Padauk Two Compartment Brass-Pin Hinge Box

Around this time of year, we all start getting those "gee, it really would be nice to be all organized" thoughts. And some lucky girl among you will snag this beautiful handmade Padauk Two-compartment Box ($100) to store those trinkets. Or, you know, paper clips.... [More]

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Personalized Ladies All Purpose Utility Kit

The thing about the Personalized Ladies All Purpose Utility Kit ($32) is that it truly is personalized. Some of us are crafters, some of us are not. Some of us teach classes and need a convenient way to tote our supplies and materials around with... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Knock Knock Crap Receiptable Organizer

So you've made your New Year's Resolution to streamline your life and be a generally all-round organized and together kind of person. We'll uh, wish you luck in that and point you in the direction of the Knock Knock Crap Receiptable Organizer ($6). It's a... [More]

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Muscat Jewelry Armoire

For us, right about now, the name of the game is organization. Some of our lives are really in need of sweet, sweet organizing and The Muscat Jewelry Armoire ($310) is there to give us what we so desperately crave. It comes with eight felt-lined... [More]

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Porcelan Ice Cream Container

"Honey, do you know where I put my gold hoop earrings?" "Didn't you toss them in the Ice Cream Container ($45)?" "Why would they be in the freezer?!" "No, silly, the one on your dresser." "....oh....thanks!"... [More]

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Moleskine Storyboard Pocket Notebook

We don't know about you, but our guys are perpetually coming up with ideas. Ideas on what kind of bar they want to own someday, on a new gadget that would make drying dishes a cinch, and about a totally badass action film they'll someday... [More]

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Sukie Turn Over A New Leaf Notebook

Being an adult is hard. So maybe 2011 will be your year. Your year to use the Turn Over a New Leaf Notebook ($18) by Sukie. We mean, there's no guaranteeing its mantra will give you the shove you need to walk the dog for... [More]

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Drop Bank

While putting your change in this Drop Bank ($44) may seem a bit fruitless (perhaps like the money you save will only be a 'drop in the bucket'?), it certainly beats having to scrounge in couch cushions and old purses when you head out to... [More]

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Accordion Calendar

It's a little bit ridiculous, but this time of year we start feeling a bit of anxiety over which calendar(s) we're going to choose for 2011. There are so many wonderful ones that roll out, it's nearly impossible to choose one. This small Accordion Calendar... [More]

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Origami Banks

Sure, you could keep letting your change collect at the bottom of your purse, or, you could get a nice little piece of home decor that you can also stash your coins in. With these Origami Banks ($22-$24) from West Elm, you'll also be making... [More]

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Tiny Sparks Key Holder

Him: Babe, have you seen my keys? Us: Are they on the key rack? Him: What key rack? Us: By the door...with the hooks... Him: Oh, that flowery thing? I thought it was just supposed to be pretty or something. Help a guy out,. There's... [More]

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Miriam Bereson Yearly Planner

If you're one of those people who plans long term, you might be interested in Miriam Bereson's 2011 Yearly Planner ($15). This single sheet gives you the whole year in bright little bubbles. Each circle has the day and date and an entire month is... [More]

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Tobacco File Tote Bag

Organization and filing sucks (and turns us into grammatical fifth graders)! But the Tobacco File Tote Bag ($53) makes us a bit happier when faced with the dreaded task. This chic file tote bag features a lovely tobacco and brown garden scene and holds standard... [More]

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Astrological Jewelry Stand

Keep your jewelry safely stored (without tangles!) and learn the fine art of palm reading with the Astrological Jewelry Stand ($18). There's not much we like more than fun and function combined, except maybe showing off our newly-acquired astrological skills at a party. We predict... [More]

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Wire Hanger

NO WIRE HANGERS!!! Unless of course it's the super stylish and modern Wire Hanger ($49) for hanging your magazines, umbrellas, coats and canes. Even Joan can't object to that - ok, she probably can.... [More]

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Mini Valises

If we had a daughter, we'd be all over using these Mini Valises ($9 -$13) to help her organize her room, or to pack to go to Grandma's. As it is, we're considering using these vintage-style valises to organize our own craft supplies. Why not?... [More]

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Squirrel Ring Box

We don't care if he pops the question with a $10 ring -- if he puts it in the acorn of this Squirrel Ring Box ($110) and presents this little guy when he asks for our hand, you know we're sayin' yes!... [More]

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Ohhhh, look at all the pretty colors! Sorry, we're easily distracted. We take for granted that everyone has a Smart Phone or some digital organizational devise for addresses and contact information; heck, even those of us electronic tools prefer the concrete, albeit old school way... [More]

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Leather Photo Album

Do you have hundreds of photos languishing in shoe boxes and ugly old photo albums? Oh, us either. Just thought we'd ask. If we did, though, we'd be sure to stock up on these classically-designed leather photo albums ($40). Not only do they serve a... [More]

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Tower Of Clips

Keys, ID, money, credit card, business cards, pens, pencils, pictures - no wonder your desk is a mess! The Tower of Clips ($38) provides you with twelve ways to get your life and desk more organized. This part moveable display, part God-send is made of... [More]

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