The Journey Journal

The Journey Journal ($12) is a must for you summer cross-country travels. It features cheeky pages with travel checklists, pre-planning lists, a 12-day trip journal, a little compartment, and an information page that allows you to draw what you look like, and what you look... [More]

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Queen Anne's Lace Card Set

While a surly sentiment is great for our friends and coworkers, Great Aunt Mildred might not like the overtly sexual card you sent to your bestest last week. The Queen Anne's Lace Card Set ($13) is a must for your handwritten correspondence. This set features... [More]

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Special Guest Post by Uncooked: New! Cards! Yay!

You know them, you love them... It's another guest post from our sarcastic friends, Nat and Armand of Uncooked Land! Need a laugh? Of course you do, it's Monday and you're stuck at work when you should be outside sunning your thighs, daydreaming about tongue... [More]

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Animals on Parade Stationary Set

No, snail mail isn't completely kaputz! Mail men still stop from house to house and mailboxes still sit on corners waiting to be filled. We know, it's hard to believe, but it's true! While e-mails are speedy and convenient and all, they'll never beat a... [More]

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Pressed Flower Cards

Stocking up on all occasion cards, especially ones as lovely as the Pressed Flower Cards ($15), is a smart idea. Whether you fancy the Hand-Stamped Series ($17) or the original designer cards, these vivid nature graphics hit the spot. We haven't gotten any bouquets in... [More]

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chips. dips. beer bottles in the dishwasher.

There's no better birthday sentiment. chips. dips. beer bottles in the dishwasher. ($5) betty davis eyes. don't stop believin'. straws as microphones. dance injury. unpaid bar tab. late night china town. non-existent cab ride.... [More]

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New Wave Victorian Cards

Did you know Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" actually debuted in 1879 (not 1979) and was played o'er the land at the finest Victorian balls of the century? True story. And the New Wave Victorian Cards ($4) from The Spotted Sparrow were actually... [More]

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Watermelon Cowboy

Like a Watermelon Cowboy ($10), riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo.... [More]

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Tin Can Talk to Me! Card

While rest of the world is still fawning over their new iPhone 4, we thought we'd just go with a classic tin can. It's affordable, reliable, and comes with a meal inside! And how convenient! Our boyfriend's waiting for us on the other end. Tin... [More]

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Hey Good Looking Card

Who couldn't use a smile delivered to their mailbox? We know the Hey Good Looking Card ($8) would certainly brighten our day - hint, hint.... [More]

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Lovi Heart Postcard

Send them your heart on a string with Anne Paso's charming Lovi Heart Postcard ($15). Available in red or natural birch, the flat wood postcard can be assembled into a 3D heart ornament by the recipient. (Cue the "Awwwwwws!")... [More]

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Vegan Recipe Cards

By now there aren't too many people who don't know a vegan or are themselves adopting a cruelty free lifestyle. We can't help but feel a little bad for these folks as they face snickers and challenges in finding food that fits their diets. We... [More]

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Set Editions Mercy Cards

Every spouse-to-be should have Set Editions Mercy Cards ($12 for a set of 24) at the ready. With sentiments ranging from, "You are right, I am wrong," to "Shut Your Mouth and Take Off Your Clothes," there's a card for nearly every occasion, from fight... [More]

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Analog Postcard Set

When was the last time you sent a piece of written correspondence 'just because'? If you're like us, it was probably somewhere around the last time you listened to a cassette tape or used a rotary phone, which is what drew us to the Analog... [More]

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We're Total Fucking Badasses E-Card

Hallmark can shove it. is the place to go for e-greetings of all kinds from topical to irreverent to bawdy. And of course they have a slew of show-the-love options like the the charmer featured above. You will now spend the rest of the... [More]

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Paris Cards

Notre petit choux, celebrate your love of the French language with Paris Cards ($35). Simple and adorable illustrations adorn 12 cards with French phrases. How great would they look framed in a kitchen, bathroom or children's room, or as tags on presents and greeting cards?... [More]

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You're Better Than Cupcakes Card

This is not a card to be given lightly. The phrase, "You're Better Than Cupcakes ($4) should only be used if you reeeeeally like someone. Or if you're in the doghouse. 'Cause, well, cupcakes...Duh.... [More]

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Mustache Cards

We're starting to think that bacon and mustaches are in the same sick boat - no matter how saturated the market becomes with ridiculous products in their field, we will continue to love and buy them. Ok, maybe not forever, but at least for the... [More]

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For Life Card

Your daily dose of awww: once a seahorse finds a mate, they're together for the rest of their time under the sea, making this For Life Anniversary Card ($4) both adorable and scientifically accurate.... [More]

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Drink Tags

Oh, the many wonders of drinking and the humor that lies therein. These Drink Tags ($5) are the perfect addition to packages, bottles, or perhaps a nice reminder for your friends before embarking on a night out. Eight tags feature cute sayings like, "If you... [More]

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