Cat Nesting Tree

It's an unavoidable truth: kitties love to take naps in ridiculous places. Ours will butt open the door to the unheated guest room to catch a snooze on top of the dresser. And heaven help us if we leave a pile of clean and neatly... [More]

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Bamboo Lounge Bed

Spoil your puppy rotten this Christmas by letting her curl up in a Bamboo Lounge Bed ($108-228). The cushion is soft but sturdy, so it'll hold its shape even against the weight of a dinosaur-sized dog. Maybe your furbaby will love it so much that... [More]

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I Like Big Mutts Mug

No one at the shelter could say for certain what type of mix your pooch is, so you've just been telling everyone that he's a mutt. A scrappy-looking, big-hearted, perfect companion of a mutt! I Like Big Mutts Mug ($12) from Dog is Good.... [More]

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Need something to stuff in your pup's stocking? How about the RuffBowl ($8)? This cleverly-designed bowl hooks on to most retractable leashes. The side of the bowl also has a hook for your doggie bags. After pup does his business, the RuffBowl will carry it... [More]

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Japanese Nanotechnology Pet Beds

We're sure someone out there is impressed by the "nanotechnology" in these Japanese Nanotechnology Pet Beds ($70-90). Us? We're just impressed that they make it look like a fat shark is eating our doggie. But we suppose the fact that the material absorbs odors and... [More]

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Blipper Fairisle Dog Coat

While you're traveling the outer rims of the Internet looking for the perfect holiday frock, don't forget about the pup! The sweet Blipper Fairisle Dog Coat ($99) from Ted Baker will fit most smaller breeds. And while we know you're ordering this to keep the... [More]

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Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Riding Coat

That's it. You're moving. You live in Florida now and have nowhere for Sir Sockington to wear this Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Riding Coat ($150). But you hear that Portland is cold this time of year, and ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities... [More]

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Out of My Box Leash

You know why you really went out and bought yourself that adorable little Pomeranian: they're fabulous accessories companions. Make sure he keeps complementing your wardrobe looking his best with this stylish Out of My Box Leash ($26). We think the brass-finish hardware and preppy pattern... [More]

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Purr-Fection Pet Placemat

You've put in plenty of time and hard work decking out your place to reflect your personality, so don't let your furball ruin it by spreading Fancy Feast all over the kitchen floor. Contain the mess and keep that vintage-chic vibe you've got going with... [More]

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Cat Clouds Cat Shelf

Turn your otherwise useless pets into modern home decor with this Cat Clouds Cat Shelf ($100). The sleek, contemporary design looks nice when it's unoccupied, but the addition of a lazy house cat makes it simply perfect. Just don't be silly enough to try putting... [More]

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Canadian Cat Cabin

This is a known fact: kitties love boxes. Put one on the floor, and when you turn around, there will almost certainly be a cat in it. Why not simply embrace the truth, and turn it to your advantage? This Canadian Cat Cabin ($24) is... [More]

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Pet Pedestal Lounger

Some urban dwellers - so we've heard - purchase pieces of fake turf as indoor latrines for their small-bladdered pets. This Pet Pedestal Lounger ($280) is not - we repeat, not - designed to be pooped on. It's rather an elegant, modern-looking place of repose... [More]

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Aïkiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station

Has your furball been lazy (well, even lazier) of late? Stimulate his senses by filling the Aïkiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station ($25) with his Friskies. The idea is that your cat will have to fish out the food with his paws. It'll keep him stimulated,... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Nylabone Mint Dental Knot

Things are about to get real cozy in your apartment. Your sister, her boyfriend, your parents, and two cousins are about to shack up in your place for a week straight. And for whatever uncomfortable reason, your two dogs think that will be a great... [More]

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Snowflake Dog Collar

Get your furbaby ready for the impending winter by switching to a cheerful Snowflake Dog Collar ($23). The red and turquoise add a modern holiday touch without being too Christmas-y. Considering that Target is already airing holiday commercials, the less Christmas-centric an item can be... [More]

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Toilet Water Bowl

We'll admit that potty humor is pedestrian, but we got a kick out of this Toilet Water Bowl ($35). Besides, if your pooch is toilet-obsessed, wouldn't you rather set him up with clean water?... [More]

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QR PetCodes Tags

The trouble with pet tags is that space is limited. With QR PetCodes Tags ($20), the sky's the limit. Or, well, the Internet is the limit, anyway. Each tag contains a unique QR code that's easily scannable by any smartphone and that will take your... [More]

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Cat Crib

We're pretty sure our kitty will love this Cat Crib ($29). The soft, suspended nest reminds us very much of the underside of the guest bed box spring, which said animal has managed to claw her way into.... [More]

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Raptor Dinosaur Dog Costume

Help your pup channel his inner badass this Halloween by letting him bark at trick-or-treaters in the Raptor Dinosaur Dog Costume ($25) from Animal Planet. Sure, he'll probably elicit more awws than AHHHH!s, but as long as he's getting attention, he's happy, right?... [More]

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Harley Collar

Your pup is already the prettiest on the block, but when you put her her in a custom-fit Harley Collar ($60), handmade by Arcadian Craftsman, she'll rule the neighborhood. It's daintier than any rhinestone leash and tougher than any spiked collar.... [More]

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