Safari Pocket Notebooks

We've been a big fan of Rifle Paper Co. for quite some time, but it's just not realistic for us to fill up an entire desk drawer with adorable greeting cards, as much as we might be tempted. We just don't know that many people.... [More]

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T.Hanks Cards

We're sure that Tom Hanks knows a thing or two about saying "thank you", what with the two Academy Award acceptance speeches he's delivered. These clever T.Hanks Cards ($16) come in sets of six, so you'll have enough stationery to express gratitude to Bubba Gump... [More]

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I Hate Everyone Who Isn't You Card

Misanthropes who make just one exception in life finally have the perfect way to express themselves: an I Hate Everyone Who Isn't You Card ($5). Sending this handcrafted watercolor greeting is a surefire way to communicate how important the recipient is, not to mention how... [More]

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Dan & Roseanne His n' Hers Notecards

Remember when Roseanne won a $108 million lottery jackpot during the last season of her show? Yeah, even though it wound up being an episodes-long dream sequence, that was one of the series' rare low points. Nonetheless, we feel like we won the lottery after... [More]

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Cheers 12 Notecards & Envelopes

When you can't meet a friend for a drink in person, send them a drink (and a handwritten toast) through the USPS with the help of the Cheers notecard and envelope set ($12). If it's an occasion when paper just won't suffice, pack the alcohol... [More]

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Diaper Cake Baby Shower Letterpress Card

The mom-to-be has probably ascertained that the three huge, baby-rattle-blinged out cakes aren't for eating, but it's always nice to provide a little warning. Diaper Cake Baby Shower Letterpress Card ($5) from McBitterson's... [More]

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Llama Thank You Set

How can anyone doubt your sincerity when you're penning your gratitude inside of a card from this Llama Thank You Set ($18 for eight) by Cat Seto? The answer is, of course, that they can't. They'll be too busy admiring that cute llama.... [More]

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Lunch Greeting Cards

No wonder they're called starving artists - just one look at this diner image is making us hungry. Created by Leon Zernitsky, Lunch Greeting Cards ($33 for a set of ten) are appetizing enough to send to your friends for just about any occasion. Okay,... [More]

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Lunch Love Notes

When you break it down, sending out one of these Dempsey & Carroll Lunch Love Notes ($65 for ten) will cost you about the same as your noon-hour turkey wrap. On the upside, you'll have someone to dine with, and catching up with a favorite... [More]

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Inappropriate Thoughts Card

We don't get that many chances to use the amazing scratch-off "technology" anymore (we had to stop buying lottery tickets because it got out of hand) so it's an absolute delight when we get the rare opportunity. When you give a very special someone this... [More]

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Dusty Rose Place Cards

Curses, Pinterest! You are continually giving us a false sense of our own DIY talents (which hover right around zilch). Our latest botch-up? A few cutesy place cards to use at our next dinner party. By the time we f'ed up the third one, we... [More]

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LEGO Gift Wrap

We made the mistake of agreeing to see a matinee of The Lego Movie this past week. We think the film was probably good, but it was sometimes hard to hear over the sound of screaming children. Judging by their enthusiasm, we can only assume... [More]

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3AM Notepad

Transform those middle-of-the-night wakeups from a form of subtle torture to a perfect opportunity to get creative. This 3AM Notepad ($13) invites you to spend those ungodly hours writing epic poetry, solving Fermat's last theorem, or doodling pictures of Miniature Schnauzers. Who needs sleep?... [More]

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Beer/Food Prints

With the popularity of microbrews on the rise, it may be a good time to start learning their perfect pairings. These Beer/Food Prints ($48 for six) from redcruiser can act as your cheat sheets. Hang 'em, study 'em, and never lose face in front of... [More]

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Old School Love Note

You're not a conventional couple, so forget handing over a conventional V-Day card on February 14th. Before you head out on your romantic adventure, slip your date an Old School Love Note ($4) from Jack's Master Design. When unfolded, it reveals a sweet sentiment without... [More]

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I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face Note Cards

Feeling lovey-dovey toward your honey doesn't stop once Valentine's Day ends, right? Of course not! Keep the I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face Note Cards ($15, set of 12) from Chronicle Books on hand and send your favorite person sweet nothings... [More]

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Giving Tree Sticky Notes

Shel Silverstein's timeless classic The Giving Tree chronicles the lifelong story of a generous tree that gives every piece of its essence to the boy it loves. And just like Silverstein's creation, some far distant tree really did provide body and soul to create the... [More]

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Nico Sushi Memo Blocks

How many times during a typical work day do you catch yourself wishing you were eating sushi? After all, doesn't stuffing your face with tuna maki sound much more enjoyable than filing and writing emails? Exacerbate the problem with these Sushi Memo Blocks ($19), which... [More]

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Grand Plan Pad

How many times have you started making a "little note" on an average Post-it, only to have your quick idea turn into an elaborate work of genius? And how often is said work of genius stymied when you run out of space? We thought so.... [More]

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Three Potato Four Paper Pack

Do vintage ephemera set your feathers fluttering? Then you'll flip for this Three Potato Four Paper Pack ($24). The masters of the perfect flea market finds have assembled these bundles of honest-to-goodness antique notes, stamps, maps, and other paper goodies. Every pack is different, so... [More]

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