Guilt Trip Nifty Note

We think it's time to pick up one of these Guilt Trip Nifty Note ($5) pads for our roommate, who's always kvetching about something or someone. For whatever reason, she thinks that there's no better way to bond with friends and family than by dispensing... [More]

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Citrus Burst Note Cards

This is your conscience. Write to your mother. Tell her you love her. Tell her she's awesome. Tell her she did a good job making sure you didn't look too goofy (there's only so much a mother can do) during middle school. She deserves a... [More]

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Jiro Envelope

We love making handmade cards, but we come up short when it's time to enclose them. Plain envelopes just won't do for our little decoupaged masterpieces. On the other hand, these Jiro Envelopes ($10 for 3) will add whimsical appeal to our notes, and are... [More]

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Bitches Imma Holla At Notebook

We don't know about you, but if we met a guy at a bar and he pulled out a pen and this Bitches Imma Holler At Notebook ($10 for 2) instead of putting our number in his phone, he wouldn't even need our number 'cause... [More]

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Original Thoughts Recycled Scout Journal

Jack Handey had SNL. You've got this Original Thoughts Recycled Scout Journal ($6). Though not so public, this notebook has the potential to make you laugh just as hard at your own clever musings (think middle school diary) as at those of Sir Handey.... [More]

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Sweet Little Note Cards

You know what's sweet? Giving a friend an awesome tote (that you sewed yourself) for her birthday. You know what's not sweet? Never getting thanked for your efforts. As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!" We make sure we're never on the offending side of... [More]

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Sorbet Attachments Sticky Note Pad

The rate at which we go through sticky notes in this house is appalling, and the only thing we have to show for it is random to-do lists all over everything. Charming. At least we can feel better about our paper habit when we use... [More]

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30th Birthday Card

This card made us chuckle, considering that we are fast approaching our thirtieth birthday. We are just as fun (and just as youthful) as two fifteen-year-olds. And no one is more surprised than us that we're approaching our third decade on earth. We still feel... [More]

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Life is Not Merely to Be Alive...Write Now Journal

What better time to start penning your thoughts than in the summer? Forget heartache as a muse - the sweet, warm breeze and bright sunshine are inspiring. Grab a Life is Not Merely to Be Alive...Write Now Journal ($7) and have at it! We'll let... [More]

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Unicorn Card

Ladies and gentlemen, we can all die happy. We have officially found the cutest Unicorn Card ($5) in the world. The bright colors and cartoony look kick us back to our childhood spent watching Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, and The Care Bears. Ahhh. We... [More]

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Big Brass Lady Balls Card

To quote Betty White, "Why do people say 'grow some balls'? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding." Amen, Betty. Amen. But we still like this Big Brass Lady Balls Card ($6). We're... [More]

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Happy Anniversary Honey Card

We can't believe we've been married for almost nine years! We don't think we're old enough. Our awesome husband has stuck with us through thick and thin (literally) and richer and poorer (also, literally). This whimsical Happy Anniversary Honey Card ($5) is a sweet way... [More]

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I do. Note Cards

Send out wedding thanks with these cute hand-printed I do. Note Cards ($12) and don't start your marriage with bad karma! We think expressing gratitude is a definite do.... [More]

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Lessons Mother's Day Card

Our mom has been our lifelong best friend and champion. She listens to our problems, offers us sympathy, and then asks us questions to get us on track to fix our own dilemmas. We hope, one day, we'll be as wise as she is. Say... [More]

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King Father's Day Card

Your dad put up with your teenage dramatics, your string of cringe-worthy boyfriends, and your constant requests for a "loan" during college. Don't you think he deserves a Father's Day card that acknowledges what a prince king he's been through it all? We think our... [More]

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Something Beautiful Card

We pride ourselves on being tough, but every once in a while we need someone to tell us life's gonna work out. It's hard being strong all the time. We'd love to be sent a Something Beautiful Card ($6) from a friend or sister. Cause... [More]

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Mother/Daughter Card

Our mom's the bomb! Seriously. Somehow we got a mom who was called "Betty Crocker" by our friends. She held Monday bake-days, she listened to (and kept) our secrets, and she never spoke a harsh word about anyone. (While her love of cooking rubbed off... [More]

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Christian Lacroix Correspondence Card Set

Keep correspondence chic with this Christian Lacroix Correspondence Card Set ($18). The foil-embellished note cards and unique laser-cut envelopes are our newest gilt-y pleasure!... [More]

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One Badass Mother Card

You know it, so this Mother's Day, make sure she knows it! (Don't forget to dig out your old gel pens for sparkly message writing!) One Badass Mother Card ($5) by Brain Surgeons & Rocket Scientists... [More]

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Paper Pastries Classic Camera Stationery Pack

We see a classic camera about as often as we get a handwritten letter, so we're combining these two nearly extinct occurrences and sending our photo-loving friends letters on sheets from this Classic Camera Stationery Pack ($20). They'll be thrilled, if not a bit confused... [More]

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