Seltzer Goods Birds Unplugged Card

Sure, the message behind this Seltzer Goods Birds Unplugged Card ($4) is very Valentine's-appropriate for that boyfriend of yours who's plugged into every social media outlet possible while you go out for dinner (no, we don't really need to see an Instagram of your bibimbap).... [More]

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Fantastic Toys Alice and Wonderland Kawaii Papercraft Playset

Kawaii indeed, this Fantastic Toys Alice and Wonderland Kawaii Papercraft Playset ($4) makes us want to form our fingers into V's, firmly place them on either side of our cheeks, and exclaim, "SUPER CUTE!!!". This playset comes as an eight page PDF file that's instantly... [More]

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Date Night Kit

This Date Night Kit ($15) might be a touch on the cutesy side for our dudes, who generally prefer the eat-lo-mein-out-of-the-takeout-box while watching Bourne flicks sort of night in. But it would make a sweet-as-pie way to show some love to one of our much-adored... [More]

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Russel + Hazel One Day at a Time Set

Can you believe it's already February? Since we're one month into the new year, it's probably time to get a start on those to-dos. We find it's easier to get things done if we write down what we need to accomplish, and this One Day... [More]

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An Apple a Day Greeting Card

An apple a day keeps the blues away when you send this An Apple a Day greeting card ($5) out. Slip one in the mail to a friend who's been sick. Better yet, make up a gift basket of chicken noodle soup, peach tea, honey,... [More]

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Nutty Valentine

We love the way our husband's offbeat sense of humor (he calls our cold butt cheeks "ass-cicles"), his squirrel-like obsession with nuts (almonds, pistachios, etc.), and his unnatural obsession with electronics. We're gonna surprise him with this whimsical Nutty Valentine ($4) and a box of... [More]

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Pop Daisy Thank You Cards

After all the Christmas presents (we were spoiled this year with awesome homemade gifts and goodies) we're just about out of thank you cards. We plan on replenishing our stock with these cheerful Pop Daisy Thank You Cards ($12) by Heather Bailey. They remind us... [More]

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Red Letter Paper Company Not Sent from My iPhone Card

There's something to be said for actually sending a real note that you wrote with a pen instead of a badly-spelled text message that you pecked out with your fingers on a tiny glass screen. Tell someone they're worth an extra ten minutes and forty-five... [More]

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Best Husband Card

We love our husband. He only moderately teases us when we cry during cheesy movies. He does the dishes. He makes mean a mashed potatoes. And he doesn't shrink away when we have our bi-monthly melt down. That's why we're gonna surprise him with this... [More]

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Recession Sympathy Card

We're not too sure how this Recession Sympathy Card ($3) would go over... but we still kinda want to get it anyways...... [More]

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Marigolds Wrapping Paper

Half the gift giving experience is how it's wrapped, right? No one 'oohs' and 'aahs' over a shabbily wrapped present (we know, snarf, snarf, but it's true). This cool Marigolds Wrapping Paper ($8) makes a present look like a million bucks, even if it only... [More]

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Color 'n Kids Thank You Go Set

Start teaching your kids manners early on and they might actually look forward to writing thank you notes for birthday and Christmas presents (or at least they'll except it as an inevitable and do it without an argument). This cute Color 'n Kids Thank You... [More]

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Alice Die Cut Note Cards

It's more than a pack of cards, it's a pack of Alice Die Cut Note Cards ($15). Curiouser and curiouser!... [More]

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Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 12.34.35 PM.png

Happy When You're Naked Card

When we look at our husband, we see a very wonderful man. We see a man who stimulates us intellectually and urges us to try new things. We see a man who is sweet to our parents and loving to the gorgeous children we made... [More]

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Space Invaders Business Cards

Sure, these Space Invaders business cards are an obvious choice for tech types who aren't afraid to be a little goofy. (Which is just about every tech type we've ever known.) But we'd like to see this fun batch of designs used by people in... [More]

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Everyday Box of Greeting Cards

Simple and cool, make sure you're prepared for any occasion with the Everyday Box of Greeting Cards ($70 for 30). Filled with 7 Birthday, 4 Thank You, 4 Holiday, 2 Valentine's Day, 2 Wedding, 1 Get Well, 8 Blank, and 2 Good Luck cards, you'd... [More]

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Celebrate: Wild Boys Calendar

We could barely type we were laughing so hard when we stumbled across this Wild Boys 2012 Wall Calendar ($15). We're bringing it to you just in time for the "Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day." We're assuming the feast of fabulous wild men is... [More]

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Make Collaboration Vertical Calendar

Still hunting for the perfect calendar for this new year? Why not switch things up a little and go in a different direction with Make Collaboration's Vertical Calendar ($30)? It's a minimalist design, but it leaves you plenty of space to write in all of... [More]

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Eye Chart Love Card

We opened our highly cynical hearts for a moment to "awww" at this sweet Eye Chart Love Card ($5). Not overly schmoopy, this card will make an adorable Valentine's Day Card for our impressively romantic Husband. Cause, shameful to say, we don't hold a candle... [More]

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Art of Manliness Stationery

We don't mind writing thank you notes on floral and paisley cards, but seeing our husband wrinkle his nose, look through his options of floral, paisley, and rainbow zigzags and ask with a sigh "Do you have anything else?" gets old. We're thinking we'll snatch... [More]

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