Skate Notecards

Have you ever tried to help a teenage boy write a thank-you card? Writing about feelings comes as naturally to them as singing comes to Kim Kardashian. Which is to say, not naturally at all. Soothe some of the writing angst with these Skate Notecards... [More]

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Passions Beer Journal

You know the saying "too much of a good thing"? The real trouble is one kind of too much of a good thing. Keep track of which beers you've been imbibing in in this Passions Beer Journal ($20). 'Cause there are too many good beers... [More]

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Taurus Birthday Card

Your favorite stubborn Taurus's birthday is coming up. Make sure she knows you appreciate her with this Taurus Birthday Card ($6).... [More]

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Salt Water Cure Cards

We've been trying to convince our gal pals it's time to plan a getaway somewhere warm and beachy, and we've finally found the right tool. We're sending them each a Salt Water Cure Card ($12 for 3). The photo of the ocean and horizon is... [More]

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Cavallini New York Postcards

We long for a trip to the Big Apple! Considering we're not hopping coasts for a while (sigh) we'll have to whet our appetite with these cool Cavallini New York Postcards ($14). They might not be as relaxing as walking through Central Park or exciting... [More]

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rhett and scarlett matchbook notepads

Just as Rhett and Scarlett seem to be cosmically drawn together, we're drawn to colorful and unique booklets like the rhett and scarlett matchbook notepads ($19). Each of these notebooks is crafted with a random assortment of thirty pieces of patterned or textured paper, making... [More]

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Shore Thank You Cards

You're shore to send out thank-you notes in time when you have these Shore Thank You Cards ($12) in your corner. Which shore takes the stress out of being polite.... [More]

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Elum Calypso Thank You Card Box

What better way to say thank you than a card that says, um... thank you... The Elum Calypso Thank You Cards ($13 for 6) are made using letterpressing techniques to achieve vibrant, rich color. We think these gorgeous hand-printed cards are a great way to... [More]

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Delicious Journal

Go ahead, take that first bite, that first plunge, that first scribble into your imagination. The Delicious Journal ($12) is made for breaking hearts rules and taking names down the story that's been brewing in your mind. Don't be shy. Getting your ideas down on... [More]

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Karolin Schnoor Stationery Set

We're hard pressed to get something as important as a birthday card in the mail, let alone a regular ol' letter, but Karolin Schnoor's Stationery Set ($8) has us seriously considering welcoming handwritten communication back into our repertoire. Although that hot pink patterned paper is... [More]

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Rocking Horse and Cowboy on Funky Linoleum Postcards

Yee-haw! These Rocking Horse and Cowboy on Funky Linoleum Postcards ($15 for 12) make excellent thank-you cards for your kid's birthday party. They can even double as invitations. Cowboy up!... [More]

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Girl Scout Cookie Mix & Match Stationery Set

We're really proud of ourselves, because this year we actually saved half of our Girl Scout cookies in the freezer for that off day in October when we'll desperately need a Tagalong. But if you're not so disciplined, you can still have your Girl Scout... [More]

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People I Want To Punch In The Face Moleskin Notebook

There are only sixty-four pages in the People I Want To Punch In The Face Moleskin Notebook ($10). That means we need to be a little more reserved about who we want to add to the list. The lady who crashed her shopping cart into... [More]

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Happy Cake Birthday Cards

Have you ever tried to send a birthday cake in an envelope? It's tricky. And not edible. Unless you have these Happy Cake Birthday Cards ($15 for four), of course.... [More]

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Sticks Folded Note Cards

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words from you will always cheer us. Especially if they're written on these Sticks Folded Note Cards ($18).... [More]

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Bummer Sympathy Card

Your friends' bad haircuts, your roommate's getting fired, and your sister's finding out her boyfriend prefers wearing her clothes when she's not around are all good reasons to send out a Bummer Sympathy Card ($5). Especially if said boyfriend stretched out her favorite Banana Republic... [More]

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Tattoo It Yourself Cards

We could go the "these cards are for our girly-card-fearing husband" route, but honestly, we don't really want to share these Tattoo It Yourself Cards ($18 for 5) with him. They're way too cool. Combining a made-it-yourself aesthetic and whimsical graphics, these cards are perfect... [More]

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Garden Bouquet Page Pals

Sure, you can use a plain ol' sticky note as a bookmark or paragraph marker, but these Garden Bouquet Page Pals ($5) are soo much more cute! Half the fun of being a girl is getting to buy the fluff items that make the daily... [More]

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Thumbprint Notecard Set

We always thought that being all thumbs was a bad thing, but according to this Thumbprint Notecard Set ($19), it might not be such a hindrance after all. With twenty notecards, cool stickers, instructions for making thumb art, and an ink pad, this set is... [More]

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Fancy Trunks Reupholstered

Never forget to send thank-you notes when you have these adorable elephant Fancy Trunks Reupholstered Cards ($12 for 8). After all, you know what they say about elephants...... [More]

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