Mardi Gras Decorated Bones

Mardi Gras Decorated Bones

Fat Tuesday is almost here. Why not let your pup get fat with the Mardi Gras Decorated Bones ($9)? Each organic chicken bone is decorated with colorful yogurt icing. You can celebrate with your beads and pooch can celebrate with his bones.... [More]

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Bowser Dog Beer & Pretzel Snacks

We know you sneak your pup a taste of beer (or gin, or wine, or whatever your drink of choice for the evening!). We know because we do it too. But beer isn't particularly good for dogs, and we should put the kabosh on the... [More]

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Unicorn Pet Hat

What's more fun than regular pet torture? Mythical woodland creature pet torture! The Unicorn Pet Hat ($26) is stitched to perfection for your cat or small dog. Oh, they're going to hate it... and we can't wait!... [More]

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doggie foods-s.jpg

Bellrock Growers Dog Treats

Dedicated to going green? Bring your dog in on the fun with the Bellrock Growers Dog Treats ($8). These all-natural jerky-style treats are made from organic wheat grass, but they taste like chicken.... [More]

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I Heart To Fart Dog Tag

I Heart To Fart Dog Tag

If this dog tag isn't appropriate for the Brutus in your life, we're not sure what is. I Heart To Fart Dog Tag ($9)... [More]

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Global Cage Birdfeeder

Global Cage Birdfeeder

Love to feed those friendly little birds, but hate the bully birds that eat all the food? Well the Global Cage Birdfeeder ($25) is the solution. This feeder has openings that are just the right size for finches, nuthatches and other small birds. So it... [More]

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Alphabet Bow Tie Dog Collar

Even though we're having a hard time getting past the AHHHHH-dorableness of the pup in this picture, we can admit that the Alphabet Bow Tie Dog Collar ($37) by Silly Buddy is part of the cuteness equation. Think of how dapper your doggie will look... [More]

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Planet Dog Tennis Balls

Sure, they cost a little more than a regular canister of tennis balls, but these Dog Tennis Balls ($24) have the added benefit of being more durable and minty. Who wouldn't pay a bit more for a reprieve from dog breath? See more dog toys.... [More]

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Petmate Heart Dog Bowl

Spread some of that Valentine's cheer to the love that never disappoints - your pooch! The Petmate Heart Dog Bowl ($3) brings bubblegum pink to your kitchen and a touch of love. Great for dogs and cats, these adorable bowls are LOVE-ly all year round.... [More]

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Mad Catter Hat

When would you really need to use this Mad Catter Hat ($27)? We suppose you could use it for Halloween, but if we had a feline friend, we'd be getting pictures with this hilariously adorable hat pronto!... [More]

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Doubtblush: Tampon Catnip Toy

What? No way! That can't be! A cat playing with a bloody tampon? Yep, sure is! The Tampon Catnip Toy ($7) is crocheted and made with 100% organic catnip. Um... yeah. So you tell us... the perfect way to gross out your house guests, or... [More]

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Hanging Aquarium

Want a pet, but don't have time for a dog and the landlord has put the kibosh on having a cat? How about a fish? They're not terribly entertaining and really, not very easy to cuddle with, but they are easy to care for, and... [More]

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Ultrasonic Barking Dog Deterrent

Here's the deal: We're kinda pushovers when it comes to our dogs. Okay, we're real pushovers. We're fine with teaching them to behave, but really don't want to harp. That's one of the reasons we're so drawn to the Ultrasonic Barking Dog Deterrent ($70). When... [More]

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Litter Kwitter

Are you skeeved out by kitty litter? As much as we love our sweet cats, we're not nuts about the box we have to clean every day (or three times a day). That's why we were intrigued by the Litter Kwitter ($50). It claims to... [More]

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You Tell Us: Helmutt House

We love our dogs. We love our sports. We think a moderate amount of cross-contamination of the two is acceptable. The Helmutt House ($320-400) - we're not too sure. These doghouses/pet beds shaped like football helmets feature the team of your choosing. No dog in... [More]

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Warming Cat Bed

If, like one of us, you have a cat that was present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, you know what it is to see an old cat slow down a bit. We've discovered the Warming Cat Bed ($52-$58) and think the old... [More]

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The Canine Genealogy Kit

Now that 2011 is upon us, don't you think it's time you finally learned a little more about your sweet puppy's parentage? Look, there's no judgment here. We don't even care who your puppy's daddy is; just what he is. The Canine Genealogy Kit ($60)... [More]

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Eco-Friendly Pet Carrier

Tiny pooches (ten pounds and under) will love rolling around in the Eco-Friendly Pet Carrier ($60). Made of recycled burlap, it'll hold up to the naughtiest digging doggies. We'd check up on our little buddy through four zippered mesh openings, and take pictures of him... [More]

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upcycled vintage suitcase-s.jpg

Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

Love love love retro suitcases, but too often the hinges are rusted to hell. Here's an adorable expression of our nostalgia - the Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed ($59). What a stylish compromise.... [More]

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Petit Four Cupcake Mix for Dogs

We have a question, but we're working on the honor system here. Raise your hand if you feed your dog people food. Now, raise your hand if your dog is so spoiled that you actually feel guilty for eating in front of her. Finally, how... [More]

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