Mason Jar Flowers Letterpress Card

Even though the Mason Jar Flowers Letterpress Card ($7) is intended to be sent via snail mail as a note, we think a cluster of these framed hand printed cards would look adorable as wall d├ęcor on a diminutive scale. Ten points extra for scoring... [More]

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2012 Old School Letterpress Calendar

Even though the 2012 Old School Letterpress Calendar ($28) is totally not functional as a working calendar (where is the space to write when street sweeping day and dentist appointments are coming?), we totally want this calendar on our wall. Sure, it's only good for... [More]

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Lines Notebook

Wide lined, half lined, blank, or squares, the Lines Notebook ($9) is designed for creative note taking. We think the half lined book is perfect for using as a recipe book or travel log, the blank book for sketching or design, wide lines turn into... [More]

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Spaceman Cards Set of 5

Houston, we have a problem. We're not sure why these Spaceman Cards ($23) are called spaceman cards. We see someone dressed as a stick of butter, a vampire, a village people, one owl, and a hippie. But we still want 'em, just the same.... [More]

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Vintage Lace Invite

Despite our total bad ass-ness, our devotion to leather and metal statement accessories, and our salty tongues, we love a little girliness, too. These ladylike Vintage Lace Invites ($115 for 25) let people know we won't snub our noses at a good tea party, especially... [More]

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Complaint Sticky Notes

You know you're getting a little too 'The Shining' when you start leaving Complaints Sticky Notes ($4) for yourself in your home office. Soon you'll be taking on multiple personalities and shouting out 'Here's Johnny!' to anyone who knocks on your door. Frightening. And awesome.... [More]

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Martha Stewart Peony Thank You Notes

Watch 5 minutes of reality T.V. and you'd swear no one has enough class to write thank you notes anymore, but we at Outblush are real classy bitches. The Martha Stewart Peony Thank You Notes ($10) are pretty enough you'd actually want to send them... [More]

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Paper Collage Monkey Fluorescent White Thank You Notes

Nothing says thank you like a monkey. Get your mind out of the gutter. The Paper Collage Monkey Fluorescent White Thank You Notes ($13) don't monkey around about saying thanks! We think they'd make a great stationary set for the young, or for the people... [More]

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O.M.G. Wafer Notebook

Dear Diary, We wish we could tell you about what went down this weekend in Vegas. Unfortunately, the little parts we remember seem unwise to record for posterity. OMG for realz. xo Outblush O.M.G. Wafer Notebook ($60)... [More]

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Perpetual Produce Calendar

Everyone is always talking about eating locally and seasonally. That's all nice and dandy, but how can we know what's in (or will be in) season? It's not like we have all day to do random google searches... (what?) The Perpetual Produce Calendar ($26) helps... [More]

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Animal Adventures Sticky Notes

Maybe if our passive aggressive college roommate had attached these cool Animal Adventures Sticky Notes ($10) to the random dirty dish or misplaced textbook (with instructions to clean up our messes), instead of the pale yellow ones she blew through, all us roommates would have... [More]

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That's The Ticket Book

We're already spread thin enough without having to give multiple pep talks to our roommate/spouse/best friend (kidding! That would make us awful people to say that out loud). Next time someone stops you on your way out to get coffee make an important business meeting,... [More]

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Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Please tell us we're not the only ones who probably still have floppy disks floating around in storage somewhere! Next you'll be admitting that you never played The Oregon Trail in 4th grade Computer Lab, and we'll feel so ancient we'll have to go out... [More]

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Special Guest Post from Freakin' fabulous new products + 20% off sitewide Outblush exclusive coupon!

You know them, you love them... It's another guest post from our sarcastic friends, Nat and Armand of Uncooked Land! The twisted folks at uncooked who brought you some of the funniest & weirdest greeting cards on the planet are now bringing their signature snarky... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: WTF Sticky Notes

In the past forty-eight hours, if we'd had any of these WTF sticky notes ($3), we'd have stuck them to: three different people the dryer that description of that new television series that is going to be terrible the work microwave that car that didn't... [More]

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Tallu-lah Cards Engagement Card

Hooray for being engaged! Pop open that bubbly and enjoy. And then, once the reality that you are soon to be the proud recipient of Mother-in-Law guilt trips, pop open another bottle...or two. Tallu-lah Cards Engagement Card ($6)... [More]

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The Instant Comfort Pocket Box

It's been a while since we've seen something as sweet and unique as The Instant Comfort Pocket Box ($12) by Kim's Little Monsters. Got a friend who needs a pick me up? Stock up on these 3-D paper boxes and send one her way. Chose... [More]

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word card-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Seraph Woodword Offset Card

When a high five just doesn't suffice (or is impossible), try the Seraph Woodword Offset card ($4). It says the whole sentence ("Word, what you did was sicker than sick."), and the handmade-ness has as much impact as our wild gestures. Nice.... [More]

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Volcano Cards

Though they're pretty quirky, we think we'd actually get a lot of use out of this set of forty Volcano Cards ($52) by artist Marie Delafon. An erupting volcano could work in a lot of situations. Here's what we're planning on writing on the inside... [More]

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Let's Hit the Oregon Trail Cards

You can't handle our nerdiness. Why else would we have learned to use a computer if it weren't for The Oregon Trail? Now we can memorialize our time dying of cholera, dysentery or shooting down some lazy ass bison with Let's Hit the Oregon Trail... [More]

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