The Mark Brothers

Usually, when we try to figure out which plug goes to which piece of A/V equipment or which peripheral, we end up yanking something vital and blowing a fuse. It's time we called in some backup from our friends, The Mark Brothers ($16). These adorable... [More]

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Crochet Box

Our love of scarves is starting to make our apartment look like the aftermath of a magic trick. We're pulling them out of everywhere lately. It's time to create a little order, and we're going to do it with this cute Crochet Box ($30) from... [More]

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Pottery Barn Antique Jewelry Box

What's the point in having fabulous jewelry if it's always tangled up and hidden away? We're guilty of it, and it's so foolish. Too often we leave the house without any earrings because we could only find one from a pair. We're going to start... [More]

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Keybrid Two Pack

Is it a key, or a keyring? The answer is both, of course. Almost every front door in the U.S. uses one of the two key blanks in this Keybrid Two Pack ($17), which means it probably includes yours. (Finding out which blank you need... [More]

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Tangerine Leaf Canvas Bucket

We need at least eight of these canvas buckets ($12-21) around at all times. They keep odds and ends picked up and packed away, and out of the eagle-eye vision of our mother when she drops in for a surprise visit! We could also keep... [More]

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Campo Marzio Japanese Document Holder

The leather Campo Marzio Japanese Document Holder ($25) is the kind of folio that any professional would love to use. We think it's perfect for young graduates who want to look established but don't have the budget for a spendy folder. Made from eco leather... [More]

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Remodelista Birchwood Tool Carrier

Go ahead and take the word "tool" in Birchwood Tool Carrier ($51) and replace it with any of the following: Makeup Brush Condiment Art Supply Silverware Knitting Needle Flower Office Supply Tool (for that matter) Quite a versatile piece, no?... [More]

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Nifty Non-Stick 3-Tier Cooling Rack

Every time we bake, we bemoan the fact that we have absolutely no counter space. We can barely mix up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, let alone spread them all out to cool. But look! We found the Nifty Non-Stick 3-Tier Cooling Rack ($20)... [More]

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Cloth Extension Cord

There's almost no getting around wires peeping out from behind tables and dressers. We try not to cringe every time we see those ugly white (or, heaven forbid, orange) extension cords trailing along our baseboards, but we can't help hating their ugliness. But Hallelujah, Best... [More]

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Fabric Bucket Storage

So you're saying that the shoe boxes currently holding the odds and ends in our extra room are not a chic storage solution? We guess we'd better pick up some of these Fabric Bucket Storage ($22) baskets to keep us organized. We love the bright... [More]

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Leaf Tie Cable Organizers

Thought you were stuck with ugly zip ties to keep your cords organized? Think again. These Leaf Tie Cable Organizers ($12 for 12) turn messy bundles of wires into an artsy garden. We love them for keeping our entertainment system under control (cords galore!), organizing... [More]

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Garden Bouquet Page Pals

Sure, you can use a plain ol' sticky note as a bookmark or paragraph marker, but these Garden Bouquet Page Pals ($5) are soo much more cute! Half the fun of being a girl is getting to buy the fluff items that make the daily... [More]

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Beachcomber Fruit Bowl

Maybe we're the only ones, but we'd be delighted if our husband brought us a pretty basket, like Pottery Barn's Beachcomber Fruit Bowl ($39), loaded with bright apples or fuzzy peaches rather than a bouquet of flowers. We think that would dress up our table... [More]

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Reusable Produce Bags

We try to be eco-conscious. We recycle. And we reuse paper bags for making caramel popcorn and trash can liners. But we're lagging in the produce bags department. These thin Reusable Produce Bags ($11 for five) won't add much to the weight of your veggies,... [More]

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Knock Knock File Folders

Knock, knock! Who's there? Life, and it's crazy hectic! These funny Knock Knock File Folders ($9) keep life light. We would have marked the "against my will" box on our tax folder, but we got a little (and we mean a little) back on our... [More]

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Day of the Week Magnetic Clips

Down with stuffy inboxes! Try these Day of the Week Magnetic Clips ($8) instead! String them up on twine and hang them above your desk, or stick them to the fridge as a reminder every time you reach for a cold Diet Coke. They're a... [More]

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Ash Basket

We love the clean lines and rugged look of this Ash Basket ($125). Keep toys contained or fill it with multicolored balls of yarn for a stylish way to display your craft supplies.... [More]

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PurseN Tiara Jewelry Case

Eat your heart out, Mary Poppins. The PurseN Tiara Jewelry Case ($52) just took the bottomless bag to a whole other level. No more earrings snagging on lace bras, no more necklaces getting tangled with other necklaces, no more rings banging around in film canisters.... [More]

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Net Bag

We are too lazy to make multiple trips to our car, so anything that comes home with us from the store gets carried to our second floor apartment in one shot. Sometimes at the risk of pinching off a finger. We were looking for a... [More]

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French Terrine

A few months ago we saw the greatest use for these French Terrine ($6) jars. Bake cheesecake filling inside them, sprinkle them with a graham cracker crust crumble, and spoon on the raspberry topping. Perfect hostess gift or party favor. Look who's Little Miss Martha... [More]

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