You Bake 'Em Cat Treats

There's nothing we won't do for our furry, purring felines, and that includes whipping up a batch of munchies, thanks to the You Bake 'Em Cat Treats ($13) by Gabrielle Tolliver. Her kit includes 5 treat cutters, 6 gift bags, and a recipe book--including a... [More]

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tug toy-s.jpg

TeeTugs Dog Toy

Aww watching our little buddy rip toys to shreds is always cute, but it's kinda wasteful. The eco-friendly TeeTugs Dog Toy ($8) is made from recycled cotton tee shirts. Sounds flimsy, but this series of hand knotted chains is pretty much unbreakable. Best of all,... [More]

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Cats Attack! Scratching Post

AAAAAHHHH! Beware of CATZILLA!! Give kitty a place to sharpen those claws (other than the couch arm, of course) with the Cats Attack! Scratching Post ($40). Tough corrugated cardboard comes complete with helicopter dangling from the highest skyscraper. You knew your cat could wreck havoc... [More]

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Juicy Couture Leather & Velvet Dog Collar

If your sweet little pooch isn't already the terror of the neighborhood, perhaps you should consider further spoiling her with this Juicy Couture Leather & Velvet Dog Collar ($45). Oh sure, we can picture a 10-pound lapdog sporting this leather beauty with fussy velvet trim,... [More]

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SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

Yep, we see hours of kitty fun in the SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box ($21). It's kinda like Operation for cats, minus the annoying buzzing gag. Ok it's nothing like that, but whatever, our cat will love it!... [More]

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Wall Mount Fish Bowl Aquarium Tank

We've likely mentioned this before, but one of our guys is in love with fish. He has an aquarium in his office and goes in on weekends to check on his little swimmers (wait, that just sounded wrong). Anyway, we showed him the Wall Mount... [More]

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Urban Pet Food Bowls

We can't be the only people who desperately need their pet's food bowls to match the décor of their homes. Seriously, a ceramic bowl printed with cutsie pictures of dogs sort of makes us retch, and don't even get us started on Tupperware bowls on... [More]

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Holiday Kitty Catnip

It's pretty fun to watch your little furball play in the wrapping paper on Christmas morning, but why not extend the holiday spirit to Whiskers with some Holiday Kitty Catnip ($10)?... [More]

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cat teepee-s.jpg

Loyal Luxe Cat Teepee

Our diva kitty has grown tired of the Loyal Lux Cat Cabin. Good thing there's a new model out: the Loyal Luxe Cat Teepee ($23)! Everyone knows cats love cardboard, but this playhouse has six interchangeable ornaments to amuse us. We decide if Ms. Fancy... [More]

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Found My Animal Plaid Dog Harness

Created by Found My Animal, the Plaid Dog Harness ($62) is sweet preppy awesomeness. Made with 100% cotton canvas and coated with animal safe wax, this harness is made by craftspeople in Brooklyn, NY using U.S. manufactured and dyed fabrics, and the leads by professional... [More]

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Bacon Bubble Buddy

How selfish are we? Thinking we're the only ones around the house that go ga-ga for all things bacon. How could we forget our four-legged friends? Simply pull the trigger on the Bacon Bubble Buddy ($16) and bacon-flavored bubbles will shoot out for your dog... [More]

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Amazing Treat Machine Rollers

Who says our pets don't need Christmas gifts, too? We can't be the only ones who hang stockings for our furry playmates. This year we're getting our kitties the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers ($10). They come as flat cardboard sheets and the easy to follow... [More]

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You Tell Us: KatKabin Outdoor Cat House

The KatKabin Outdoor Cat House ($100) is marketed as a stylish outdoor house for cats and as a great shelter for abandoned, wild or feral cats. We're just wondering if these feral cats will know it's for them. Will the cat ears on the house... [More]

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You Bake 'Em Dog Biscuits

If you've got a little extra time and you want to treat Fido right (or perhaps win over that pet-loving boss), you can't go wrong with You Bake 'Em Dog Biscuits ($5). This book contains recipes for homemade treats that are safe for dogs and... [More]

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Doubtblush: Urban Horse Boot

Outblush reader Scott emailed us, saying, I saw this unique piece on Etsy and thought of Outblush. My wife loves your site." Dear Scott, We hope you're joking on this one. Based on our internet research on you, we came to the following conclusions: 1.... [More]

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bark'n boots-s.jpg

Bark'n Boots™ Polar Trex™

Ice cold feet are never fun, and our pets' paws have gotta suffer in snowy sludge. Relieve the pain, or at least the guilt with Bark'n Boots™ Polar Trex™ ($90). These specially engineered boots give our buddy warmth and traction on snow and ice. Silly... [More]

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Wait, what? Our kitties can finally sink their sharp little fangs into a cheeseburger? You got it! GEEKitty sells, well, geeky toys for geeky cats (and geeky owners, of course!). You can choose from a number of plush, catnip filled toys including a Rubix cube,... [More]

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Mustache and Giant Tongue Pet Toy

Mustache and Giant Tongue Pet Toy

Here we go....mustaches! The Mustache and Giant Tongue Pet Toy ($10) is perfect for our pooches because ya know...we like our mustaches! These toys are made from non-toxic, solid natural rubber and a ball is attached to the enormous red tongue or villainous handlebar mustache.... [More]

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Thanksgiving Family Feast Canned Dog Food

Thanksgiving Family Feast Canned Dog Food

Now your Poochie can enjoy his own Thanksgiving dinner in without taking away from your leftovers. The Thanksgiving Family Feast Canned Dog Food ($31 on sale for a case of 12 cans) is a hearty and irresistible, yet healthy, dining experience for your pup. This... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Kitty Crusader Cat Costume

We won't be getting one for Miss M______, since she'd make us pay, but if your cat is docile enough to wear a Halloween costume, this Puss in Boots number from Savvy Tabby ($16) is probably the cutest one we've ever seen. Includes cape, hat,... [More]

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