The holidays are coming up, which means lots of us will be forced to travel with small children so that their grandparents can watch them rip into presents in person. Traveling with kids = one of the modern nine circles of hell, so any time... [More]

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Have selfies become your newest addiction? If so, make your life that much easier. The Keyprop ($13) positions your smartphone just the right way for a fab photo more stretching your arm.... [More]

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LifeProof iPhone Case

Geez, you'd think a respected company like Apple could make an iPhone that would survive accidentally being dropped out your fourth-story window for the third time this month! The LifeProof iPhone Case for iPhone 4/4S ($80) may not be pretty or have Hello kitty on... [More]

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Sony QX10 and QX100 Smart Lenses

Magic! That's what the Sony QX10 and QX100 Smart Lenses ($250-500, preorder) are. The super photo-savvy lenses work with phone or tablet and instantly increase the quality of your photos to DSLR standards. What's more, they wirelessly beam photos to your camera roll as you... [More]

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Apple iPad Case

Ahh, we adore this fresh take on an Apple iPad Case ($60)! Slim and shock-absorbent, it'll protect your hardware while also putting a new spin on the iconic logo.... [More]

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Une Bobine for iPhone 4/4S

Make your iPhone USB cord stand straight with no prior snake-charming experience! Une Bobine for iPhone 4/4S ($25) is pretty useful for watching videos or easy-to-read displays, but it's very useful for playing with. (Coming soon for the iPhone 5.)... [More]

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24K Gold Plated iPhone

You can't throw a gold coating on something and expect us to just buy it! Not for a grand! You can, however, safely expect us to fawn over it... mmm, shiny... 24K Gold Plated iPhone ($1,099)... [More]

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Photojojo Lens Series

Telephoto lens. Fisheye lens. Macro and Wide lenses. Snap any piece from the Photojojo Lens Series ($49) onto your iPhone or Android and turn your Instagram account into an art gallery!... [More]

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Gnome & Mushroom Earbuds

You wouldn't walk around with boring earrings, so how do you justify bland, came-with-your-phone earbuds? Headphones may not technically be accessories, but we do wear them, so they're not not accessories, right? One look at these Gnome & Mushroom Earbuds ($12), and we're already building... [More]

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Cushion Wrap Case

Did you take the plunge and upgrade to an iPhone 5s?! We're totally jealous! Keep that beauty safe in a Cushion Wrap Case ($50) from ADOPTED. Not only are the colorful cases sleek and classy-looking, but they're made from tough stuff, too. The metal frame... [More]

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Whooz iDevice Charger Stickers

You don't get much blander than solid white, which makes a missed cuteness opportunity for iPhone and iPad chargers. Third-party manufacturers, that's your cue! The makers of the Whooz iDevice Chargers Stickers ($12 for four) took a look at the blank canvas of the old... [More]

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iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand

Not only is the iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand ($7) a clever iPhone prop, it's also an optical illusion - if the gum's stretched out, what's holding the phone up!?!?... [More]

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Smartphone Periscoping Spy Lens

Pay attention, all you Nancy Drews out there - if you're looking for a way to observe without being observed (you have your reasons, we won't pry), try the Smartphone Spy Lens ($20). With a small nudge, you can look in any direction while deceptively... [More]

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iSnapx Shutter Remote

Ah, the selfie... where a filthy public bathroom is a preferred background for a portrait. But good luck getting an artful composition at an angle that doesn't show the toilet. We recommend the iSnapx Shutter Remote ($30) - it works from up to ten feet... [More]

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I Like Big Books iPad Mini Case

Carrying around massive novels became a whole lot easier with the development of e-readers and the iPad. Thousands and thousands of pages are magically imprisoned in one thin, lightweight piece of technology. While there's a bit of irony to it, given that you're no longer... [More]

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Moonrock Earbuds with Mic and Carrying Case

While the sound quality and microphone performance of these brightly-colored earbuds ($40) is stellar, we're ├╝berimpressed by the fact that they come wrapped and organized in their own carrying case. No more tangled cords or hoping for the best when you shove the whole kit... [More]

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Nancy Drew iPhone Case

Of course! As soon as we find a rockin' new case, Apple unveils their new phones. Oh, well! We're still going to go ahead and snap the Nancy Drew iPhone Case ($32) onto our current phones. It'll be a while before we make the switch,... [More]

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BONDI Flexible Cell Phone Holder

Smartphones are great, but they're so needy! Charge me, update me, hold me! Talk about codependency! Better nip this bud quick before it sours the relationship - get the BONDI Flexible Cell Phone Holder ($15). Perfect for car rides - bring up the map and... [More]

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Smartphone Lightbulb

It's only a few steps away, but when you're snuggled up on the couch that walk to the switch seems like an Antarctic expedition. Good thing we live in the future! Screw in the Smartphone Lightbulb ($40) and you can turn it off and on,... [More]

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Paperback iPhone Notes

Can't get into those note-taking apps? Flip your phone over and write a reminder the old-fashioned way! Paperback iPhone Notes ($8)... [More]

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