Mungo & Maud "Petite Amande" Dog Shampoo

Let's face it: dogs love to get into shit. And garbage. And swampwater. And... You get the idea. And unlike cats, they're not too finicky about cleaning themselves up afterward, thus saving you the trouble. We favor British Mungo & Maud "Petite Amande" Dog Shampoo... [More]

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United Bamboo 2010 Calendar

A ha ha ha ha! We hate to say it, but kitty wigs, eat your heart out. The 2010 United Bamboo Calendar (Price TBD, ships in November) features the couturier's fall & winter designs in miniature, on cats. Is it weird that this makes us... [More]

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Anyone who owns a cat knows that given the choice between a scratching post and a cardboard box, the cat will always choose the box. Because it is not meant for them. The Kittypod ($320) by Elizabeth Paige Smith resembles a large cauldron or kettledrum,... [More]

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Believe us, we're really not behind the whole idea of pet as accessory (who brings a dog to a department store?) but we do want to point out that October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. Shelters across the country have more animals than they can handle, and... [More]

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Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

We live in a dangerous world. Surf the TV or the internet anytime and you'll find a natural disaster happening somewhere on the globe. So, we -- please, hold your laughter; disasters are serious business -- we present the Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket ($480). Made... [More]

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pet carrier-s.jpg

Teafco Argo Pet Peek-A-Boo Carrier

Furry friends and their abiding owners will be delighted with the Argo Pet Peek-A-Boo Carrier ($73) by Teafco. Its asymmetrical design is mega chic and tapered to fit our pet's shape perfectly. Amazingly, our pet gets enough leg room to walk around, enough headspace for... [More]

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Sleepypod Air Carrier

We cannot wait until the Sleepypod Air Carrier ($150) is released. There will be no need to worry anymore if the carrier will fit under the plane seat or not. The Sleepypod website has tons of informational graphics that show you exactly how to position... [More]

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Doubtblush: Heated Cat Blanket

You may have noticed that we're hardly perpetual rays of sunshine around here, but even so, we seem to spend a lot of our time enthusing about one gewgaw or another. Doubtblush exists to make it clear that we do not, in fact, like everything.... [More]

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ModKat Litter Box

We can't stop pampering our pets, but we also can't afford to pay for a ritzy pet hotel room with powder room assistants; so the ModKat Litter Box ($180) will have to suffice. In myriad colors and ultra modern design, this ironic item will work... [More]

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cat playhouse tank-s.jpg

Cat Playhouse Tank

Any cat lady knows that cats are always leaping into boxes. We don't know what's so exciting in there, but our furry friends will be setting up a photo-op every time they make their way into the Cat Playhouse Tank ($25), which is comprised of... [More]

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Sportster 3 Wheel Pet Stroller

Part of us thinks, "What? Dogs like walking. They love it. They can't wait to go walkies everyday." But... part of us thinks, "Oh, wookit the cute ickle puppers in the stroller!" However you feel, the Sportster 3 Wheel Pet Stroller ($150) is sure to... [More]

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Imperial Orca Whale Scratcher

Wow that's a big fish for a little kitty! Your cat is gonna love the Imperial Orca Whale Scratcher ($30). Contoured corrugated cardboard is designed to keep your furball's nails nice and healthy while standing up to hours of scratching. The nooks and crannies are... [More]

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FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

So Kitty's a furry ball of energy and she's bored and she's giving you the skunk eye? Spring the FroliCat Bolt ($13) on her and watch her freak out over the random laser action! (See Exhibit A.) For all you lazy pet owners out there... [More]

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Nordstrom Crystal Pet Collection Charm Chain Dog Collar

Does your pooch need to be as pampered as you are? Of course! Try giving him/her this Nordstrom Crystal Pet Collection Charm Chain Dog Collar ($35) to don around the dog parks to breed about as much jealousy as dog-ly possible. We love the bejeweled... [More]

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love leash 2-s.jpg

Alice Wang Dog Leash

Inventive designer Alice Wang tickles our funny bone and cheers us up with her Pet Plus collection. We can't resist a Schnauzer in a bib, but her Dog Leash ($Inquire) really struck our fancy. If we can get past the slightly morbid quality of the... [More]

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Wall-Mount Fish Bowl

This is neat! Beta fish don't need a ton of room for their environment, hence the little bowls they normally come in. But why keep your Nemo in a tiny bowl when he can have an uber-cool pad of his very own right on your... [More]

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It's like Sea-Monkeys for adults! This small EcoSphere ($65) is a delicate coexistent environment that relies on animal and plant life. Each hand-blown glass sphere contains seawater, red shrimp, algae and microbes. All you have to do is give your little world 6 to 12... [More]

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pet head shampoo-s.jpg

Pet Head Sensitive Skin Shampoo

Ok, we admit to sometimes dressing our pets up to match our impeccable style, but this Pet Head Sensitive Skin Shampoo ($18) is a more discreet way to match our pup on a daily basis. Pet Head is an offshoot of TIGI's Bed Head label,... [More]

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Wooden Doggy Dining Table

At first glance, the slats on this Wooden Doggy Dining Table ($40), just look like the beautiful design of the chair. Wow, modern and hip – cool! But then we took a closer look and saw that they’re actually ingeniously there to lift the feeding... [More]

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West Paw Striped Turtlenecks

New Fall sweaters are hitting the stores right now, but what about your poor shivering pup? Well, he might not be shivering just yet, but doesn’t the little furry one in your life deserve a few new Fall pieces as well? How about these cute... [More]

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