Punny Food Letterpress Greeting Cards

We love a good pun, even moreso when it's about food! These Punny Food Letterpress Greeting Cards ($65 for twelve) from Paperwheel kill two birds with one scone! Each of the twelve cards features a different pun, from "Lettuce celebrate!" to "Can we taco 'bout... [More]

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Personalized Mr. & Mrs. Self-Inking Address Stamper

Fingers cramping yet? They will be after you finish addressing all those invitations, and you'll be lucky if you're recovered enough to scribble your way through your thank-you notes. Make both jobs easier with this Personalized Mr. & Mrs. Self-Inking Address Stamper ($25). Not only... [More]

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For New + Expectant Moms IOU Card Set

Yes, your pregnant friend needs diapers, car seats, and adorable onsies. Once that little bundle of joy arrives, she'll also need help with dishes, hot meals, and an uninterrupted nap. Whether you're short on cash for a shower gift or just want to show her... [More]

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Cheeky Kumquat Anniversary Card

It might take breaking out the old calculator, but it's worth doing a bit of math to be able to send this Cheeky Kumquat Anniversary Card ($4) to your special someone. Just enter in the number of days you've been together, and Etsy designer Rain... [More]

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Regrets Her Behavior Card

Ninety-nine percent of the time, you practice model behavior, but it's that one percent that can get you into trouble! Keep a few Regrets Her Behavior Cards ($5 each) on hand to master the art of the next-day apology. They also come in handy when... [More]

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Printable BBQ & Beer Invitations

Start your party off right by sending out super sweet BBQ & Beer Invitations ($15) from Girl In Gear Studio. The downloadable PDF is the perfect mix of clever creativity and fill-in-the-blank DIY. Your guests will be expecting a Pinterest-worthy bash, though, so make sure... [More]

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Webster Cheers Note Card Set

Meet the most versatile cards we've seen since somebody invented "blank." With their gold confetti print and cheery slogan, they're perfect for everything from thank-you notes to birthday invitations. Keep them on hand and never be caught cardless again. Webster Cheers Note Card Set ($14)... [More]

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Custom Wax Seals

Give that classic note-on-real-paper an even more old-school vibe with one of these Custom Wax Seals ($200 for 100). They're a wonderfully medieval way to finish off those thank-you cards or invitations - though not too medieval, since they're prestamped and adhesive. Just peel the... [More]

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Bee Happy Notebook

Need a reminder to look on the bright side? This Bee Happy Notebook ($8) is just the ticket. Its sunny hue and cheerful slogan are just punny enough to help reset your outlook on life. Keep it handy for those mornings when you get up... [More]

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Confetti Notepad

You know what? Today is awesome. So what if your alarm clock battery died or you found a puddle of cat puke on the kitchen floor? This Confetti Notepad ($10) reminds you to let those traffic jams, coffee stains, and broken elevators fade into the... [More]

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Air Vase

Don't try putting water into this Air Vase ($28). This clever gizmo isn't meant to hold flowers - but the flexible, open weave design is a great way to add color and vibrancy to just about any other non-liquid household item. Use them to accent... [More]

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You're Pretty and Skinny Box Set

We know you love your BFFs for more than just their good looks, but every once in a while, sending off a confidence-boosting note does wonders! Let the You're Pretty and Skinny Box Set ($17 for six cards) from Wednesday put smiles on your friends'... [More]

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Talk Bubble Stickers

These Talk Bubble Stickers ($4) are a great way to turn anything from a photograph to a wine bottle into an engaging conversation partner. We also think they'd be a handy way to warn coworkers off of stealing your lunch. Just make that Tupperware full... [More]

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Printable Retro Oven Cupcake Box

You put plenty of TLC into crafting those baked treats - or at the very least a box of Duncan Hines mix - so why flake out on proper packaging? This Printable Retro Oven Cupcake Box ($5) makes it easy to encase your pastries in... [More]

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Coney Island Beach Stationery

Sending out notes to your friends and fam who aren't lounging on the beach with you? A few wish-you-were-here sentiments on Coney Island Beach Stationery ($12-20) by Minagraphy are sure to be appreciated. Either that, or scorned. After all, you are still soaking up the... [More]

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Puddings Birthday Gift Tag

Gift wrapping is an art, and the key is in the finishing touches: those perfect folds, that voluminous bow, and the elegant tag (or alternative to same) that indicates the lucky recipient. These Puddings Birthday Gift Tags ($4) are a good example. The only possible... [More]

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Wedding season, housewarming season, baby shower season...they aren't actually seasons anymore. They're all just ongoing engagements you're expected to keep. The MASH Card ($5) from Mr. Boddington's Studio should help make the housewarming part a little easier. The card is so cute, no one will... [More]

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Crap Stickies

Let's not beat around the bush here - most of the messages left on sticky pads fall into some category of crap. It's not like the Founding Fathers wrote out the Declaration of Independence on stickies so they could post pieces of it on their... [More]

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Candyspotting US State Sticker Sheets

Show off your love for your home state by affixing a few stickers ($6 for 36) to your correspondence. Customize each sturdy sticker by choosing the size and location of the inner heart (we suggest placing it right over your home city!). You can draw... [More]

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Mustache Gift Wrap

Mustaches sure are hot right now. That's why we're figuring this Mustache Gift Wrap ($9) is a smart investment. It's so trend-conscious, it'll hardly matter what we wrap in it.... [More]

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