Old School Repp Lead

If someone were to walk us (this is not a kinky bedroom confession), we hope they'd at least pick a slick lead. No plain nylon shackle for us, thankyouverymuch. This Old School Repp Lead ($42) comes in many different colors and patterns, and is perfect... [More]

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SafeMade Gimme Gummy

We aren't the only ones who want to devour gummi bears. Turns out our pups have a sweet tooth, too! The SafeMade Gimme Gummy ($10) is a dishwasher-safe, oven-safe doggie toy created to meet standard child safety regulations. Bake a few treats in it, reward... [More]

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Oh, Skunk! Wash and Spray

It's an inescapable truth: dogs love rolling in the nastiest crap they can find. And by "crap" we mean actual poop, along with rotten dead animals, trash, and vomit. In addition to this bouquet of revulsion, they also occasionally frighten critters who make it their... [More]

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Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats

Does the forlorn look your indoor kitty gives you through the sliding door when you're relaxing in the backyard break your heart? Or maybe you dream of enjoying a picnic in the park with your beloved furry roommate. With the Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats... [More]

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Crochet Squeak Toy

We'll probably regret buying a toy for our pet that makes noise, but this Crochet Squeak Toy ($10) was too cute to pass up. Our pup deserves a sweet little toy he can mutilate. (It makes him feel tougher than his seventeen pounds of fluff.)... [More]

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Peachy Keen Pets Collars

Much like ourselves, our dog has multiple personalities. At times, she can be a real bitch (ha), and on other days she can be a total sweetheart. But most of the time, she's a perfect balance between a real hard-ass and a girly girl. We... [More]

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Sailors Knot Solid Collar

Doesn't this Sailors Knot Solid Collar ($38) remind you of the posh friendship bracelets that are everywhere at the moment? They always said dog is man's best friend. Now you can make it official.... [More]

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Kitt-In Box

Ladies and gentlemen, did you know that a grave crisis faces the working people of this nation? We are apparently being struck by an epidemic of cats falling asleep on keyboards. There is only one hope for the productivity of America's home offices: the Kitt-In... [More]

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The Refined Canine Deluxe Igloo Cat Bed

There's nothing we wouldn't do to keep our cats healthy and happy - and this absolutely amazing bed ($225) should make them very happy! We thank our cats for being ridiculously cute and cuddling with us when it's cold (we know they want to steal... [More]

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Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

We have to admit we laughed when we saw a lady at the beach walking a dog dressed in pink boots and a polka dotted hair bow. WTF? But we stand a little corrected with these Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots ($37). Intended to keep... [More]

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Walnut Cat Cave

Think of how cool this Walnut Cat Cave ($480) will look in your living room! People might just think it's a really clever end table and put their coffee cups down onto it. Little will they know that inside lurks an irritable and dangerous beast... [More]

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Sam's Yams Bichon 'Fries' Sweet Potato Dog Chewz

These Sam's Yams Bichon 'Fries' Sweet Potato Dog Chewz ($7) trick our pup into thinking he's getting some of our yummy unhealthy cinnamon and sugar sweet potato fries, when really he's getting a pooch-friendly dog treat. He has no idea what he's missing. How considerate... [More]

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Warm Orange Red Bubble Hand Felted Wool Cat Bed

Is it a Tribble? Not exactly - it's your cat's dream come true. Everyone knows that kitties love small, bizarre spaces, and this Hand Felted Wool Cat Bed ($59) from Etsy seller vaivanat takes the trippy cake, meeting your furry roommate's wish-list of cat bed... [More]

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Ssscat Automated Cat Deterrent

Counter-surfing kitties have you down? It's time to show the furballs who's really the boss around here. The Ssscat Automated Cat Deterrent ($40) is so brilliantly simple, we're amazed it took this long for somebody to think of it. A motion sensor is connected to... [More]

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Doggie Diner Pet Bowl

We have a feeling that if our dog could talk he'd say he'd rather have what we're having than the "quality" dog kibble we've been feeding him. But he can't talk, so we'll keep feeding him dried food and put it in this adorable Doggie... [More]

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Woof. Ball and Fetch. Ball Dog Toys

In case you're not fluent in pooch, "fetch" means wait for your master to release you from the leash and then run like hell as far and as fast as you can. And "woof" signals to the other dogs that your pup is looking to... [More]

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Chicken & Rice Treats for all Good Dogs

Support a cause and your dog's taste buds with these Chicken & Rice Treats for all Good Dogs ($6 on sale). Each purchased box purchased helps support therapy dog programs at the Medical University of South Carolina, while also supporting treatment for medically fragile children... [More]

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Bird Kabob

No, the Bird Kabob ($5) is not a tasty dish you can order at your local Persian restaurant, the Bird Kabob is a shredding toy meant to keep your birds happy and entertained. Hang it in their cage to help prevent feather plucking, boredom, and... [More]

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Hepper Pod

Tiny brick oven? Isolation chamber? TMNT costume display? What is this thing? It's a Hepper Pod ($100), and if you get one for your cats to curl up in, there's a very slim chance that they'll go from indifferent jerks to affectionate cuddle muffins because... [More]

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Mid Century Modern Dog Furniture

For pet lovers and retro furniture enthusiasts, this Mid Century Modern Dog Furniture ($489) is probably filling a hole in the living room they didn't know existed. The rest of us are more concerned with the way that dog seems to be staring into our... [More]

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