Classic Dog Bed

If you have an old dog who just can't make the leap into the "big bed" anymore, or a new husband who really doesn't like sharing his side of the bed with the pooch, this Classic Dog Bed ($995) may be just the ticket. It's... [More]

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Doggie RV

This Doggie RV ($Inquire) made us laugh and we thought you might get a kick out of it too. How happy does that dog look, hanging in his own crib-on-wheels? And look, his dog bowls are attached to the unit. Truly a home away from... [More]

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Handcrafted Dog Bed

Is it wrong to be jealous of our dog as we spend a busy afternoon at the computer? Look at this insanely rich Handcrafted Dog Bed ($399), just big enough for our little Fido to curl up on for an afternoon nap.... [More]

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You know how fab your hair and nails look after you've been amping up the Omega-3s, well now you can treat your dog or cat to the same fabulous glow. With help from Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids LickOchops™ ($9) gives your pet's skin and... [More]

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ModKicker Catnip Toy

We imagine if you filled a small sac with Louboutins and Manolos - we'd act much like a cat does when given catnip. The ModKicker Catnip Toy ($4) is a designer cat toy perfect for snuggling, attacking, licking and loving. Stuffed with organic catnip and... [More]

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Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug Dog Toy

We're very busy dog moms, and the ingenious Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug Dog Toy ($12) dispenses treats, so we don't have to. Give yourself a break from hard-ass training regiments and let your mind wander. This problem solving exercise will keep your dog busy for more... [More]

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Dog Walkers Dumbbells

Is it wrong to be jealous of your dog because she's snapping into shape faster than you are? Okay, so we've vowed to do something about this odd little competitive steak we have going on. Take a look at the Dog Walkers Dumbbells ($60). We... [More]

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Love At First Sight Dog Collar

Finding cool pet gear for your little guy is almost as difficult as finding cute gear for your little boy, so when we come across items like the Love At First Sight Dog Collar ($11), we gotta share. Featuring a blue, green and brown diamond... [More]

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Pewter Rescue Charm

You want the world to know that she's adopted. You loved her so much that you went to the humane society and looked until a special little someone touched your heart. Now, she's joined your family and you want to celebrate. Attach this Rescued Bone... [More]

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Mod Dog Print

We don't know of a dog owner who isn't a tad obsessed with their four-legged friend. That being said, entire shrines to your pooch are downright creepy girls. The Mod Dog Print ($20) offers a tasteful alternative to the hundreds of pictures and candle thing.... [More]

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Dog Crate End Table

Hey, remember Toto, that little ankle-biter from Kansas? Well, according to our sources Toto slept in a crate just like this one. Okay, that was a complete fabrication, but if Dorothy had been born with enough sense to stay out of a tornado, she might... [More]

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Sorry Boys Dog Tag

Back off, boys - this little lady is off the market. Sorry Boys Dog Tag ($6) puts the neighborhood dogs on notice that your lady's no longer interested in doggy style. We thought about fashioning these into a necklace for ourselves, to discourage scummy suitors... [More]

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Seahorse Mini Leash Hook

What's not to love about seahorses? They're cute, they swim with chariots and they're apparently monogamous. The next best thing to a tank full of them, the Seahorse Mini Leash Hook ($25) provides you with a cute 2-hook storage solution for your pup's leash and... [More]

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Marchioro Aran Clipper Cat Carrier

The Marchioro Aran Clipper Carrier ($34 and up) may not be as adorable or as valuable as your new handbag, but its contents are much more so. Miss M______, Outblush cat, keeps her appointments in one, and it's spacious, secure, and easy to assemble and... [More]

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Blue Blossom Dog Hat

Your daily dose of "awwwww." Blue Blossom Dog Hat ($30).... [More]

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Skate Pet Feeder

If you're like us you saw the skateboarding bulldog and thought, "hey my pup can do that too." Until you put him on one and then.... nothing! The Skate Pet Feeder ($100) might be the closest thing your pooch comes to shredding some pavement. Made... [More]

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Trailer Dream Doggie Pendant

We knew it was possible - a doggie accessory that's both awesome and not humiliating! The Trailer Dream Doggie Pendant ($89) is a sterling silver reminder of your dreams to Airstream-it-up across country with your pooch. Added bonus - your dog won't hate you after... [More]

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Operation Baghdad Pups

So, if you haven't noticed, we're awful fond of cats and dogs around here. Animals just make life better in general, and loads of studies have shown that having pets reduces stress and improves quality of life for their human owners. And soldiers, particularly those... [More]

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Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy

Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy

We're still on our mustache kick! The Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy ($13) is hilarious. Fido will enjoy his fun new fetch toy and he'll look extra handsome while doing so. Maybe even dapper enough to attract a few Loni's in the neighborhood.... [More]

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Loyal Luxe Cat Cabin

If you have a kitten, do right by your little furball and get a Cat Cabin ($24 CAD) from Loyal Luxe. The whole thing is made of a piece of cardboard that's assembled without any glue or tools and will provide hours of kitty entertainment.... [More]

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