Doubtblush: Urban Horse Boot

Outblush reader Scott emailed us, saying, I saw this unique piece on Etsy and thought of Outblush. My wife loves your site." Dear Scott, We hope you're joking on this one. Based on our internet research on you, we came to the following conclusions: 1.... [More]

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bark'n boots-s.jpg

Bark'n Boots™ Polar Trex™

Ice cold feet are never fun, and our pets' paws have gotta suffer in snowy sludge. Relieve the pain, or at least the guilt with Bark'n Boots™ Polar Trex™ ($90). These specially engineered boots give our buddy warmth and traction on snow and ice. Silly... [More]

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Wait, what? Our kitties can finally sink their sharp little fangs into a cheeseburger? You got it! GEEKitty sells, well, geeky toys for geeky cats (and geeky owners, of course!). You can choose from a number of plush, catnip filled toys including a Rubix cube,... [More]

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Mustache and Giant Tongue Pet Toy

Mustache and Giant Tongue Pet Toy

Here we go....mustaches! The Mustache and Giant Tongue Pet Toy ($10) is perfect for our pooches because ya know...we like our mustaches! These toys are made from non-toxic, solid natural rubber and a ball is attached to the enormous red tongue or villainous handlebar mustache.... [More]

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Thanksgiving Family Feast Canned Dog Food

Thanksgiving Family Feast Canned Dog Food

Now your Poochie can enjoy his own Thanksgiving dinner in without taking away from your leftovers. The Thanksgiving Family Feast Canned Dog Food ($31 on sale for a case of 12 cans) is a hearty and irresistible, yet healthy, dining experience for your pup. This... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Kitty Crusader Cat Costume

We won't be getting one for Miss M______, since she'd make us pay, but if your cat is docile enough to wear a Halloween costume, this Puss in Boots number from Savvy Tabby ($16) is probably the cutest one we've ever seen. Includes cape, hat,... [More]

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Hepper Pod Pet Bed

Give your pet a view from their rightful place on high with the Hepper Pod Pet Bed ($99). A sanctuary for hiding, snoozing, and curling up, the bed features molded foam and a super posh design. Perfect for small dogs and cats; be sure to... [More]

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Bitches Love Me ID Tag

Bitches Love Me ID Tag

Is your pooch quite the stud in your neighborhood? Make him feel extra special with the Bitches Love Me ID Tag ($10).....we all know they do!... [More]

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Friendly Creepy Faces Dog Collar

Spruce up Spot's wardrobe with a new collar from SillyBuddy Etsy Shop. We're partial to the Friendly Creepy Faces Dog Collar ($27). We still feel kinda bad for making our pup wear a cape and booties last Halloween. Hopefully this snazzy token of our affection... [More]

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Dog Sleepover Suitcase

Hey, how cool is this? For those of us who are continually taking the pooch along on short trips, we can now pack a Sleepover Suitcase ($148) just for her! This sweet little suitcase includes a dog bowl for her dinner, organic doggie treats, two... [More]

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Sport Dog First Aid Kit

Yes, this is marketed to "sporting dogs" (although we believe all dogs are rather sporting), but we like the idea of bringing the Sporting Dog First Aid Kit ($80) along on our hikes with the pooch. Really, the idea of not being able to help... [More]

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Cat Feeding Mat

Ever have a problem with your fluffy little mouse chaser tossing his food all around his bowl, rather than eating it? Does he slurp his water like a basset hound on a summer day? Our's either, but if we did have a sloppy kitty we'd... [More]

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Molly Mutt Clean-Up Kit

"Ah, fall... The crisp, clean scent of it permeates the - DAMMIT, Fido, what did you roll in? Wet leaves and skunk?" With wet fall weather comes eau de wet, dirty pooch, and we're going on the smell offensive with the Molly Mutt Clean Up... [More]

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Umbra FishHotel

Your fish are far too posh for that silly old round bowl - now, the Umbra FishHotel ($22), that's right up their stream. A modern and sleek design provides the perfect condo living for your finned friends. Asymmetrical windows with a removable glass bowl -... [More]

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Arbour Shirt

Today's daily dose of "Awwwwww," is brought to you by the fabulous folks at Rover. Peacoats, trench coats, bathing suits and bow ties - all without a single bit of pink, glitter, frill, ruffle or humiliation. Crafted from high quality fabrics and finished with exceptional... [More]

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Classic Dog Bed

If you have an old dog who just can't make the leap into the "big bed" anymore, or a new husband who really doesn't like sharing his side of the bed with the pooch, this Classic Dog Bed ($995) may be just the ticket. It's... [More]

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Doggie RV

This Doggie RV ($Inquire) made us laugh and we thought you might get a kick out of it too. How happy does that dog look, hanging in his own crib-on-wheels? And look, his dog bowls are attached to the unit. Truly a home away from... [More]

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Handcrafted Dog Bed

Is it wrong to be jealous of our dog as we spend a busy afternoon at the computer? Look at this insanely rich Handcrafted Dog Bed ($399), just big enough for our little Fido to curl up on for an afternoon nap.... [More]

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You know how fab your hair and nails look after you've been amping up the Omega-3s, well now you can treat your dog or cat to the same fabulous glow. With help from Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids LickOchops™ ($9) gives your pet's skin and... [More]

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ModKicker Catnip Toy

We imagine if you filled a small sac with Louboutins and Manolos - we'd act much like a cat does when given catnip. The ModKicker Catnip Toy ($4) is a designer cat toy perfect for snuggling, attacking, licking and loving. Stuffed with organic catnip and... [More]

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