CB2 Hour Glass

We spend half of the workday looking at our phones. It's under the guise of "just checking the time", but let's be honest. We're checking everything but. In an effort to be more productive, we're going to stash our phones in our purses and then... [More]

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Wall Mount Book Shelf

With all the toys and ride-ons and dolls and trucks and dress-up clothes and crap that the kids leave everywhere, do yourself a favor and at least get the books off the floor. The Wall Mount Book Shelf ($143) frees up some space for more... [More]

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Zevro Wall Mount Spice Rack

Rosemary, dill, basil, oregano, thyme, cumin, and suddenly, there's no cabinet space for cupcake sprinkles and birthday candles. Free up some room with the Zevro Wall Mount Spice Rack ($22). It comes with six see-through canisters that can hold all your spices off the counter... [More]

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Meal Planner DIY Gift Set

Even though the Meal Planner DIY Gift Set ($21) is marketed as a gift (perfect for new moms!), we need to get our hands on one. It's got a fity-two-week meal planner guide and a plethora of bookmarks for placing between our favorite pages of... [More]

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Sooner: To Do List & Weekly Planner

This new year, we swear to unicorns, we are going to get shit done on time. No more Facebook. No more Twitter. No more senseless games. Just focused, work-centered effort. The Sooner app ($2) is going to stick with us, helping us keep up to... [More]

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Wrapqarw Cord Wrap

We keep reading about how an organized workplace reduces stress and increases productivity. Maybe the fact that ours looks like a small tornado just passed through explains why we're always scrambling to catch up. If nothing else, using these Wrapqarw Cord Wraps ($20) to keep... [More]

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Non Slip Hanger Grips

They looked kind of cheesy at first glance. Then we recalled how almost every time we go into our closets, we end up picking our shirts and dresses up off the ground. We're now convinced that these Non Slip Hanger Grips ($10) are a stroke... [More]

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Tanno Magnetic Card Case

Your dad is a stylish guy. But he's all stocked up on ties and cuff links. This year, change it up with this Tanno Magnetic Card Case ($110). It's a classy way for him to up his networking ante.... [More]

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Pepper Pikle

Who says only scouts can be prepared? This Pepper Pikle ($40) is more than the flirty handbag it appears to be. Pikles come kitted out with everything you might need to deal with life's little emergencies, from a mini-mirror and floss to a sewing kit,... [More]

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Maria Calendar

The husband wants the 2013 V-Twin Vixens. You want twelve months of Gerard Butler. But marriage is about compromise - and maintaining a certain level of classiness around the house is also probably a good idea. That's why we're suggesting this decidedly unobjectionable Maria Calendar... [More]

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XXL Collective Cable

Why are we going supersized with this XXL Collective Cable ($23)? Because when our wires are this lovely, we're happy to have them dangling off our desks. Or, even better, coiled elegantly on top of them. Everybody knows we buy our Apple products mostly because... [More]

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Rakku Shoe Wheel

There are few things in this world that excite us more than shoes. So it's easy to understand why this Rakku Shoe Wheel ($69) excites us thirtyfold. Because that's how many pairs of our treasured pumps, heels, flats, sandals, stilettos, clogs, and wedges we can... [More]

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Nice Jewish Guys 2013 Calendar

Tired of your mom harassing you about ditching that long line of sexy bad boys you've been dating for someone with a good job and excellent table manners? The powers-that-be are once again coming to your rescue, with the release of the Nice Jewish Guys... [More]

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Five Shelf Shoe Cabinet

If you have to tell your husband one more time to pick up his shoes from the front room, you may just have to toss the whole comic book collection onto the man cave floor every day for the next few weeks. That way he'll... [More]

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Drawer Dividers

If you were to rate the junk drawer in our kitchen on a scale of Oscar the Grouch to Martha Stewart, you'd rate it somewhere around hoarder. These Drawer Dividers ($18, for a set of two) address the jumble in an graceful way, compelling us... [More]

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Harvest 2013 Calendar

We know! It's not even Halloween and we're bringing you 2013 calendars! We just couldn't help ourselves. The Harvest 2013 Calendar ($20) from Darling Clementine Studio is super cute and bound to be popular. We wanted to let you know that you should snatch it... [More]

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Clothing Labeler

When we were little, our moms used to sew labels into all of our clothes. At the time, we thought it was the height of dorkdom. Now, it sounds like a brilliant way to keep our roommates from permanently "borrowing" our favorite things. This Clothing... [More]

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Evernote Smart Notebook

We swear, our minds were read this weekend while we lamented the fact that half of our shopping list was written on the back of a junk mail envelope and the other half was in a nice, orderly list in our Evernote app. The Evernote... [More]

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Give us a flat surface and we'll give you clutter. So we've found this Pockit ($15) most handy on our desks and on the shelves by our front doors. Anything we might need at a moment's notice, we just stick into this clip-on container, and... [More]

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Miriam Bereson Yearly Planner 2013

The Miriam Bereson Yearly Planner for 2013 ($15, pre-order) is here! Well, almost here. It'll ship out on the 24th. The calendar packs all 365 days onto one long page, showing off each one in bright bubbles of pink, purple, and champagne. It's like staring... [More]

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