Park Book Club Notepad

Scribble your literary thoughts onto the Park Book Club Notepad ($10) from Quill and Fox. We bet they'll be easier to shuffle through during your own book club meeting than your dogeared pages and your marginalia!... [More]

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It Was Always You Card

We can't predict the exact response of your partner after you hand over the It Was Always You Card ($6) from Sugar Paper, but we assume it'll be an audible "aww" (possibly followed by total heart melt). Extra points for not only remembering your anniversary,... [More]

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Creepy Wrapping Paper Book

Sick of wrapping paper with boring old stripes or dots? Wouldn't you prefer something with insects going into ears? This Creepy Wrapping Paper Book ($16) will make the giftee question how much they want what's inside. Themes include dental work, scary clowns, worms, a smiling... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Neon Landscape Notebook

Not only does the front of the Neon Landscape Notebook ($10) feature bright neon colors, the inner pages do, too. In fact, the pink, blue, orange, and yellow options are so much fun that we want to fill all fifty pages with doodles of unicorns... [More]

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Notes For My Novel Moleskine

You're gonna do it, you swear. It's just that you're not quite ready to take the plunge and write your Great American Novel. Why don't you use this notebook ($32) from EmDashPaperCo to at least jump-start the process? You'll get to feel plenty smug about... [More]

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Brilliant Ideas Foil Notepad

Your most brilliant ideas happen in the most inconvenient of places. Keep a few Brilliant Ideas Foil Notepads ($24) stashed in your purse, your office, and each room of the house, so you'll always have somewhere to scratch out your thoughts (even if the "brilliance"... [More]

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O-Check Notebook

"I will write more if I have a cute notebook to write in!" We've heard that one before. O-Check makes beautiful paper products, like this charming journal ($8) inspired by vintage French cahiers (school notebooks), but sometimes we've found ourselves too afraid to write in... [More]

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Letterpress iPhone Love Card

We're pretty sure we'd rather jump in front of a train, or maybe saw off a few of our own limbs, than be separated from our digital best friends. If the same is true of you, that makes this card ($6) a powerful way to... [More]

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Lobster Card

Phoebe was wrong on Friends when she infamously assured Ross that lobsters love and mate for life. Turns out, those wily crustaceans are actually masters of the one-night stand. But even if they're not a great analogy for soulmate-hood, chowing down on them is certainly... [More]

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Paris Shaped Notecards

You'll be grateful for all those hours spent refining your thoughts into tweetable 140-character nuggets when you see these Paris Shaped Notecards ($10). They're a bit shorter than their traditional quadrangular cousins on space, but we think their cuteness makes them worth the additional efforts... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Live the Life You Love Postcard Box

At this price, the Live the Life You Love Postcard Box ($10 for one hundred cards) by artist Scott Albrecht should jump into your shopping cart. Each card is lettered with a vaguely affirmative saying, like "We live for this shit" and "Do what you... [More]

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Fin Letterpress Cards

Greeting cards can do more than just wish someone a happy birthday. This set of Fin Letterpress Cards ($16) lets you give back to the earth. All profits from these and other cards in Smock's "Change the World" series are donated to support environmental causes.... [More]

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Cat Eye Glasses Note Card Set

Tuck your gossip into a note card ($19 for ten) from Crane & Co. We know that social media offers a quicker way to connect, but it certainly doesn't offer a foil-stamped pair of red glasses nestled in a polka-dotted envelope! These cards are definitely... [More]

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New Home Card

Why do we love this New Home Card ($4) from Foxy & Winston? Because clearly every new home needs a fat striped kitty to help break it in. Send it along to your newly relocated friends, and if they're currently catless, stuff it with pictures... [More]

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Centaur of Attention Greeting Card

There's one at every party. You're chatting with a nice young man (who's okay, maybe a bit of a narcissist), when you hear that clomp-clomp-clomp and an obnoxious voice saying far too loudly, "I don't need someone to steer me - I'm half-horse and half-man.... [More]

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Constellation Card Set

We couldn't think of a better set of cards to use for all of your midnight correspondence. Send along sweet nothings to your love (G-rated or otherwise!), write wistful thoughts to your crush (that you'll never send!), or jot down a birthday note to your... [More]

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Go Green Stamps

Every so often, the USPS comes out with super cool commemorative stamps. This summer, replace your usual Liberty Bells with sheets of Go Green Stamps ($7). Each of the sixteen designs in the collection shares a short tip for reducing waste and keeping the planet... [More]

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Print Smitten I'm Sorry Card

It doesn't matter how old we get: we're really not too different from toddlers. When we get ourselves worked into a tizzy of pissed-offedness, what we're most likely in need of is either a good snack or a nap. This Print Smitten I'm Sorry Card... [More]

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What "I Love You" Feels Like Card

From our experience, hearing "I love you" feels like receiving a surprise box of doughnuts, watching someone lug all the trash out to the curb even though it's raining, and a few other things all at once that we probably can't describe in detail on... [More]

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Tutti Frutti Notecards

Send off sweet thank-yous and juicy gossip on these Tutti Frutti Notecards ($46 for twelve). A card will definitely brighten up someone's day, and maybe even remind them to munch on an extra piece of fruit. Look at you, writing notes and promoting a healthy... [More]

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