Kool Collar

Since your dog can't sweat, and you insist on taking him outside in Equatorial like temperatures, the least you can do is hook him up with some added comfort in the form of the Kool Collar ($16). A reusable freezer tube is placed inside his... [More]

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Magis Dog House

Your dearest four-legged friend is a dog of discernible tastes who requires posh housing for his outdoor time. The adorable bright orange Magis Dog House ($1011) designed by Michael Young will keep your pup out of the elements, off the ground, and chilling in style.... [More]

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Cat, Unexpected Sequel

It didn't take long for Fate to see this post and do something about it. (Fate reads Outblush!) Thursday, the one day we had an empty cat carrier in the car thanks to a friend borrowing and returning it, we went out to dinner after... [More]

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You didn't think we'd just do it for dogs, did you? We at Outblush are crazy cat ladies at heart, even though canines are practically couture these days. Anyhow, June is Adopt-A-Cat month, and we encourage you to bring home a new furball if you're... [More]

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Wireless Pet Doorbell

Wireless Pet Doorbell

The Wireless Pet Doorbell ($36) may be the next best thing biscuits! Now Sparky can let you know when he's finished with his business outside as well as when he needs to go out.... [More]

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PuppyPurse Pet Carrier

It took us about two seconds to realize a regular dog carrier wasn't going to work with our pup. Our measly arms aren't meant to carry him around in a handbag! We'd much rather throw him over our shoulder (not literally), and let the strap... [More]

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Alabama Dog Mansion

We ain't gonna lie. This is a little ridonk, but just imagine how special your pup will feel in his very own hand-crafted Alabama Dog Mansion ($3494)! Each house is a replica of a historical model and is built using the same techniques and materials... [More]

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Dog Pool Float

The scene that plays out while you try and get your dog onto the Dog Pool Float ($90-130) will no doubt be YouTube worthy, but once you get him there, he'll never leave. These floats are strong, ultra-buoyant and puncture-resistant. Splash a little water on... [More]

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Chocolate Rope Leash

If Lassie lived in the 2000s, she'd be one fashionably hot bitch, and we'd guess that the très chic Mungo and Maud Chocolate Rope Lead ($128) would be her leash of choice. This rope "lead" (as the British say) is a rich chocolate shade accented... [More]

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PetEgo Walky Dog Bike Leash

We love the idea of exercising our dogs while we ride our bikes, the practice - not so much. There are only so many times our pups can cause us to fall off our bikes, get tangled in the spokes, or lag behind before we... [More]

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Lula Dog Bowl

Remember the Tigrito Cat Bowl? If you bought one and the dog is still envious, treat Spot to the Lula Dog Bowl ($80) from the same designer. This lidded dish is appropriate for small dogs, and available in several colors - including, of course, envious... [More]

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Square Cat Habitat Baobab Cat Tree

You love your cats. You don't love cat trees that remind you of H.R. Pufnstuf. We get it. Solution? The Square Cat Habitat Baobab Cat Tree ($285-550 depending on material & finishes). Sleek and modern, it'll add to your home décor scheme, instead of alerting... [More]

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dog pod-s.jpg

Bamboo Dog Pod Lounge

Give your pooch the royal treatment with the Bamboo Dog Pod Lounge ($598). The designer describes it "more of a recliner than a pet bed" - something close to an Eames chair for our best friend. Our canine cuties will cuddle up to the washable... [More]

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Intelligence Games For Dogs

As much as we'd like to think our pooches are smarter than the average dog, chances are they're lacking in the brains department like the rest of them. Not to worry, these little guys can get a mental boost through Intelligence Games for Dogs ($30... [More]

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Molly Meow Cat Duvets

Cats love your scent. That's why they love taking naps in the dirty laundry hamper and are all over you when you're sweaty after a workout. Molly Meow Cat Duvets ($10-50 for kits & covers) let you give them a stylish bed that they'll love,... [More]

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Puppy Gift Basket

With all the focus on Mother's Day, we thought we'd shift to those of you who are mothers in a non-traditional sense - those who try your hand at mothering slightly furrier creatures before the human kind. The Puppy Gift Basket ($39) from Jezalin's Gifts... [More]

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blanketID Pet Tag

None of us like to think of what would happen if our pet were to run away one day. But, preparing for the worst is worth it. The blanketID Pet Tag ($32) is the next best thing to a pet GPS tracker! Upon purchase of... [More]

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Iris Pet Carrier

We find it sad enough that our four-legged companion has to ride in the airplane's cargo compartment, so we'd like to make the best of the situation by giving him a cozy and cheerful place to hang out for his time up in the air... [More]

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Wetnoz Ultra Fat Cat Luxury Cat Dish

Of the many reasons we love our cats, not the least is their unapologetic snootyness. We get it - you're too cool! Now we can feed their inner divas in more ways than one. The Wetnoz Ultra Fat Cat Luxury Cat Dish ($42) is the... [More]

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Sunflower Bed

Sometimes our little dogs are too close for comfort, but we know they just love to nestle and cuddle. Now you can shoo them away and into the adorable Sunflower Bed ($50) without being guilt stricken. A Posturepedic for your pup, this bed is comfy... [More]

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