Cat Clouds Cat Shelf

Turn your otherwise useless pets into modern home decor with this Cat Clouds Cat Shelf ($100). The sleek, contemporary design looks nice when it's unoccupied, but the addition of a lazy house cat makes it simply perfect. Just don't be silly enough to try putting... [More]

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Canadian Cat Cabin

This is a known fact: kitties love boxes. Put one on the floor, and when you turn around, there will almost certainly be a cat in it. Why not simply embrace the truth, and turn it to your advantage? This Canadian Cat Cabin ($24) is... [More]

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Pet Pedestal Lounger

Some urban dwellers - so we've heard - purchase pieces of fake turf as indoor latrines for their small-bladdered pets. This Pet Pedestal Lounger ($280) is not - we repeat, not - designed to be pooped on. It's rather an elegant, modern-looking place of repose... [More]

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Aïkiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station

Has your furball been lazy (well, even lazier) of late? Stimulate his senses by filling the Aïkiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station ($25) with his Friskies. The idea is that your cat will have to fish out the food with his paws. It'll keep him stimulated,... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Nylabone Mint Dental Knot

Things are about to get real cozy in your apartment. Your sister, her boyfriend, your parents, and two cousins are about to shack up in your place for a week straight. And for whatever uncomfortable reason, your two dogs think that will be a great... [More]

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Snowflake Dog Collar

Get your furbaby ready for the impending winter by switching to a cheerful Snowflake Dog Collar ($23). The red and turquoise add a modern holiday touch without being too Christmas-y. Considering that Target is already airing holiday commercials, the less Christmas-centric an item can be... [More]

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Toilet Water Bowl

We'll admit that potty humor is pedestrian, but we got a kick out of this Toilet Water Bowl ($35). Besides, if your pooch is toilet-obsessed, wouldn't you rather set him up with clean water?... [More]

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QR PetCodes Tags

The trouble with pet tags is that space is limited. With QR PetCodes Tags ($20), the sky's the limit. Or, well, the Internet is the limit, anyway. Each tag contains a unique QR code that's easily scannable by any smartphone and that will take your... [More]

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Cat Crib

We're pretty sure our kitty will love this Cat Crib ($29). The soft, suspended nest reminds us very much of the underside of the guest bed box spring, which said animal has managed to claw her way into.... [More]

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Raptor Dinosaur Dog Costume

Help your pup channel his inner badass this Halloween by letting him bark at trick-or-treaters in the Raptor Dinosaur Dog Costume ($25) from Animal Planet. Sure, he'll probably elicit more awws than AHHHH!s, but as long as he's getting attention, he's happy, right?... [More]

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Harley Collar

Your pup is already the prettiest on the block, but when you put her her in a custom-fit Harley Collar ($60), handmade by Arcadian Craftsman, she'll rule the neighborhood. It's daintier than any rhinestone leash and tougher than any spiked collar.... [More]

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American Apparel Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie

Yes, we are showing you this Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie ($16) because the temperatures are dropping and so if your pooch doesn't have a lot of fur or chubby insulation, he or she might get cold. But also, we are showing you this because... [More]

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Jax & Bones Newport Pillow

While all pet beds stick out like a sore thumbs, the Jax & Bones Newport Pillow ($69-91) will stick out in style. The blue and white coral pattern is subtle and tasteful, so much so, in fact, that we wouldn't mind a few throw pillows... [More]

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Bubble Tank

Awesome. Nerve-wracking. Eye-catching. Terrifying. We wonder if the fish has the same mixed emotions about this Bubble Tank ($520) as we do. Probably not... if your brain's too small to remember whether you ate three seconds ago, we bet you don't spend much time pondering... [More]

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Pop-N-Play Ball Pit/Super ThruWay Combo

We know what Santa Claws is bringing our cat commune this year! This Pop-N-Play Ball Pit/Super ThruWay Combo ($33) is being modeled by a business of ferrets but we know that the clowder of kittens waiting at home is going to enjoy it just as... [More]

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Lectro Kitty Window Sill Perch

We've given up fighting. No amount of spray-bottle-squirting or no-shouting is going to prevent our kitty from taking naps on the kitchen table. Our only hope is to provide the stubborn beast with a more attractive place to recline. That's why we're installing this Lectro... [More]

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WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain

We don't have a dog. So why are we contemplating investing in this WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain ($78)? Because we want to see if the neighborhood raccoons will learn how to use it as a sink, is why. This fun gadget automatically detects movement... [More]

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PUUR Natuur Matatabi

Turn your cat into a blissful burnout with PUUR Natuur Matatabi ($4), a form of Japanese "catnip". Give some to your cat, pour yourself a beer, then sit back and enjoy the show.... [More]

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The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash

Daylight Saving Time will end soon, and evening walks with the pup will be in the dark. We've already noticed that the nights are growing shorter. The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash ($25) has LED lights that are visible from a quarter of a mile away.... [More]

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Super Star Treats

Your pooch deserves a treat. Better yet, give him a dozen! Err, not all at once. These Super Star Treats ($14 per dozen) from Jusani Culture should last you a few days, at least. Unless your pup is a Houdini and manages to wiggle his... [More]

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