This Many Card

Try as we may, we always seem to forget someone's birthday. But with a stash of This Many Cards ($4 each) on hand, we can make it look like Facebook didn't just remind us twenty minutes ago. It's a cinch - we just grab a... [More]

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Minesweeper Postcards

It's not enough that we've been addicted to Minesweeper for ten-plus years. Now we can fuel our addiction while we're off the grid, too. The Minesweeper Postcard ($2) comes in two difficulty levels, easy (80 bombs) and hard (120 bombs). We suppose we could actually... [More]

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You're Awesome Card

Somebody in your life need a little pick-me-up? Use an honest-to-goodness stamp and mail them this You're Awesome card ($6). Made on an antique letterpress with gold foil lettering, it's an elegant, simple way to remind that down-and-out person in your life that somebody thinks... [More]

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Candy Confections Gift Wrap

We've been wrapping all of our presents in Candy Confections Gift Wrap ($5 per sheet) this summer. Every time we tape up another birthday or thank-you gift, we salivate over the cola bottles and gummy strawberries. So do our giftees. In fact, sometimes we get... [More]

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Handbags Pocketbook Pads

We're still contemplating the metaphysical implications of these notepads, meant to go into your purse, with pictures of purses on them. It's like holding two mirrors up together, or - we don't know - maybe having a Moxie with Immanuel Kant. While we work on... [More]

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Gold Glitter Envelope Liners

We're going to go glam the next time we throw a big bash! To start with, we'll need a set of Gold Glitter Envelope Liners ($16, set of 10) from The Persian Laundry. They're pre-cut liners that slip right into our invitation envelopes. We probably... [More]

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Octopus/Otter Birthday Gift Tags

When we'd really rather not wax philosophical in a birthday card, we just attach one of these sweet little Octopus/Otter Birthday Gift Tags ($5) to the present. There's just enough room to write, "Happy Birthday. I hope you don't hate my gift." and not enough... [More]

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Keyboard Memo Pad

We used to have a coworker who refused to respond to memos. He'd say he didn't get them, or they got buried under other paperwork, or they slid behind his computer monitor. We'd get stuck cleaning up his messes. But if you still have one... [More]

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Paris in Yellow Postcard Collection

You may not be spending your summer vacation in the City of Lights, but the Paris in Yellow Postcard Collection ($15, set of 9) certainly brings the city to you! Use these four-by-six postcards as decor for your apartment, or send 'em all off to... [More]

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Free Booze Wedding Card

Sure, you can't give the Free Booze Wedding Card ($4) to just any set of newlyweds. They have to be the type to appreciate your honesty, wit, and rockin' dance moves after one too many free drinks!... [More]

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Seville Orange Book

If you're anything like us, you already possess a giant collection of notebooks, each of which is used only until you find the next must-have. Darn that journal section in Barnes & Noble! But we think you have room for one more. Although the other... [More]

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Letterpress Check It Off Foldover Cards

When a simple thank you won't do, we send out these Letterpress Check It Off Foldover Cards ($20). Sometimes "what a lovely gift" just doesn't cut it. We're sure to be over the moon, surprised and delighted, and thanking our lucky stars if we get... [More]

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Guilt Trip Nifty Note

We think it's time to pick up one of these Guilt Trip Nifty Note ($5) pads for our roommate, who's always kvetching about something or someone. For whatever reason, she thinks that there's no better way to bond with friends and family than by dispensing... [More]

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Citrus Burst Note Cards

This is your conscience. Write to your mother. Tell her you love her. Tell her she's awesome. Tell her she did a good job making sure you didn't look too goofy (there's only so much a mother can do) during middle school. She deserves a... [More]

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Jiro Envelope

We love making handmade cards, but we come up short when it's time to enclose them. Plain envelopes just won't do for our little decoupaged masterpieces. On the other hand, these Jiro Envelopes ($10 for 3) will add whimsical appeal to our notes, and are... [More]

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Bitches Imma Holla At Notebook

We don't know about you, but if we met a guy at a bar and he pulled out a pen and this Bitches Imma Holler At Notebook ($10 for 2) instead of putting our number in his phone, he wouldn't even need our number 'cause... [More]

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Original Thoughts Recycled Scout Journal

Jack Handey had SNL. You've got this Original Thoughts Recycled Scout Journal ($6). Though not so public, this notebook has the potential to make you laugh just as hard at your own clever musings (think middle school diary) as at those of Sir Handey.... [More]

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Sweet Little Note Cards

You know what's sweet? Giving a friend an awesome tote (that you sewed yourself) for her birthday. You know what's not sweet? Never getting thanked for your efforts. As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!" We make sure we're never on the offending side of... [More]

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Sorbet Attachments Sticky Note Pad

The rate at which we go through sticky notes in this house is appalling, and the only thing we have to show for it is random to-do lists all over everything. Charming. At least we can feel better about our paper habit when we use... [More]

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30th Birthday Card

This card made us chuckle, considering that we are fast approaching our thirtieth birthday. We are just as fun (and just as youthful) as two fifteen-year-olds. And no one is more surprised than us that we're approaching our third decade on earth. We still feel... [More]

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