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Lady by Donkey Postcard

We're going to buy this 1950s era Lady by Donkey Postcard ($35) to remember the times when men wore large hats, women wore large dresses, and they flirted madly over the tops of donkeys. We miss those times.... [More]

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Dear Diet Coke

Dear Diet Coke ($5), I feel like you're overreacting. Sincerely, Mentos... [More]

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Hearty Handshake Card

Friend in need of a laugh? Coworker in need of some hygiene tips? Send them the Hearty Handshake Card ($5) - it's sure to send the intended message. "Golly that's a sweaty palm." "It's been in my ass crack all afternoon."... [More]

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Freshly Baked Treats Kit

Yeah, handwriting or printing cutesy tags for our baked goods is kinda out of the question (it's called being busy). The Freshly Baked Treats Kit ($12) take care of that crafty step where we fall short. Now we're sure to be the tops at the... [More]

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Drop Dead Cute Postcard Book

If anyone's into weird Japanese art, they may want to take the Drop Dead Cute Postcard Book ($10) for a whirl. Yeah. we'd plan on framing a few pieces from the collection of cutting-edge art from ten Japanese female artists. Takashi Murakami's art production company,... [More]

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Vintage Ledger Seals

Sealing our notes with a kiss is classy, but it's a little forward if we're just extending our thanks. This time we won't put our student-voted Biggest Flirt award to use (oh, yearbook). We'll keep it cute with the Vintage Ledger Seals ($9). They make... [More]

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Time Flies Birthday Calendar

We know, we know. Facebook reminds you of all your friends' birthdays, so why would you need the Time Flies Birthday Calendar ($16)? We'll tell you why: Because good friends mark down each others' birthdays and celebrate over more than just the internet (usually over... [More]

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Wiley Valentine Bride and Groom Card

Give the happy couple a wedding card as swirly, fancy, and fabulous as the affair itself. Perfect for the pair who likes the finer things and appreciates delicate detail, this Bride and Groom Card ($6) is beautifully letterpressed calligraphy sure to capture the specialness of... [More]

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Papersheep Merci Notes

Subtle, sophisticated and French - has a thank you note ever looked so lovely? Send one of these Papersheep Merci Notes ($15 for 5) when your sentiment needs to match a truly exceptional gift.... [More]

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Hello! Lucky Personalized Stationery

Post-Its, notecards, legal pads and paper airplanes all make for terrible stationery. Hello! Lucky Personalized Stationery makes for a lovely step up from run-of-the-mill office supplies (price dependent on style of card and quantity). Customizable, beautifully letter pressed and deliciously unique, their line of stationery... [More]

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Paper Boat Press Little Ceramic Ornament Tags

Genius! Check out these Little Ceramic Ornament Tags ($20, set of 5) by Paper Boat Press. String them onto your packages and gifts, especially those you give from your kitchen and garden. Your receivers will know they're loved, and you'll end up looking like the... [More]

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Toasty Birthday Card

Nothing says "love" more than looking out for your friend's liver on their day of birth. The Toasty Birthday Card ($3) - it's kindness in note form.... [More]

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The Short List

Life's too short for long lists, but our memory's not long enough for no list! So, we're compromising with The Short List ($7) from Kate Spade. We've got nine lines to make our lives easier and write down forgettable tasks. Should be plenty.... [More]

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Traditional Japanese Egg Decorating Kit

We're going to be totally honest here. Most years we opt out of the egg decorating and make a few boozy batches of Jell-O Egg Jigglers (Just sub vodka for the water!). But we think maybe we'll squeeze in an evening of egg decorating this... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Po-om-po Strawberry Mini Envelopes

Hand-written correspondence never looked so sweet! If the Po-om-po Strawberry Mini Envelopes ($4 for set of five) won't get you searching for a snail mail pen pal, then we don't know what will! What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to... [More]

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You're More Awesome Than Inbox Zero Letterpress Card

We're not sure there's a better compliment out there. Use this on someone you really like! You're More Awesome Than Inbox Zero Letterpress Card ($6)... [More]

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Dear Movie Watcher Card

Will there ever be a point in life where anything involving sex and our parents isn't super awkward? . . . Nope. Sapling Press Dear Movie Watcher Card ($5)... [More]

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Pinhole Press Photo Pads

If you're still trying to take the title of "favorite daughter" away from your sister, Mother's Day can be a make-or-break event. We've got a gift that'll allow you to rest easy the next few months knowing that your victory is in the bag. Give... [More]

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Richie Design Letterpressed Birthday Card

Better people than us consider time with friends and loved ones the high point of a birthday. Not us. We're in it for the 3 key elements described in this Letterpressed Birthday Card ($5) from Richie Design: booze, free stuff and a flaming dessert. Another... [More]

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Blue Barnhouse Letterpressed Card

Take note: a fiercely sassy lady who's well versed in paper printing techniques is simply irresistible. Blue Barnhouse 'Go Ahead, I'm Letterpressed' Card ($5)... [More]

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