Unforgettable Door Hanger

Attention, college freshmen: save yourselves time and the hassle of thinking before you've had a cup of mediocre cafeteria coffee in the morning, and invest in the Unforgettable Door Hanger ($10). Fifty pages of Do Not Forget notes allow you to hang important memos on... [More]

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IdeaPaint Clear

We've gushed about the coolness of IdeaPaint before - that magical goodness that turns any paintable surface in your home into a creativity-sparking whiteboard. Well, now we're no longer limited to white and black. IdeaPaint Clear ($225) provides the same marker-friendly surface, but transparent. Layer... [More]

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Multi Cord Identifiers

We've been on a big kick to simplify our lives lately. (We've got to do something with our time while our favorite shows are on hiatus.) In the process of home-office streamlining, we picked up some of these Multi Cord Identifiers ($5), and they were... [More]

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Guard Your ID Stamp

Feeling paranoid lately? Indulge your fear with this Guard Your ID Stamp ($8). It handily covers your name, address, and any other personal information you like on discarded bills, credit card offers, and other junk mail. For those of you who still don't feel safe... [More]

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Branding Iron for BIC Classic

Official disclaimer: We do not advocate using this tiny branding iron ($22) on friends, pets, anything alive for that matter, or things that don't actually belong to you. We do, however, happily condone using it to leave your mark on furniture, food, or anything else... [More]

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Vera Bradley Mini Hanging Organizer

This summer, we've been traveling with the Mini Hanging Organizer ($27) from Vera Bradley. It's perfect for a few nights away from home, packing in a surprising amount of lotion, cream, aspirin, and so on. We're also pleased that it comes with its own metal... [More]

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Jokari Grocery Tote and Car Trunk Organizer

We don't enjoy grocery shopping. Rampant children, equally annoying adults, and a general lack of convenient parking never make for a great time. So we go as infrequently as possible. But that means that when we do go shopping, we have to buy a million... [More]

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Buckle Up Key Holder

Our keys need a home. Right now, they're pretty much vagrants, moving several times daily from the kitchen table to the dresser to our coat pockets. Trying to figure out which of their dozen or so haunts they've actually landed in is a waste of... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Sticky Wall Organizers

We normally like to rid our walls of all things gooey, but we could make an exception for these Sticky Wall Organizers ($8 each). They provide a place to put all the odds and ends that accumulate in pockets throughout the day, and they won't... [More]

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Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Think it's the dryer that's responsible for all those missing socks? That's pure slander. The real culprit is your dresser drawer. The drawers that hold our socks and knickers are like black holes - or were, until we picked up a couple of these Honeycomb... [More]

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BelleDangles Classic Jewelry Organizer

We have a lot of jewelry. We also have an obsessive need to organize. These two things don't always mix well, but this BelleDangles Classic Jewelry Organizer ($35) allows us to have our charmed cake and eat it too, straightening up our necklaces and bracelets... [More]

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Metal Inkless Pen and Key Ring

Tired of your pens running out of ink? Make sure you're never incapable of signing a check or jotting down some hottie's number with this Metal Inkless Pen and Key Ring ($35). This pocket-sized pen makes pencil-like markings with a simple (but still pretty mind-blowing)... [More]

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Plug Out Plug Organizers

You know it's what you're supposed to be doing: unplugging your appliances when they're not in use. It's good for the environment and it's good for your electric bill. But the sight of those cords lazing around on the floor makes your Type A skin... [More]

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Henri Bendel To Go Tech Set

After a long cross-country flight (or sometimes even just an in-state hop!), our brains are running on fumes. The printed gadget illustrations on the Henri Bendel To Go Tech Set ($68) may have been intended as a funky design feature, but we're thankful that they... [More]

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The Mark Brothers

Usually, when we try to figure out which plug goes to which piece of A/V equipment or which peripheral, we end up yanking something vital and blowing a fuse. It's time we called in some backup from our friends, The Mark Brothers ($16). These adorable... [More]

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Crochet Box

Our love of scarves is starting to make our apartment look like the aftermath of a magic trick. We're pulling them out of everywhere lately. It's time to create a little order, and we're going to do it with this cute Crochet Box ($30) from... [More]

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Pottery Barn Antique Jewelry Box

What's the point in having fabulous jewelry if it's always tangled up and hidden away? We're guilty of it, and it's so foolish. Too often we leave the house without any earrings because we could only find one from a pair. We're going to start... [More]

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Keybrid Two Pack

Is it a key, or a keyring? The answer is both, of course. Almost every front door in the U.S. uses one of the two key blanks in this Keybrid Two Pack ($17), which means it probably includes yours. (Finding out which blank you need... [More]

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Tangerine Leaf Canvas Bucket

We need at least eight of these canvas buckets ($12-21) around at all times. They keep odds and ends picked up and packed away, and out of the eagle-eye vision of our mother when she drops in for a surprise visit! We could also keep... [More]

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Campo Marzio Japanese Document Holder

The leather Campo Marzio Japanese Document Holder ($25) is the kind of folio that any professional would love to use. We think it's perfect for young graduates who want to look established but don't have the budget for a spendy folder. Made from eco leather... [More]

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