Gold Feather Journal

Good things happen when you use the Gold Feather Journal ($22) from Raven & Lily to pen your thoughts. Not only are you writing down your words in a gorgeous artisan-made wood and leather notebook, but you're also ensuring that part of the proceeds from... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Sugar Paper Je T'aime Heart Card

Keep one of these Je T'aime Heart Cards ($6) on hand for when you need to elevate your "I love you." What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]

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Paperback iPhone Notes

Can't get into those note-taking apps? Flip your phone over and write a reminder the old-fashioned way! Paperback iPhone Notes ($8)... [More]

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Scroll Pen

Ever needed a pen but all you could find was paper? Ever needed paper, but all you had was a pen? Ever needed both but couldn't find either? Scroll Pen ($35) understands your pain and would like to help! With its scroll of paper rolled... [More]

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Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook

Play it cool when your next great idea gets people talking: "No big! It started as a random doodle on a napkin!" What they won't know is that you've been preparing for your genius "spur-of-the-moment" idea by bringing this bound napkin sketchbook ($6) with you... [More]

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Julie Ann Art Sh-t Just Got Real

When friends get engaged, there's lots of jumping and squealing and excitement and hip-hip-hooraying, and then there's that moment where you realize, whoa, these two are committing to be together for-ev-er. Sh-t Just Got Real ($4).... [More]

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Travel America Calendar

For all of your armchair traveling needs, Rifle Paper Co. presents the Travel America Calendar ($28), with stops in New York, Las Vegas, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon! Trips depart January 1, 2014.... [More]

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Lucky Elephant Note Cards

Send along a little luck with your written sentiment by using the Lucky Elephant Note Cards ($29 for twelve), from Bell'Invito. The printed pachyderm is raising his trunk in greeting, and we're pretty sure he'll do an excellent job of putting smiles on faces.... [More]

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Sashimi Gift Wrap

While we don't encourage wrapping fish in the Sashimi Gift Wrap ($5, single sheet) - let's leave that job to the seaweed - we think it'll certainly add a bit of fun to your packages.... [More]

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Skateboarding Cat Greeting Card

Sometimes our strongest feelings can't be expressed with words... Sometimes the only way to say what's in our hearts is a card with a cartoon cat skateboarding on it... Skateboarding Cat Greeting Card ($5).... [More]

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Leaf-It Sticky Memo Pad

Leaves: Nature's scrap paper. The Leaf-It Sticky Memo Pad ($15) isn't the first leaf-shaped pad we've seen, but it is the most realistic - and when you're trudging through hour eight in your cubicle, realistic depictions of nature are invaluable.... [More]

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150 Love Notes Notepad

Send your kiddo to school (or your significant other off to work!) with a sweet sentiment ripped from the 150 Love Notes pad ($16). Each note carries a different uplifting quote, idiom, or encouraging phrase. In fact, they're plenty positive enough to put in your... [More]

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Yellow Colourful Quotes Notebook

Is it time to find a new place to pen your prose? How about using the Yellow Colourful Quotes Notebook ($8) from ecojot? The Van Gogh sentiment on the front may provide you with the inspiration you'll need to fill pages with poetry, new recipes,... [More]

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Le Kraft Refillable Leather Notebook

Carry it with you through thick and thin, through sleet and slush; this refillable notebook ($39) is bound in the most resilient of leather covers and tanned with water to keep your pages safe from accidents.... [More]

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Every Occasion Card

The truest sentiments are spoken from the heart...but you don't have a lot of time! Show that special someone that they're actually not all that special with The Every Occasion Card ($14 for eight).... [More]

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Park Book Club Notepad

Scribble your literary thoughts onto the Park Book Club Notepad ($10) from Quill and Fox. We bet they'll be easier to shuffle through during your own book club meeting than your dogeared pages and your marginalia!... [More]

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It Was Always You Card

We can't predict the exact response of your partner after you hand over the It Was Always You Card ($6) from Sugar Paper, but we assume it'll be an audible "aww" (possibly followed by total heart melt). Extra points for not only remembering your anniversary,... [More]

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Creepy Wrapping Paper Book

Sick of wrapping paper with boring old stripes or dots? Wouldn't you prefer something with insects going into ears? This Creepy Wrapping Paper Book ($16) will make the giftee question how much they want what's inside. Themes include dental work, scary clowns, worms, a smiling... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Neon Landscape Notebook

Not only does the front of the Neon Landscape Notebook ($10) feature bright neon colors, the inner pages do, too. In fact, the pink, blue, orange, and yellow options are so much fun that we want to fill all fifty pages with doodles of unicorns... [More]

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Notes For My Novel Moleskine

You're gonna do it, you swear. It's just that you're not quite ready to take the plunge and write your Great American Novel. Why don't you use this notebook ($32) from EmDashPaperCo to at least jump-start the process? You'll get to feel plenty smug about... [More]

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