Vet's Best Gas Busters Chewable Tablets

We love our pooch, but sometimes the gas that comes out of that small dog packs the punch of a teenaged boy. Instead of giving our poor pup the angry face, we're gonna try these Vet's Best Gas Busters Chewable Tablets ($9) to alleviate his... [More]

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Rawhide Candy Canes

Slip these Rawhide Candy Canes ($8) into your dog's the Duke Fritz Yorkshire of Terrier's stocking this Christmas. Even a pooch appreciates a Christmas gift, and you'll appreciate him not chewing on your new Louis Vuitton heels on Christmas day.... [More]

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Coastal Pet Personalized Safety Cat Collars

That is IT! Our cats seem to be masters of slipping out the door just as we're trying to wrestle our way inside after a full day of work and a stop at the grocery store. Our hands our full, our feet are killing us,... [More]

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Sit Eat Stay Sign

Sit, Stay and Eat Sign

Does the Sit, Stay and Eat Sign ($45) apply to our pooches or our men? They both like to sit, lounge around on the couch and get treats every now and then.... [More]

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The Oxford Dog Collar and Bow Tie Set

While you're out searching for the perfect holiday dress for yourself, don't forget about the pup! He'll need something dapper to wear while you wine, dine, and entertain. We think you could do a lot worse than hooking up your doggie with The Oxford Dog... [More]

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Fetch Dog Breast Cancer Awareness Shop

There are tons of various baubles, bangles, candles, scnted things, scarves, shirts, and so on for you to wear to show your support, but consider that Fido cares too! Treat him or her to a leash, collar, or toy that says he or she supports... [More]

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Doubtblush: Rare Gem Pet Necklace

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move... [More]

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Flint and Lars Squeeker Bone

Halloween's coming so it's excusable to have chewed up bits of bone strewn all over your apartment. But what about the rest of the year? Kiss soggy, knobby bits of dog bones that seem to always end up all over the house goodbye. These cool... [More]

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Pup Pies


Pup-pies ($8) will have your best friend jumping rolling for joy! Since he's not allowed to have a bit of your chocolate mousse, treat him to a scrumptious, wholesome slice of pie. These healthy pies are available in 3 drool-worthy flavors - Happy Birthday, Deep... [More]

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Bitch New York Royal Dog Cabana

At first we were going to totally Doubtblush this Bitch New York Royal Dog Cabana ($6,900), because seriously, what dog needs an almost 7 thousand dollar bed to lounge in while he licks his balls? But then we remembered that some people consider their dogs... [More]

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Dog Riders Cowboy Costume

Would you like to humiliate dress up your pup for Halloween, but little Fido isn't too keen on anything wrapped around his or her head? Solution: Dog Riders Cowboy Costume ($20). Ridogulous.... [More]

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Sojos Gourmet Bacon Cheddar Dog Treats

Missing beef jerky, soiled carpets, and extra fur all over your couch? You don't know goes down in your apartment after you leave for work. Make sure your dog is well nourished for all his extra curricular activities with Sojos Gourmet Bacon Cheddar Dog Treats... [More]

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Although it's not quite as fun as watching your dog try to lick peanut butter off its lips, your pooch will lap up Dogdration ($18). This peanut butter flavored water can be mixed in with dry food or added straight to the bowl. It's a... [More]

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Nylabone Extra Gentle Head-to-Tail Dog Wipes

We'll be honest, we got the giggles when we stumbled upon the Nylabone Extra Gentle Head-to-Tail Dog Wipes ($6). Sure they're awesome at removing excess hair and keeping your pooch smelling fresh between baths, but we also imagine dog lovers gently wiping down their dogs... [More]

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Suck UK Cat Scratch

DJ Kitteh K.A.T. on the ones and twos LIVE! In your very own apartment! Every. Damn. Night. Brought to you by Cat Scratch ($23)... [More]

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Wizzard Puppy Costume

You've got your Halloween costume squared away, but what about Spot? Please, please put your pup in the custom-made Wizard Dog Costume ($33) by Young Urban Puppy and let the power of Harry Potter live on! Maybe you could even get him to bark out... [More]

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In Bloom Hemp Collar

We try not to be sensitive about it, but it's almost as annoying to have our girl puppy called a he as it was to have our son called a 'beautiful daughter.' We weren't into all those blinged out and bright pink collars on the... [More]

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Filson Tin Cloth Dog Bowl

Since dogs can't carry a big gulp in their inadequate paws, the Filson Tin Cloth Dog Bowl ($30) is the next best thing for keeping hydrated after a long walk. We prefer to fill the dish with water, but occasionally we'll spring for some peanut... [More]

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Fishscape Fishbowl

You're an Oublush reader. If you're going to have a fishbowl, you can't have a boring one. No simple glass bowl for you. Maybe you've mounted your fish to the wall, or perhaps it's dangling like a pendant. If you're still in search of a... [More]

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Flush Puppies Flushable Doggie Bags

We have been known to run out of our houses screaming like a banshee at inconsiderate neighbors who think everyone's lawn is a commode for their pooch. Sure, it's inconvenient to carry around a sack of crap (so is stepping in shiz on your way... [More]

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