Bummer Sympathy Card

Your friends' bad haircuts, your roommate's getting fired, and your sister's finding out her boyfriend prefers wearing her clothes when she's not around are all good reasons to send out a Bummer Sympathy Card ($5). Especially if said boyfriend stretched out her favorite Banana Republic... [More]

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Tattoo It Yourself Cards

We could go the "these cards are for our girly-card-fearing husband" route, but honestly, we don't really want to share these Tattoo It Yourself Cards ($18 for 5) with him. They're way too cool. Combining a made-it-yourself aesthetic and whimsical graphics, these cards are perfect... [More]

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Garden Bouquet Page Pals

Sure, you can use a plain ol' sticky note as a bookmark or paragraph marker, but these Garden Bouquet Page Pals ($5) are soo much more cute! Half the fun of being a girl is getting to buy the fluff items that make the daily... [More]

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Thumbprint Notecard Set

We always thought that being all thumbs was a bad thing, but according to this Thumbprint Notecard Set ($19), it might not be such a hindrance after all. With twenty notecards, cool stickers, instructions for making thumb art, and an ink pad, this set is... [More]

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Fancy Trunks Reupholstered

Never forget to send thank-you notes when you have these adorable elephant Fancy Trunks Reupholstered Cards ($12 for 8). After all, you know what they say about elephants...... [More]

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Travel Journal

We could have used this Travel Journal ($30) during our trip to Europe last year! Try as we might to remember the names of cool shops, mind-blowing restaurants, and random excursions we took, our little brains fall short at remembering specifics without some help. Having... [More]

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Paperthinks Recycled Leather Notebooks

There's no way we'd ever need upwards of eighteen different notebooks, but every time we see the Paperthinks Recycled Leather Notebooks ($18), we want to buy them all. Think of how perfect they'd look displayed in all their rainbowed glory! The shelf in our living... [More]

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Plan & Scheme Notebook

We present to you the Plan & Scheme Notebook ($18). Because every girl needs a place to keep her most devious and awesome plots.... [More]

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Antique Bicycles Frogs Card

Lance Armstrong rued the day the cycling federation allowed frogs to enter the Tour de France... Antique Bicycles Frogs Card ($5).... [More]

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The Get Together Blank Card

Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah! Invite your bestie over for tea and gossip with a The Get Together card ($4). Love.... [More]

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Kissing Pair Thank You Notes

We know these Kissing Pair Thank You Notes ($18 for ten) are a little schmoopy, but we can't help but love the cute illustration and sweet sentiment expressed on the card. We remember when we felt the utmost gratitude "from the bottom of our newly... [More]

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Mode de Paris G.Lalo Stationery

Understated and elegant, Mode de Paris G.Lalo Stationery ($38) is perfect for quick notes and casual correspondence. The set comes with thirty cards and envelopes, making it an economical and chic way to keep in touch. We think these would be awesome bases for handmade... [More]

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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Card Set

Some of us actually have neighbors that still randomly stop by with cookies. We have a few of them, bless 'em! We think this If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Card Set ($50) is perfect for returning the favor. Just drop off a note... [More]

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Convoy Note Cards

Our sweet husband winces at his diminishing manhood every time we hand him a brightly colored, floral print, girly thank-you card to write in. For his next birthday we're going to pick up some of these nauti-cool Convoy Note Cards ($20). The slick boat prints... [More]

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Fancy Peeping Quail Cards

We're always on the lookout for cool cards and these Fancy Peeping Quail Cards ($13 for 6) are pretty fabulous. We love the fact that they use real feathers to embellish the sweet design. The card's inside is blank for you so that you can... [More]

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Prospero Journal

Dear Journal, Today we carried six loads of laundry down to the community laundry room. In. The. Rain. We know we should be grateful we have machines that do the heavy lifting, but all we could think about was why didn't we marry for money... [More]

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TOKKETOK Happy Notes

We love it when not every note that comes across our desk is of the "do this now" or "you did this wrong" variety. We're being kind to our coworkers by randomly sending out a Happy Note ($12 for set of 3) every once in... [More]

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Personalized LCD Card Set

We might be more prone to waking up on time if our LCD alarm clock would greet us with a special message rather than the ear-grating screech of the alarm. Send little love notes to your friends LCD style with this Personalized LCD Card Set... [More]

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Crochet Wrap

Our favorite colors turned into pretty wrapping paper? Yes, please! Make sure bridal shower gifts and birthday presents are stylishly concealed in this Crochet Wrap ($8) from Smock Paper. Crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled material, this wrapping paper is a guilt-free way to dress up... [More]

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Letterpress 3D DIY Station Wagon Card

Would it be considered cheap if we just sprung for this Letterpress 3D DIY Station Wagon Card ($5) for our brother's birthday instead of a card aand a gift? Essentially we're buying a card and a model car since the card can be turned into... [More]

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