You're Stellar Card

Know someone who needs to feel a little extra special? Give them this You're Stellar Card ($5). It'll send the message that someone thinks they're a real star. Either that, or it'll remind them of their crushed dreams of becoming an astronaut.... [More]

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Endless Notes Pad

Let's not kid ourselves: our lists are endless. When was the last time you actually crossed out everything on your to-do list? (We can't remember.) The Endless Notes Pad ($60) will help you acknowledge the Sisyphean task of living your day-to-day life by reminding you... [More]

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12 Days of Geeky Christmas Cards

Forget partridges in pear trees, you're more familiar with microbes in a petri dish. The 12 days of geeky christmas cards ($4-18, depending on amount ordered) are right up your alley. Grab a set, sign your name, and then slip them into the lab coat... [More]

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Rocket Ink Illustrated Gems Boxed Set

Yes, we would love it if someone would mail us a diamond. Is it going to happen? Not a chance. But receiving one of the cards from this Rocket Ink Illustrated Gems Boxed Set ($18) would also be a nice treat, even if we can't... [More]

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ME-OW Card

For a greeting that really needs to make an impact, send this ME-OW Card ($5). The fierce cat on this letterpress card was inspired by the mascot of the Black Cat fireworks brand. It's illegal to send fireworks through the USPS, unfortunately, so this will... [More]

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Yes! Change is Easy Cards

Whenever we want to shake things up, we turn on a little David Bowie and get ready for some changes. While the tunes get us amped and our inspirational Pinterest board has us confident that we'll have abs/a newly madeover bedroom/homemade meals every day/the perfectly... [More]

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Christmas Pudding Card

Look, kids! It's the traditional Christmas billiard ball! Pudding. We mean pudding. Though the stripped-down illustration of that traditional flaming dessert on this Christmas Pudding Card ($7) does bring us back to that year we celebrated the season with pitchers of Pabst in the billiards... [More]

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Charley Harper Christmas Caper Cards

Are we sure we want reindeer to be the official animal of Christmas? What's so Christmas-y about a smelly snow deer? We like the Christmas scene outlined in Charley Harper's Christmas Caper Cards ($12)...raccoons are adorable in every season.... [More]

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Good Luck With That Card

... you're going to need it. Good Luck With That Card ($4)... [More]

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VHS Notebook

Remember the days when you had to finish up a movie night with a punch of the rewind button? Then you'll probably appreciate this VHS Notebook ($18). Its pages are covered with a binding perfectly reminiscent of those plastic rectangles we used to record our... [More]

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United Bamboo 2014 Cat Calendar

The United Bamboo clothing line has been releasing these dynamite cat calendars for a few years now. It's not prime calendar buying season yet, but we'd jump on the 2014 Cat Calendar ($50) right now if we were you. Now that those disclaimers are done:... [More]

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Life Choices Holiday Cards

The holidays are upon us once again (why does that sound like the tagline to a horror movie sequel?). It's a time when loved ones come together to see one another and laugh... at you! These Life Choices Holiday Cards ($15) by Naughty Betty are... [More]

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Graphite Bunny with Maracas Card

Our hearts are melting. We know the bunny on this card ($5) is equipped with maracas specifically for birthday greetings, but please feel free to send him to our mailbox any day and everyday.... [More]

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Welsh Corgi Desk Calendar

Find a place for this 2014 Welsh Corgi Calendar ($12) and never start your day out angry again. How could you, when every time you need to look up the date it's stamped on the belly of a friendly corgi? No wonder the Queen always... [More]

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Monsters Postcard Set

When you want to send a postcard but don't have any trips planned, you might as well go all out for your imaginary journey. Send your friends something from this Monsters Postcard Set ($14) and write about the difficulties of tracking Bigfoot, the mountains you... [More]

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Spitfire Girl Wood Cover Spiral Notepad

You won't want to waste this Spitfire Girl Wood Cover Spiral Notepad ($8) on grocery lists. This sassy bit of nautical stationery deserves nobler contents, like your favorite limericks.... [More]

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You Are Old Birthday Card

We're not saying that you're old... the card is. This You Are Old Birthday Card ($5) believes it's best to use positive imagery like balloons to say what everyone at the party is thinking.... [More]

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Manhattan Subway Tape

Why settle for ordinary tape when you can seal that special delivery with this Manhattan Subway Tape ($16)? It's an effortless way to give your shipment a little Big Apple flavor. And as a bonus, whoever is carrying it will have no problem finding their... [More]

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No, YOU Hang Up First Card

We've all had conversations like the one on this card ($5). It's nice to hear that someone enjoys your company...but it's not as nice for the person who has to overhear such a lovey-dovey exchange.... [More]

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I'm a Love Pirate Pick Up Card

Arrgh, the datin' scene is a cutthroat business, so arm yourself with a few I'm a Love Pirate Cards ($1 each) by dirty bandits. You just may find yourself with the lion's share of the treasure!... [More]

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