pups that get sudden bursts of energy once the sun is down: the Orbee-Tuff... [More]

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Hydro Saucer

We love that throwing the Hydro Saucer ($10) from Hugs Pet Products means you won't have to stop playing with your pup in order to keep him hydrated. The special foam toy releases water as it's tossed and caught so Fido can run around until... [More]

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Tale of 2 Cities Collar

He's a man pup about town so make sure he looks the part as you escort him to the dog park and canine bakery. The Tale of 2 Cities Collar ($25) from Molly Mutt will give him a sophisticated appearance, even when he's chasing squirrels... [More]

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