Dressy Jewelry Organizer

Project Runway unconventional challenge dress or a completely utilitarian organization tool? Although you could cut the bottom seam and possibly wear this little black Dressy Jewelry Organizer ($13), that'd be insane (unless it's Halloween). Instead, this affordable organization tool is for the gal who doesn't... [More]

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Spice Bottle Carousel

You won't find any horses on this carousel. The Spice Bottle Carousel ($93) is a maple wood design that swivels to compactly store and showcase all of the flavorings that give your meals that essential kick. Anal organizers rejoice: the carousel comes with white-capped glass... [More]

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Rabbit Tissue Holder

A stuffy nose twitches almost as much as a bunny's, so it's entirely appropriate to keep your Kleenex stocked in a Rabbit Tissue Holder ($40). This handcrafted box cleverly positions the tissues to come out the backside to look like a cotton tail. It'll definitely... [More]

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La Concha Motel Sign Key Tag

Before Las Vegas was known for monolithic hotels and margaritas by the yard, it was full of Googie-tacular architecture and neon signs (and the occasional mobster). Let the La Concha Motel Sign Key Tag ($5) be a reminder of Vegas you can take with you... [More]

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Honeycomb Elk Wall Hook

After discovering this lifelike elk bust wall hook, we figured there had to be a better to way to commemorate one of our favorite animals than to literally hang our coats on its face. Fortunately, we later came across the Honeycomb Elk Wall Hook ($38),... [More]

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iTrackMyTime App

Oh, boy. We just spent a few days fiddling around with the iTrackMyTime App ($2). Simple in both design and function, it helps us track and record how we spend our time. We now know the exact breakdown of how we split our hours between... [More]

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Retro Coin Bank Toaster

Piggy banks are nice and all, but sometimes you need some toast to go with that bacon. The Retro Coin Bank Toaster ($18) puts a different spin on change storage. Enjoy sliding your spare nickels and dimes into the slots as if they were slices... [More]

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His and Hers Key Holders

You've been dating the same person for months and now they want to take your relationship to the next level. In the past, those three little words ("let's live together") have always sent you into a panic. Mental images of your personal tastes melting together... [More]

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Heart-Shaped Hanging Chalkboard

When you're in a long-term relationship, chances are you look for opportunities to add some romance back into your life. Thankfully, this Heart-Shaped Hanging Chalkboard ($15) will make even the most mundane message read like poetry. Now when you write a note to your sweetheart... [More]

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YouCopia TeaStand

Does your tea cabinet look a bit like London after the Blitz? Replace the madness with blissful organization. This YouCopia TeaStand ($27) holds up to a hundred bags of your favorite teas, making it easy for you to browse your collection without risk of falling... [More]

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Quakehold Museum Putty

You love to keep your precious knickknacks on display. Your cat loves to perform feats of daring acrobatics onto the shelves and tables. Happily, there's a compromise that doesn't involve sacrificing either the porcelain or the animal. Just stick those fragile baubles in place with... [More]

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Tuck Aways Purse Organizer

You finally scored that delicious designer purse you've been lusting after...only to find that it's sadly deficient in the pocket department. Thankfully, sporting some Louis Vuitton doesn't have to mean spending twenty minutes fishing around for your car keys. This Tuck Aways Purse Organizer ($29)... [More]

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Thunder Missile Launcher

It's a war out there. A war to preserve your precious supply of K-Cups. Fight back against coffee attrition by guarding your supply with the strategic placement of this Thunder Missile Launcher ($35), powered by your computer's USB port. Getting pinged in the eye by... [More]

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8-Bit Treasure Chest LED Music Box

All jewelry boxes are treasure chests - even if the trinkets inside are valuable only to you. Our favorite part about the 8-Bit Treasure Chest LED Music Box ($30) is that it lights up and plays music when you open it! It makes it seem... [More]

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Sparrow Egg Magnets and Holder

That scribble your niece drew you that is supposed to represent a princess riding on an elephant is going straight onto your fridge, and it's not because you've spontaneously developed an appreciation for her abstract modernist artistic sensibilities. It's because you'll be dying for an... [More]

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Nice Jewish Guys 2014 Calendar

Hurry, Mama! Get this Nice Jewish Guys 2014 Calendar ($15) for your daughter before she starts dating a goy!... [More]

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Could you keep all of your cables and headphone wires separate and organized with twist ties from a bag of sandwich bread? Yes. But how realistic is it to think you're going to keep track of all those ugly little pieces? Instead, invest in a... [More]

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Library Embosser

You'll be one step closer to actually keeping the books you buy, once you're the proud owner of this Library Embosser ($26). It'll allow you to press a personalized seal onto the pages of your precious tomes, making it clear who they belong to you... [More]

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Boldly hang baubles where no baubles have been hung before. These Pinhooks ($8) make it easy, with a simple design someone probably should have thought of decades ago. Use them to explore brave new worlds of home decorating.... [More]

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2014 is my Bitch Weekly Planner

2013 is coming to a close, and that means it's time to lock horns with another young upstart year trying to make a name for itself. They never learn, do they? 2014 is my Bitch Weekly Planner ($30)... [More]

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