Gifts for the A-Team: Hannibal

In case you haven't been watching TV, surfing the net, seeing billboards, or whatever, The A-Team movie hits theaters today, June 11, 2010. This cinematic update of the classic 80's TV show is bound to be a hit whether or not it's any good, but... [More]

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Gifts for the A-Team: Face

Face, you handsome cad! We know you to be a smooth talking, dapper man, and we'd love to see you dressed to the nines in this jet setting Paul Smith Travel Suit ($1,275). It's a fine wool/mohair blend which is lightweight but durable and will... [More]

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Gifts for the A-Team: Mad Dog Murdock

Oh Murdock - your sanity is questioned as often as your flying skills, but we have perfect faith in both (unlike some people we know - Mr. Bad Attitude, we're thinking of you). To celebrate your triumphant return to the skies we got you a... [More]

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Gifts for the A-Team: Charisa Sosa

Well, well, well, Jessica Biel, you're an action hero now! And, since it's a movie tradition to make female action heroes run and do all their stunts in high heels, we figured you might as well have a particularly fierce pair of army boot-inspired ones.... [More]

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Outblush Movie Review: Sex and the City 2

Okay, SATC 2 has been in theaters since May 27th, but we wanted to wait to see it until the hordes of screaming glitter-clad teens had dissipated. So, we snuck some alcohol into our local multiplex yesterday, and endured 145 minutes of sequins, awkward segues,... [More]

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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

We'll admit that we were quite skeptical of Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland ($16) before we saw it: how could anything improve upon the delightfully wacktacular Disney original? Color us surprised, 'cause we loved it. Finally, someone portrays Alice as a smart, kick-ass... [More]

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RIP, Gary Coleman: Diff'rent Strokes - Season 1

Our initial reaction to the news that Gary Coleman has passed away at the age of 42 was, "Whatchoo talkin' bout? No. Seriously. Really? Aw, man!" So, tonight, we're going to settle in with our copy of Diff'rent Strokes: Season 1 ($25) on DVD and... [More]

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True Blood: Complete Second Season

We love getting our panties in a bunch over some hunky vampires - without worrying whether or not that sort of thing is prohibited by law, due to their age! So it goes without saying that we're beyond ecstatic to be heading back to Bon... [More]

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Under Our Skin

Each year thousands of Americans go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with Lyme disease, one of the fastest growing epidemics of our time. Under Our Skin ($35) is the gripping story of medicine, money, and patients and physicians fighting for their lives and livelihoods. With director's commentary... [More]

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Doctor Zhivago Anniversary Edition

The stunning Julie Christie, the dashing Omar Sharif, and gorgeous sweeping footage of Moscow and Russia's country side are only a handful of reasons that Doctor Zhivago Anniversary Edition ($29) should find its' way into your Blu-Ray player. A little soap opera, and a lot... [More]

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: It's Complicated ...and a Ladies' Night In!

Mother's Day is all about showing your mom, well, how much you love and appreciate her. What better way to do that than with a fully stocked ladies' night in? Start with a DVD ($16) or Blu-Ray™ ($26) copy of It's Complicated, of course,... [More]

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Mother's Day Giveaway: It's Complicated

§Who isn't a Meryl Streep fan? Seriously, she can do no wrong, and It's Complicated ($16 on DVD or $26 on Blu-Ray™) is no exception. Starring Streep as a divorced mom opposite Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin in a second-time-around love triangle, its spit-your-drink-out funny,... [More]

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Daria: The Complete Animated Series

La la la la la...You're standing on my neck. Indulge in a little late 90's nostalgia and angst with Daria, Jane, Trent, Quinn, and of course, the Fashion Club, with Daria: The Complete Animated Series ($47), which will like, ugh, finally be out on DVD... [More]

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An Education

On the surface, An Education ($19) may seem the typical story of a young girl whose parents dream of her attending Oxford - when a 30-something ne'er do well mucks up her plans. But with an amazing ensemble cast of Emma Thompson, Peter Sarsgaard, Dominic... [More]

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Handmade Nation DVD

Hey, DIY junkies! Here's a film all about you. Faythe Levine took a step outside and noticed that we're smack dab in the middle of a wave of Etsy-ers and craft boutiques. She traveled to 15 cities across the nation (daaang, that's a lot!), resulting... [More]

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Our gift to the Duke Blue Devils: Avatar on DVD & Blu-Ray

*Yawn* Duke won the NCAA Championship. Again. Surprise, surprise. Not that we're not happy for them, or anything, but our office was much more concerned with our March Fug Madness brackets. But we guess they deserve a prize, seeing as how NCAA players don't get... [More]

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3 Idiots

3 Idiots ($18) is a little like Bollywood's version of The Hangover, only without the drinking and Vegas-level debauchery. Two nerdy friends, Farhan and Raju, go on a coming-of-age road trip in search of their despondent, depressed friend Rancho, and, naturally, hijinks (with the occasional... [More]

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Mad Men: Season 3

Not enough chain-smoking, endless boozing, food in Jell-O mold form, womanizing, office politics, fantastic frocks or pinstripe suits in your life? Have no fear, Mad Men: Season 3 ($29) is here. All your favorite characters - Betty, Don, Sally, Pete, Roger, Gene, the gang's all... [More]

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A Gift for Spencer Pratt: Steven Seagal, Lawman

We were more than a little surprised to hear that Spencer Pratt is leaving The Hills to become a cyber security agent. But given how his wife, Heidi 3.0, has gone completely off the deep end since her most recent round o' surgeries and hired... [More]

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RIP Corey Haim: We're breaking out our VHS copies of "License to Drive"

Say it ain't so! Corey Haim is DEAD? To pull a phrase out of the 80's graveyard, crack is whack, people. Don't ever start. In memoriam of (our personal favorite) half of the Two Coreys, we're digging our old Tiger Beat magazines and VHS copies... [More]

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