Tool Desk Caddy

This Tool Desk Caddy ($55) is a super cool find. It’s made out of wrenches and sparkplugs and it’s perfect for displaying business cards in a unique, fun way. Designer Fred Conlon whips up mega-metal art in his Salt Lake City studio Sugar Post -... [More]

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Thomas Wold Block Party Book Case

It’s like one of those old vintage slide puzzles but large and for your living room. The Thomas Wold Block Party Book Case ($3990) is a display shelf and bookcase in one. Re-arrange the panels to hide or frame your trash and treasures. You can... [More]

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Happy Farmer Compost Bin

We know that composting is good for the earth, but we always thought it was a little too smelly of a project to try to attempt indoors, let alone our kitchen. Ugh! That is until we found the Happy Farmer Composter ($60). This little bin... [More]

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table organizer-s.gif

Black Tabula Rasa Desk Organizer

Ahhh! We're drowning in heaping piles of desk junk, but the litter of papers will not eat us alive with the Black Tabula Rasa Desk Organizer ($45) by Adam & Harborth. It keeps all of our mail from becoming a man-eating monster and looks good... [More]

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Wood Grain Folders

Working girls rejoice . . . your papers no longer have to be imprisoned in bland vanilla manilla. Wood Grain Folders ($7) offer a neat, natural-looking solution to keep your mounting files in order. There's added appeal in the neutrality of the wood grain pattern,... [More]

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Oblique Display Stand

This modern Oblique Solid Oak Display Stand ($2000) is the perfect piece for a blank wall in the sitting room. Display your photos, favorite albums, treasured magazines or cards in a much more interesting (and un-cluttered) way than just placing on a bookshelf. This Dutch... [More]

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Crate and Barrel Magazine Rack

A bright pop of green for your study, this Crate and Barrel Magazine Rack ($13) makes storing all of those back issues of Bust and Dwell a breeze. Collapsible for easy storing, you can put a few of these end to end to create an... [More]

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Tota Coffee Carrier

No matter how careful you try to be, when attempting to carry more than one cup of coffee it’s inevitable that you’re going to spill some all over yourself while trekking to your destination. This Tota Coffee Carrier ($12) is perfect for breezing those hot... [More]

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Human Key Holder

Aside from the obvious snicker-worthy potential of plugging your keys into the male version of the Human Key Holder, ($25) these are immensely practical tchotchkes. Available in femme and homme, these wall-mounted zinc plates will ensure you never lose your keys in the depths of... [More]

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Calendar Tape

For those closet graffiti artists still valiantly resisting your phone’s calendaring functions (you know who you are) we present Calendar Tape by Perpetual Kid. ($12) It comes with a marker and two separate rolls of tape, one for days o’ the week & one for... [More]

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Lucha Libre & Robot Keycaps

Whether you choose Luche Libre or Robot Keycaps (both $6 for 2), there's no better way to (cheaply) express yourself. Each fierce-looking set of keycaps is made of heavy duty vinyl to keep your keys secure and sorted.... [More]

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StringFix Accessory Holder

Imagine a clutter-free vanity. Now picture a pristine desk, organized tools and accessible kitchen gadgets. The clutter-free possibilities are pretty much endless with this insanely affordable StringFix Accessory Holder (~$7 for two). Each black, red, or transparent (shown) StringFix has two discs on either end... [More]

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Win the ongoing battle with your expense reports by adding NeatReceipts ($200) to your office space. This ingenious little gadget is a scanner and digital filing system, making paperwork, well, not. The portable NeatReceipts (it weighs in at just one pound) comes in both Mac... [More]

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Just In Case Condom Compact

Because leaving the protection up to him is just so last year, we can't stop raving over the Just In Case Condom Compact ($20), an oh-so-stylish mini compact that looks like just another eyeshadow. In fact, even open the compact and you'll see an innocent... [More]

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Giftcard Log

Because a giftcard unspent is money thrown down the drain—and because money thrown down the drain makes us sad—we're digging this Giftcard Log ($12). The log holds up to 16 giftcards and boasts space for you to record the beginning balance, expiration date, and remaining... [More]

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French Tampon Cases

These French Tampon Cases ($32) have a certain je ne sais quoi that really appeals. Each brushed steel case features a painted French lady and holds three tampons. Prevents those embarrassing moments when you head to the bathroom at work clutching your handbag in a... [More]

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Receipt Catcher

Because you're reading us, we already know you're a pro at shopping. But are you a pro at returning and keeping yourself organized? If not, the Receipt Catcher ($10) can help. This nifty file folder opens accordion-style to reveal nine labeled and tabbed sections for... [More]

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This. Is. Awesome. The Purseket ($22) just made our lives a helluva a lot easier, and neater to boot. This incredibly ingenious line of canvas pockets allows you to stow all of your purse gear (lipstick, iPod, sunglasses, whatever) in a super accessible way. Pop... [More]

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To Do Tattoo Kit

Low tech? Absolutely. Effective? Probably. Hilarious? You bet. This To Do Tattoo Kit ($7) contains everything you need to apply a skin-safe (and completely washable) action item tattoo. So whether your goal is to pick up milk or run some marathons, you'll have no excuse... [More]

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The LOL catz want to know—I can haz cheezburger? The answer is yes, and you can haz magnetz, too, with LOLMagnetz ($20). Inspired by the always insightful and unfailingly humorous LOL catz, these fun magnets allow you to caption any and every picture of your... [More]

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