Father's Day Gift Guide: Not the Worst Card

Forget the whole #1 Dad shtick. Be honest, and appeal to his nerdy side. Your Dad will like that better. Wit and Whistle Not the Worst Card ($4)... [More]

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Shmancy HOWL-O Postcard

What can we say? We love a clever pun! Better nab a HOWL-O Postcard ($3) by Shmancy before we buy them out!... [More]

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Dinner Party Coaster Fill-ins

On more than one occasion, we've hosted parties where all the guests have inadvertently brought the same thing to share. And while there's nothing wrong with eating seven different desserts after your main course, it's nice to get some appetizers, sides and drinks going too.... [More]

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Holy Matrimony! Card

Getting married is definitely a heroic feat, and the happy couple deserves a card that celebrates their commitment in an appropriate way. We think this Holy Matrimony! Card ($5) from a. favorite design does the trick. Plus, you get bonus points if either of them... [More]

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Snow White Sweet Cupcake Stands

Every cupcake is a masterpiece, so show off each one on these individual Snow White Sweet Cupcake Stands ($11 for 6). They're made from recycled paper and are sturdy enough to hold even the most heavily frosted of sweet treat confections. Place one at each... [More]

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My B*tches Party Pack

Reasons to bust out the My B*tches Party Pack ($2, on sale!) with a bunch of friends on a Friday night: You got dumped. Your friend got dumped. You got canned. Your friend got canned. Your boss is a jerk. Your friend's boss is a... [More]

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Cupcake Memopad

Ohh, we're so torn! The Cupcake Memopad ($6) would be such an adorable and useful desk accessory, but we're also pretty certain it'll entice us to visit the coffee shop for sweet treats more often than we should. We don't need anything - even office... [More]

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Treatzone A-Z Icon Notebook

A is for Audrey, Z is for Zorro and this A-Z Icon Notebook ($8) is for keeping track of everything in between. Like grocery lists, phone numbers, and schemes to become as famous and sexy as Audrey and Zorro.... [More]

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Small Object Meal Planning Set

Problem: You're sick of foraging for dinner. Black beans, dry cereal and carrots does not a complete meal make. Solution: The Small Object Meal Planning Gift Set ($22) Simply write your proposed meal plan and (this is truly brilliant) the source of the meals in... [More]

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Notable Dates

Lots of big things happen in life. While you'd like to think you'll always remember the date you were proposed to, or when you hit your major weight loss goal, or that one time your husband actually admitted he was wrong, there just isn't space... [More]

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McBitterson's The Beave

Look at this sweet, loving card featuring an adorable woodland creature! And on the inside it says "Some beaver loves you." Whaaaat? So, we like a good double entendre. Calm down. McBitterson's The Beave Card ($4)... [More]

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Junk In The Trunk Card

Junk In The Trunk Card

Bedunkadunk. Booty. Derriere. Whatever you want to call it. If you've got a friend with a little junk in her trunk, send some love her way with the Junk In The Trunk Card ($4).... [More]

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Baby Bee Shower Invitations

We love spring babies! What could better represent a spring baby than these Baby Bee Shower Invitations ($10) from Dew Drop Digitals? They're ultra-modern looking, but they're bright and cheerful at the same time, with the very in-the-moment color combo of black/yellow/white. Even better, you... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 11.24.26 AM.png

Lady by Donkey Postcard

We're going to buy this 1950s era Lady by Donkey Postcard ($35) to remember the times when men wore large hats, women wore large dresses, and they flirted madly over the tops of donkeys. We miss those times.... [More]

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Dear Diet Coke

Dear Diet Coke ($5), I feel like you're overreacting. Sincerely, Mentos... [More]

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Hearty Handshake Card

Friend in need of a laugh? Coworker in need of some hygiene tips? Send them the Hearty Handshake Card ($5) - it's sure to send the intended message. "Golly that's a sweaty palm." "It's been in my ass crack all afternoon."... [More]

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treats tags-s.jpg

Freshly Baked Treats Kit

Yeah, handwriting or printing cutesy tags for our baked goods is kinda out of the question (it's called being busy). The Freshly Baked Treats Kit ($12) take care of that crafty step where we fall short. Now we're sure to be the tops at the... [More]

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drop dead cute-s.jpg

Drop Dead Cute Postcard Book

If anyone's into weird Japanese art, they may want to take the Drop Dead Cute Postcard Book ($10) for a whirl. Yeah. we'd plan on framing a few pieces from the collection of cutting-edge art from ten Japanese female artists. Takashi Murakami's art production company,... [More]

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letter stickers-s.jpg

Vintage Ledger Seals

Sealing our notes with a kiss is classy, but it's a little forward if we're just extending our thanks. This time we won't put our student-voted Biggest Flirt award to use (oh, yearbook). We'll keep it cute with the Vintage Ledger Seals ($9). They make... [More]

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Time Flies Birthday Calendar

We know, we know. Facebook reminds you of all your friends' birthdays, so why would you need the Time Flies Birthday Calendar ($16)? We'll tell you why: Because good friends mark down each others' birthdays and celebrate over more than just the internet (usually over... [More]

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