Family Tree Magnetic Picture Frames

"So that's how we're related to her!" Small families will love the cute tree theme of the Family Tree Magnetic Picture Frames ($13)... Large families will be too busy taking notes.... [More]

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Giraffe Trinket Dish

We've started using this sweet Giraffe Trinket Dish ($16) because keeping our favorite daily jewelry organized can be quite a tall order... ::rimshot::... [More]

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Eames Hang-It-All

Doesn't it seem like other hanging aids are always one prong, hook, or knob short of what you need? The Eames Hang-It-All ($199) lives up to its name: this steel frame offers fourteen wooden balls, so you can hang it all! Also available in all... [More]

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Goldfish Garbage Bags

If anyone gives you funny looks when you take out the trash, just tell them you had a really good day at the fair. Goldfish Garbage Bags ($12)... [More]

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The Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar 2014

We're aware it's not likely, but we just feel safer knowing how to escape quicksand, should we find ourselves in that situation. The Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar 2014 ($12) is a mix of how-to survival tips, true stories of actual survivors, and various other... [More]

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Heat-Sensitive On This Day Calendar

The On This Day Daily Calendar ($20) mixes famous history, today's date, and ahead-of-its-time heat technology - that's the past, present, and future right there! Heat up today's date to reveal a fun fact about something important that happened in history!... [More]

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FLPR Universal Remote for iDevice

Three Remotes for TVs under your roof Seven Remotes for gadgets all over the house Nine Remotes for DVD players, cable boxes, and video games And One Remote for the Queen on her La-Z-Boy The FLPR Universal Remote ($42) to rule them all. (If you're... [More]

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Urban Shelf

Well, la-dee-da, look at Ms. Fancy with enough room in her bedroom for a nightstand. What's it like on top of the world? For some of us, a nightstand is just not in the cards, but luckily there's the Urban Shelf ($15 - $17) -... [More]

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Alma Otter Tape Dispenser

Otters are the cutest! They're like a mix of cats, dolphins, and a loud squeaky toy. It's a shame they're not more well-known when it comes to adorable animals, so we were glad to see the Alma Otter Tape Dispenser ($15) representin'!... [More]

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Van Gogh Pill Box

Poor Vincent van Gogh... You chop off one ear, and for all time history remembers you as "the crazy one." Van Gogh Pill Box ($14)... [More]

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The 50/50 Bank

It's a perennial problem. How much of that precious extra cash do you use for grown-up goals like paying off that car early, and how much do you use to splurge on that pair of designer heels? Let Fate solve the problem for you with... [More]

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Panda Dream Saver

What's a dream saver? No, it's not the hero in a Nightmare on Elm Street film. The Panda Dream Saver ($126) is a type of old-school piggy bank - the kind where it's easy to put money in but difficult to take it out, helping... [More]

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Scottie Dog Key Finder

Wouldn't it be great if you could teach your actual dog to sniff out and fetch your keys? Sadly, that's only likely to work if you attach a piece of bacon to your key chain. Lucky for you, this Scottie dog key finder ($15) will... [More]

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Boo the World's Cutest Dog Lunch Tin

We'll admit that Boo is an extremely cute dog, but cuter than ours? We didn't vote for him! Regardless, the Boo the World's Cutest Dog Lunch Tin ($13) is a tin lunchbox with a very cute dog on it - let's not quibble over titles.... [More]

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Puzzle Calendar

You made your own curtain set, why can't you make your own calendar? Customization is the name of the game with the Puzzle Calendar ($10), a DIY calendar that lets you personalize your months with special blocks. Having to rearrange your schedule after plans fall... [More]

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Narwhal Ring Holder

Narwhals are great! They're the closest thing to unicorns we'll ever see until the field of mythological genetics starts to take off. (We just need the funding.) Regardless, this Narwhal Ring Holder ($15) is also great! We don't even need it to hold our rings... [More]

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Jackalope Cotton Tail Holder

The choice is yours - pick your cotton ball straight from the boring bag, or pick it from the tail of one of the cutest mythological creatures ever! Things to consider: this jackalope cotton ball dispenser ($20) has a smiley rabbit face with gold-colored antlers,... [More]

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Sea Turtle Enamel Box

Turtle shell's are nature's jewelry box - protective and pretty. Too bad they're limited to holding squishy turtle meat. But now you can get the next best thing to a real turtle shell - a fake one encrusted with jewels! The Sea Turtle Enamel Box... [More]

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Magnetic Wall Paint

Home bulletin boards can be pretty useful, but why not cut out the middleman!? This Magnetic Wall Paint ($59) makes hanging things as easy as putting your kid's art on the fridge!... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Key-Key Fob

Get organized with the aptly named Key-Key Fob ($8). We don't think you'll mind yet another item on your keychain if it's as cool as this hand-painted, laser-cut leather key; it's way more attractive than those plastic keychain-ready gym and gas station cards. What's a... [More]

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