Lily Ashbury Do It All 2012 Planner

We've been keeping our life organized in this Lily Ashbury Do It All 2012 Planner ($15) since August and it's been a major life saver. With blank columns to fill (instead of time slots), it's perfect for people with open schedules or chronic list makers... [More]

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Fashion Citation Notes

We've all seen a girl with pants so tight we felt we were on an intimate basis by the end of the bus ride. Camel toes, ill-advised spandex, and inappropriate bulge are some of the things we feel we shouldn't have to be subjected to... [More]

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Thanks For Nothing Cards

True story: We once got a haircut for 80 bones that consisted of having us stand still while the stylist walked around us, cutting our hair in an uneven line as he orbited around our body. Needless to say we were ticked. We were also... [More]

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2012 Unicorn Calendar Cards

We can't wait for the new year so we can tack up these 2012 Unicorn Calendar Cards ($10) by African Grey on our bulletin boards (yes, we still have bulletin boards, don't you?). We're all about the colorful whimsy of unis prancing around and reminding... [More]

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Holidays In The Country Naos Die-Cut Cards

Skip the traditional holiday cards and grab some Holidays In The Country Naos Die-Cut Cards ($15) for your multi-denominational group of friends. This way you can be politically correct to a fault (don't worry, someone will still be offended) while covering your Merry Christmas, Happy... [More]

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Deco Rosette Invitation

If we could do our wedding invitations over we'd hands down use these awesome Deco Rosette Invitations ($300 for 50). We're totally digging the unique wood grain of these invitations (each card is crafted from eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested wood) that gives them an earthy-chic vibe. Perfect... [More]

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Teepee Moving Postcard Set

Whether you're part of the occupy movement or just re-locating across town, this Teepee Moving Postcard Set ($18 for 10) will alert friends and family where to send all those Christmas gifts and checks cards you'll want to arrive in the correct location.... [More]

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Raval Page Flags

These Raval Page Flags ($6) make our catalogs and notebooks so much cuter than the messy, wrinkled post-its we litter our work with. Flags we don't have to cut ourselves, that aren't neon, and that actually make our mess look artistic? Where do we sign... [More]

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Crane & Co. Modern Floral Thank You Notes

One of our New Years goals for 2012 is to send out thank you notes and birthday cards promptly (as opposed to our current record of up to 2 months late- better late than never, right??). We think these gorgeous Crane & Co. Modern Floral... [More]

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Cash Shirt

The Cash Shirt

Dress up your cash this year! Instead of sticking money in a boring ol' envelope...try the The Cash Shirt ($4 on sale). All you need to do is fold 6 crisp bills in half and voi la! Denominations can be as little as $6 or... [More]

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Peacock Card Set of 6

They say it's Peacock print, but we think it looks like it's time take a pill from our birth control pack. Who knew writing thank you notes daily is also 99.9% effective at preventing pregnancy? Now you do. Peacock Card Set of 6 ($25).... [More]

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Hello Lucky Caroling Creatures Cards

Personally, we have about ten years worth of Christmas cards that we bought the day after Christmas at Target for 75% off. But if your post-holiday hoarding tendencies aren't so extreme, we recommend these Hello Lucky Caroling Creatures Cards ($15 for 6). Not only are... [More]

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Pack This Notepad

The last time we jumped into our car for a last-minute road trip we forgot to pack our toothbrush, phone charger, and underwear. As much as we love accidentally living like a granola-sista for a week, we would much rather leave the house feeling like... [More]

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Knitting Girl

We're always stocking up on just-because cards for our girlfriends and this Knitting Girl ($8) is beyond perfect for the craftster in our life! Once she's read our sweet message, she can perch this card somewhere special as a reminder that she's loved.... [More]

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Smock Peacock Art Print Calendar

We're willing to overlook the fact that this 2012 Smock Peacock Art Print Calendar ($8) doesn't leave any room for our appointment scribbles or birthday underlining. We've got smartphones, laptops, tablets and planners for all that. But what we don't have is a lovely, colorful... [More]

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Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks

Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks ($10 for 2) 1) Move all the half-assed "to do" lists to one notebook. Preferably this one. 2) Stop swearing so damn much. 3) Procrastinate on numbers 1 and 2 for just a little longer...... [More]

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Monster Happy Halloween Card

Usually we bring you punny or ironic cards to hand out to your friends and family for the holidays. But we couldn't resist writing about this adorable Monster Happy Halloween Card ($3) from Maria Palito. We were planning on baking a big plate of black... [More]

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Telegram Gift Tags

Recipient: Brother Date: 12/25 Quantity: Isn't one enough? Get a job. Location: Under the tree Description: So you don't get lonely New Years Eve Presented by: Yours truly. Oh the fun you could have. Telegram Gift Tags ($8 for 6)... [More]

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Kate Spade Rose Thank You Note Cards

We don't believe a rose would be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage. We do believe a thank you note would be extra nice if it was covered in a cool little vintage looking rose print. You can quote... [More]

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Kate Spade Thank You Cards

Next time someone says 'I don't know how to thank you for everything you do' pull out these Kate Spade Thank You Cards ($30 for 10) and explain that there are many ways to say it. Merci, gracias, and thank you, to be exact. A... [More]

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