Blue Desk Pad

If you sit at a computer all day but still prefer paper over pixels for keeping track of your daily schedule, the Blue Desk Pad ($32) by the well-named Social Preparedness Kit is a fantastic option. The weekly calendar is undated, so you won't waste... [More]

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Machined Brass Pen

We know. How often these days do you need to write something down in honest to goodness ink? Maybe it's a rarity, but we think that ought to make those occasional signatures extra special. This Machined Brass Pen ($69) will put some weight behind your... [More]

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GoStak Portable Stackable Containers

Stop bringing your lunch to work in used takeout containers. For one thing, they're far more likely to spill pickle juice all over your portfolio. For another, they only add fuel to the fire of your coworker's suspicions about your pad thai addiction. These GoStak... [More]

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Grip Strip

Keep your gear handy with the Grip Strip ($11). Made with a brain-blowing type of high tech silicone, these deceptively simple squares stick to a range of surfaces without magnets, Velcro, or gucky adhesives. Even cooler? Press on a smartphone, pen, or useful object of... [More]

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WeekDate Academic Calendar

We might have web jobs, but when it comes to our planners, we still think the pen is mightier than the cursor. But the most tiring task of a real, live, physical calendar is having to add in recurring events like accordion lessons and Taco... [More]

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kate spade new york One in a Million Business Card Holder

Handing out crumpled business cards you've unearthed from the depths of your handbag does not a good impression make. Instead, stick a stack inside this kate spade new york card case ($30). Store it in the zippered pocket of your bag, and you'll always have... [More]

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The Chelsea Camera Bag

Quality over quantity, right? At least, that's the mantra you put into practice when it comes to your DSLR. You'd rather save up and buy a few good lenses than be stuck with a bunch you never use, or that yield poor results. Adapt the... [More]

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Totally Organized File Folders

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Picking the right mantra and pounding it into your brain is half the battle to changing your life. That's why we're replacing boring manila with these Totally Organized File Folders ($15). Every time we look at them, we'll... [More]

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Around the World on 12 Tables Calendar

Honestly, what would you choose to do with your time if you had a gazillion dollars? See the world and stuff your face, of course. This Around the World on 12 Tables Calendar ($28) celebrates the joys of tasty food and exotic locales in a... [More]

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BAGGU in Cat

We've already raved about the BAGGU Bag, a reusable alternative to plastic shopping bags. They're durable, packable, and come in a variety of fun colors and patterns - but none quite so delightful as this bold orange print inspired by our favorite autocratic housemate. BAGGU... [More]

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Sideshow Press Desk Volumes

Sure, the contents are nothing you couldn't pick up at Staples, but we think the adorable packaging of these Sideshow Press Desk Volumes ($11 each) makes them worth the premium office supplies price tag. Collect the whole series to create your own library of labels,... [More]

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Bright Goatskin Appointment Journals

You've placed your trust in Siri for the last time. That gal totally dropped the ball the last time you had a mani scheduled, and by the time you remembered they had already given away your time slot. Go back to basics by writing everything... [More]

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Studio Oh! Internet Password Logbook

Using the same password on all your websites means playing a dangerous game. If someone manages to access your Bejeweled account, do you really want them to be able to get into your bank account as well? Don't wake up in the morning to pictures... [More]

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5 More Minutes Hourglass Timer

Ostensibly, the 5 More Minutes Hourglass Timer ($20) is for parents whose kids always say, "Just five more minutes, Mom!" That said, we think this product could be even more effective for adults in need of some self-discipline. How often do you swear you'll start... [More]

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Made Smart Granite Junk Drawer Organizer

By definition, a junk drawer shouldn't be too organized, but that's no reason to have to spend four minutes looking for some knickknack that you swore you threw in there months ago. Cheat a little bit with the Made Smart Granite Junk Drawer Organizer ($13).... [More]

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Office Mesh Stackable 4 Basket Bin

When you have just one big desk drawer for storing all of your stuff, odds are that it will quickly turn into a mess as you shove all sorts of loose pins, paperclips, staples, and rubber bands wherever they'll fit. That's no way to look... [More]

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Float Magazine Rack

How do you make a magazine float? Simple, put it in a glass with soda and ice cream! Of course, that will undoubtedly ruin your magazine. Instead, you could hang your magazine collection from this Float Magazine Rack ($80). It's a little known fact that... [More]

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Franklin Desk Risers

Is space on your desk starting to feel like premium real estate? Don't bother going through the painful process of removing clutter. Just get vertical with these Franklin Desk Risers ($20-35). They instantly increase your available surface area, letting you take your lack of organization... [More]

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Emily + Meritt Bunny Ears Hand

And now, a conversation between freshmen college roommates Hannah and Jenny: Hannah: "Did you see this new peace sign stand I bought? It's the perfect place to store my hippie jewelry." Jenny: "I like it, I think I'll get one, too." Hannah: "What? You've never... [More]

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Elephant Changing Table Storage Set

Aw, look at this sweet Elephant Changing Table Storage Set ($29) from Pottery Barn Kids! It's a baby elephant holding on to the tail of his mommy (or daddy!) elephant. More importantly, it's a soft felt storage solution for all your nursery needs (but don't... [More]

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