Valentine's Day Stamp Set

Remember grade school, when Valentine's Day meant getting a cute card from just about everybody in your classroom, along with a boatload of sugary treats? We think that sounds like a lot more fun than a crowded, overpriced dinner on the town with a mediocre... [More]

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Woodland Gift Tags

We've got a full year's worth of birthday, wedding, shower and housewarming gifts ahead of us. We'll need to get cracking on saving up that present-giving budget, but we're also going to invest in these Woodland Gift Tags ($6). They'll make for a perfectly playful... [More]

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XOXO Sticky Notes

These XOXO Sticky Notes ($3) are perfect for leaving sweet nothings around for your special someone, but they're even better to use for honeydos. A memo that says "take out the trash" is likely to be better received when sent with love. At least that's... [More]

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Love Letter Kit

We love the idea of writing love letters, but the closest we've gotten in real life would probably be sending dirty texts while at work. Perhaps if we picked ourselves up this Love Letter Kit ($36), we might find it easier to compose romantic missives... [More]

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Lazy Oaf Shave Legs Card

The Lazy Oaf Shave Legs Card ($3.50) doesn't make us feel less like neglectful partners when it comes to the romance. But it does make us feel better to know that there must be plenty of other unshaven ladies out there. Seriously, shaving your legs... [More]

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A Year of Gratitude

We heard it on NPR, so it must be true: keeping track of the things in life you're grateful for provides a huge boost to your health, well-being and self-esteem. The A Year of Gratitude ($30) kit is a great way to keep your attitude... [More]

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Key to My Heart Card

Want to take your Valentine-giving to the next level? No, we're not suggesting you include photographs you took of your crush with a telephoto from across the street. That's called stalking. Sending them this Key to My Heart Card ($15), on the other hand, is... [More]

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Thought Bubble Stationery

Skip the fancy paper and jot down your thoughts on personalized Thought Bubble Stationery ($2.50 each) from Paper Culture. Even better, pick out a bunch for yourself and a bunch for a friend. It makes a thoughtful gift, especially if you promise to pen pal... [More]

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You Auto-Complete Me Letterpress Card

You can't get any more romantic than this ($6.50)! Crafted by Paperwheel, this card is designed to appeal to the geek in all of us, but most notably, in your loved one. After all, part of the reason you adore each other is a mutual... [More]

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Pantone Stationery Set

These days, it seems Pantone makes the world go 'round. Their research on color trends influences what we wear, how we decorate, and even how we drink our coffee. Maybe that means the Pantone Stationery Set ($15) will help revive the written word. With stationery... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Keep Calm Desk Notes

We know the whole Keep Calm and Carry On thing is everywhere (and a bit played out), but where do we need that soothing adage if not at our desks? Somehow a memo that reads "Deadline changed to Friday, not Monday!" is more palatable when... [More]

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Meal Planner DIY Gift Set

Even though the Meal Planner DIY Gift Set ($21) is marketed as a gift (perfect for new moms!), we need to get our hands on one. It's got a fity-two-week meal planner guide and a plethora of bookmarks for placing between our favorite pages of... [More]

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Sorry I'm Not Sorry Cards

We're not sorry for farting. We're not sorry for wanting to sleep with at least three people in the bar last night. We're not sorry for getting a promotion before the girl who has worked here longer than us. We're not sorry that we forgot... [More]

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Sorry It Was Crappy Card

Keep a stack of Sorry It Was Crappy cards ($4) by Plays Nicely with Paper on hand and you'll always have a way to make a friend smile.... [More]

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Aviator Glasses Correspondence Cards

Go ahead and skip the unnecessarily complicated shirtless high five after your beach volleyball game and just give your pal Goose one of these Aviator Glasses Correspondence Cards ($19 for ten) instead.... [More]

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Snow & Graham Casual Correspondent Kit

Genius! Instead of making a mad dash to Target to buy yet another birthday card and signing it in the car, you can invest in the Casual Correspondent Kit ($46) from Snow & Graham. The bundle includes twelve stunning cards for all occasions. Now you'll... [More]

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It's true: we're stationery nerds. That's why we're nuts for the idea behind OliveBox ($25), a subscription service that delivers a care package of paper-product goodness to our doors each month. Expect gorgeously designed cards, gifts, artwork, books, or other treats. (All we need now... [More]

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2013 Zoo Calendar

The 3-D 2013 Zoo Calendar ($27) is just what we've been looking for. Sure, we won't be able to do much appointment scheduling or note jotting with it. But we will have to carefully construct each month's animal, which will eat up those interminable minutes... [More]

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Thanks a Bunch Notecards

Stoked about all the swag you got for Christmas? Make sure you gush about it in your thank-you cards! A sweet note to Grandma on one of the cards from the Thanks a Bunch Notecard Set ($6, set of 8) ought to secure your position... [More]

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Rifle Paper Co. 2013 Cities Calendar

Rifle Paper Co. pretty much makes the cutest stuff on the planet. We've already flipped over their cards, shopping list pads, posters, and who-knows-what-else. Now we're gushing about this lovely 2013 Cities Calendar ($26). Each month features an illustration of one of the world's coolest... [More]

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