Baggy Winecoat

While we can't get behind the idea of lugging around a box of wine to your next picnic or concert, it might be a tad more socially acceptable to put said wine in a different vessel. The Baggy Winecoat ($58) by Jakob Wagner is the... [More]

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Emera Quilted Bag

While this quilted beauty may look like an overnight bag or stylish tote for those of us who love the supersized satchels, the *Emera Quilted Bag ($169) is actually designed with the fashionista photog in mind. Of course this bag'll hold whatever you stash in... [More]

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gem ear buds-s.jpg

Gem Ear Buds

Bling blang, the Gem Ear Buds ($15) are totally baller. After feasting out eyes on this glitzy hardware, our dirty, scratched, and bent outta shape iPod ear buds are headed straight for the dump. Giving our gadgetry the boot never felt so good, considering these... [More]

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Bandana Print Laptop Case

We're glad we held off from buying just any laptop case because we *just* knew something more our style would come along. The Bandana Print Computer Case ($49) fits laptops up to 15" and comes in the classic bandana print in blue. We were on... [More]

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BUILT NY Tasty Lunch Tote

There are a million reasons we should be brown-bagging it to work, except maybe... the brown bag part! BUILT NY's Tasty Lunch Tote ($22) is spunky, insulated, and made of neoprene with soft grip handles and zipper closure. It will keep your lunch hot or... [More]

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Personal Shopper: BIIIIIIIIG Laptop Bags for Amy

In response to yesterday's personal shopper for cute bags for 14" laptops, Amy J wrote in to ask for ones for those of you with bigger laptops, i.e. 17+ inches, because "The only bags in that size are stupid black manly ones."Ugh, we know. Here... [More]

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let the beat drop-s.jpg

Let the Beat Drop Speakers

This is not what the Beastie Boys meant when they rapped "let the beat / mmm / drop," but the novelty of the Let the Beat Drop Speakers ($65) is crystal clear. An aqua blue tear drop case screws open reveal a safe, secure resting... [More]

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Eskuche 33 1/3 Headphones

The Eskuche 33 1/3 Headphones ($68) are arguably too glamorous and shiny to put back into our bag when we're done using them. We think these headphones would look just as good as a gold necklace hanging around our neck while we do our thing... [More]

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Gosh, it is just SUCH a burden to have to hold our awesome iPhones while we watch movies on them. Until we master Jedi mind control and can keep our phone suspended midair, we're pretty pleased with the iKit ($35), which has a stand built... [More]

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After all the inevitable jokes about the *headdesk*-worthy name of the new Apple iPad, it's nice to see a case that takes said jokes to their logical conclusion: The iMaxi -The Apple iPad Case with Protective Wings. ($30) We'll let the artist's description sum it... [More]

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Have no idea if the so-called "organic" lipstick you just bought at the drugstore actually contains scary toxic chemicals? Join the club, and grab the Cosmetifique ($2) iPhone app. It rates the ingredients in thousands of popular cosmetics as green (apply away!), yellow (okay once... [More]

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Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Mug Press

Tired of being a slave to your $6 a.m. latte? Brew a cup of truly amazing coffee on the go with the Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Mug Press ($30). A smaller version of the traditional French Press coffee maker, you just add ground beans &... [More]

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The Banana Bag

Self-righteous canvas grocery bags & totes get a tad annoying, but you have to admit it's also kinda fun when you can carry something like OneLanguageLabel's The Banana Bag ($110). Made from natural canvas, it comes with an extra laptop sleeve and multiple pockets inside.... [More]

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PicPocket Books

Technology's come a long way, and it's about time that extended towards parenting tools! PicPocket Books ($1-4) are a godsend for busy parents with packed purses. Download books of your choice (choose from ones for all ages) onto your iPhone and revel in the suddenly... [More]

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BookBook Leather Case

The Twelve South BookBook Hardback Leather Case ($80) for the Macbook and Macbook Pro conjures up the musty ambience of library stacks, Masterpiece Theater, and those days when people actually read books. The BookBook's rigid leather covers, velvet interior, and dual-zipper closure ensure that its... [More]

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American Apparel Laptop Bag

A haiku: Colorful clothes brand Makes bright Vinyl Laptop Bags ($34) Their ads are slutty... [More]

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SaFPWR iPhone 3G/3GS Battery Case

If you must have the coolest and new gadgets, then having an Apple iPhone is no longer enough. Thankfully, there are a ton of iPhone accessories on the market to give you your electro-fix. One that we tested (yay! for samples!) is the SaFPWR Leather... [More]

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Betty Basket Liner

Trying to trick out that new bike you got for Christmas? Set your cruiser apart from the crowd by lining your basket with a Betty Basket Liner ($59). These colorful creations are as pretty as they are practical, with interior pockets and handles, allowing you... [More]

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Owle Bubo

We're not sure that the Owle Bubo ($130) will turn your phone into something that is equal to a Flip Video, but we certainly are intrigued by it. The Owle is built for you to hold like a real camera and has a built-in microphone... [More]

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walnut ipod case-s.jpg

Walnut iPod Touch Case

The Walnut iPod Touch Case ($65) is classy, with a hint of 1970s flair. We're putting the '80s on blast by embracing a decade's older wood paneling, wooden encased TVs, and bell bottoms. Shag carpets we could never get back into, but this lovely case... [More]

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