Day of the Week Magnetic Clips

Down with stuffy inboxes! Try these Day of the Week Magnetic Clips ($8) instead! String them up on twine and hang them above your desk, or stick them to the fridge as a reminder every time you reach for a cold Diet Coke. They're a... [More]

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Ash Basket

We love the clean lines and rugged look of this Ash Basket ($125). Keep toys contained or fill it with multicolored balls of yarn for a stylish way to display your craft supplies.... [More]

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PurseN Tiara Jewelry Case

Eat your heart out, Mary Poppins. The PurseN Tiara Jewelry Case ($52) just took the bottomless bag to a whole other level. No more earrings snagging on lace bras, no more necklaces getting tangled with other necklaces, no more rings banging around in film canisters.... [More]

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Net Bag

We are too lazy to make multiple trips to our car, so anything that comes home with us from the store gets carried to our second floor apartment in one shot. Sometimes at the risk of pinching off a finger. We were looking for a... [More]

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French Terrine

A few months ago we saw the greatest use for these French Terrine ($6) jars. Bake cheesecake filling inside them, sprinkle them with a graham cracker crust crumble, and spoon on the raspberry topping. Perfect hostess gift or party favor. Look who's Little Miss Martha... [More]

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Chevron Gold Metallic Drawer Liners

Just because our bathroom drawers are littered with multiple blushes, five kinds of eyeliner, various brushes, and a few fabulous shades of lipstick, it doesn't mean we don't want them to look fabulous. These Chevron Gold Metallic Drawer Liners ($25 for 6) keep our bathroom... [More]

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Write Everyday Agenda

We know that some of you like to store everything on your phone - important meetings, upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, etc. but some of us still like jotting things down on pen and paper. If you're like us, you'll love this Write Everyday Agenda ($18).... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Kikkerland Mondrian Magnetic Wipe Board

Add some De Stijl to your office or kitchen with a Kikkerland Mondrian Magnetic Wipe Board ($10). It'll make even the most mundane to-do list or menu plan totally cube-ular. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap... [More]

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Cloud Key Holder

These days, we keep our important documents (and the occasional episode of 30 Rock) in the cloud so we always know where they are. Conveniently, there's now a Cloud Key Holder ($30) for another important item that we occasionally lose track of. If only someone... [More]

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No Tomorrow Planner Pad

Okay, let's get real: if there was really no tomorrow, we'd eschew all responsibility and go stand in the long line of women hoping to get ten minutes alone with Ryan Gosling before the world ends. Unfortunately, we're pretty sure this No Tomorrow Planner Pad... [More]

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Bisley 5-Drawer Cabinet

One drawer for cardstock. One drawer for origami paper. One drawer for craft paper. One drawer for construction paper. And one drawer for the stash of chocolate-covered caramels we don't want to share with our husband while we craft. Bisley 5-Drawer Cabinet ($79).... [More]

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Transitions Wastebasket

Crafted from repurposed Japanese newspapers and magazines, this rad Transitions Wastebasket ($25) actually makes your pile of crumpled papers, banana peels, and stacks of shredded junk mail look cool (sort of). We think adding it to the home office might inspire us to do more... [More]

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Horizon Round Crunch Can

Anyone who lives in a small space knows the value of collapsible, space-saving housewares. Use these Horizon Round Crunch Cans ($20 each) for laundry, toys, sports gear, or whatever else you can dream up. Crunch them down and keep them under the bed so they're... [More]

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Rugby Stripe Bin

Tuck a few of these inside an old bookshelf to make a modern dresser. Or replace the wicker baskets in your bathroom with these cheerful striped Rugby Stripe Bins ($15). In a perfect world, we imagine, our apartment would stay extra clean and organized if... [More]

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Bird Letterpress Bookplates

We love lending out our favorite books, but we hate having to track them down and pester people to get them back on our bookshelf. Those well marked up pages and highlighted paragraphs took thought and effort, you know? That's why we're sticking these Bird... [More]

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Multi-Purpose Silicone Lids

The thought of never again needing saran wrap for our leftovers makes us almost giddy. These Multi-Purpose Silicone Lids ($18 for 3) attach to almost every container you've got in your kitchen. They even work in an oven, freezer, or microwave. The only thing they... [More]

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Potato and Onion Storage Baskets

Not that we will judge you for having your potatoes and onions in the netted plastic bag on your counter, but if you want your veggies to last without growing sprouts and eyes, it's best to keep them in a dark place. These Potato and... [More]

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Celebrate: Wild Boys Calendar

We could barely type we were laughing so hard when we stumbled across this Wild Boys 2012 Wall Calendar ($15). We're bringing it to you just in time for the "Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day." We're assuming the feast of fabulous wild men is... [More]

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Yellow Submarine Recycled Shopping Tote

If you're anything like us, your drawer full of plastic grocery bags is now a drawer full of reusable shopping totes that you got as freebies from every market in town. If that's not the case, why not pick up the Yellow Submarine Recycled Shopping... [More]

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Jockey Riding Ostrich Dish

It really doesn't matter what you decide to use this Jockey Riding Ostrich Dish ($46) for, you just need to make sure it's out somewhere that your guests are sure to notice it. It's far too awesome to be hidden away in a corner of... [More]

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