Vintage Inspired Pet Tags

While the Vintage Inspired Pet Tags ($12 each) by Sycamore Hill don't hold any practical info on them (you know, like your pet's name and your phone number), they do add a touch of cool to your pup's collar. It's a good compromise if you're... [More]

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Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee

Your cat in need of a little past life regression therapy? We expect that's just what it will find when it starts napping inside of this Energy Pyramid Cat Teepee ($32). Just don't expect the process to make it any more well-adjusted.... [More]

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You Got Your New Dog Kit

Aww, it's hard not to be envious when your friend brings home a new pup! (The envy dulls considerably after the six-hundredth Instagram photo she posts, but we digress.) The next time you visit, take over a You Got Your New Dog Kit ($25). Stocked... [More]

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Leopard Print LED Dog Leash

That neighbor of yours think her Chihuahua is hot stuff with its puffy pink winter jackets and fancy little boots? Well, wait 'til she gets a load of you and your bichon with this Leopard Print LED Dog Leash ($30). By day, it's a stylish,... [More]

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Kurgo Skybox Pet Booster Seat

That tiny dog of yours keep trying to climb onto your face in order to get a better view out the window? While that's all well and good when you're riding shotgun, it can be a touch on the life-threatening side if you're behind the... [More]

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Cat Nip Cat Tipi

Most of the time we post pet products because they're cool, but truth be told, sometimes we feature pet products just so we can post a picture of an adorable animal for you to look at. Conveniently, this Cat Tipi ($54) is both a ridiculously... [More]

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Waggo Little Tugger Bone

Technically, your pup was Mr. Right first. He's been there for you since you brought him home, even on the days when you come in late from work or phone it in on his dinner (canned food is expensive!). This Valentine's Day, make sure he... [More]

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Expandable Mesh Pet Gate

Little Sparky has a nasty habit of leaving unwanted deposits on your carpets, so you've understandably got to restrict him to tiled and/or easily washable areas of the house. But that doesn't mean you need to muck up your feng shui with some ugly-ass dog... [More]

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How did your pet make such a big mess for something so small? All those unsolved mysteries that every pet owner faces can now be answered! The PetCam ($150) attaches to your pet's collar and records two and a half hours of quality video and... [More]

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Silly Buddy Classic Blue Seersucker Bowtie Dog Collar

The only thing cuter than a baby in a peacoat? A dog wearing a seersucker bow tie ($43).... [More]

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Urban Pup Wild Woodland Dog Perfume

Our tiny dog is cute. We can put it in our purse, dress it up as a ballerina, and sit it in a pink stuffed throne with "Mr. Pugglesworth" embroidered onto it. What we can't do, no matter how often we bring it to the... [More]

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P:ECO the Penguin Chew Toy

Sure, your dog is in love with his drool-covered, gut-torn, flaccid toy squirrel, but you, on the other hand... Quietly replace the old with the new. Once he gets his canines around the P:ECO the Penguin Chew Toy ($16), he'll be plenty happy. The penguin... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Dino Popper

We swear, if you buy one of these Dino Poppers ($11), you'll get your money's worth out of it and then some. Hours of entertainment, we tell you! Keep it in the office to shoot at good-natured coworkers with or take it home and watch... [More]

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Go! Pet Design Field Tent

Go ahead and take a few minutes to bask in the cuteness of that French Bulldog puppy. We'll wait. Okay, now that you've done that, ask yourself why we're letting our doggie woggies sleep in crates when there's the option of this Go! Pet Design... [More]

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We couldn't decide what to name our new kitty, but after a dear friend gave us this aptly named fish-shaped litterbox, we figured it out: Jonah. Litterfish ($159)... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: NiteIze SpotLit

It's dark so much earlier during the winter that we've been known to wear headlamps when we take our pooches out on walks. Not super stylish, but they get the job done. We'd like to do the same for our pups, but they won't sit... [More]

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GoDogGo Fetch Machine

We could make some snarky comment about how if you're too lazy to play fetch with your dog, you're probably too lazy to own one in the first place. However, we're much too nice for that we know what it's like to feel as though... [More]

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That new puppy you got for Christmas sure does love to go on walks. Keep him safe and visible with Glowdoggie ($49)! It's waterproof, pretty, made in Germany, and guaranteed for up to two years - all of which is almost as important as the... [More]

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Hepper NomNom Dish

First and foremost, the name of this genius little pet food bowl is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Thankfully, the cleverness doesn't stop at "NomNom Dish" ($39) - it's designed with a drip-and-crumb-catching lip to make cleaning up after your favorite messy eater a... [More]

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Tru-Fit Smart Harness and Auto Zip Line

So your mom's dog likes riding in the car a little too much. In particular, he loves to climb out of his natural place in the backseat to attempt to squeeze himself through the steering wheel. It turns what should be an ordinary trip to... [More]

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