This American Life Custom USB Drive

"Hi Everybody. I'm Ira Glass. Today on our show..." Listening to the This American Life intro is a little like slipping into a nice warm tub with a glass of pinot. TAL is our favorite NPR production and we wait in anticipation for a new... [More]

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Han Solo in Carbonite iPhone 4 Skin

So, we heard there's a new iPhone or something? Honestly, some of us aren't so technologically enthusiastic that we need the newest model of every electronic thingy ever. That is, until we saw the Han Solo in Carbonite iPhone 4 Skin ($51). Slowly but surely,... [More]

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iPhone 4 Hard Cover

We like the quaint idea that people actually still read the wanted ads in the newspaper instead of logging into Craigslist for their fix of free personals, missed connections, and goods for sale. We know you can find the world's greatest roommate on Craigslist, but... [More]

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Auto Safety Kit and Sports Utility Shovel

Last time we checked the back of our car we were stocked with a Thomas Guide from 2005, a pair of yellow flats from Target that made our toes cramp, one turquoise scarf that had been left for dead, two tennis racquets that haven't been... [More]

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Jo Totes Millie

Oh hey, you must be a photographer Why yes, I am! How could you tell? Was it my slightly disheveled hipster look, or my awesomely artsy aura that you picked up on? It was that big black square bag you have slung across your body.... [More]

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North Face Purple Label Medium Day Pack

We'd actually never heard of North Face's Purple Label until our bestie recently gave us an invite to Pinterest. While we clearly have nothing better to do with our time, like work or donate to charity, we just troll around looking for off the wall... [More]

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Out of Print Pop Poe iPhone 4/4S Case

As you know, we take Halloween seriously around here. We prep and plan spooky shindigs for weeks, relish in the crisp air, and scare ourselves silly with Friday night horror flick marathons. So it should be of no shock to you when we admit to... [More]

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cupcake key finder-s.jpg

Bonjour™ Magnetic Key Finder

You know those dramatic reenactments of epic fail in infomercials? We feel as clumsy as those overacted segments when we try to unlock our apartment after a night of drinking. Hopefully the Bonjour™ Magnetic Key Finder ($15) will help us with this problem. When we... [More]

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Bookman's LED Bicycle Lights

We've been so sad to see the sun set earlier and earlier each day. *Sigh* Pretty soon we're going to find ourselves curling up in PJ's right after we leave work at 5pm. But until then, we're going to squeeze every last second out of... [More]

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Minifelt Bear Gadget Case

Don't awwww too hard ... it's the totally adorable Minifelt Bear Gadget Case ($19). Yeah, so the felt thing's a little overdone, but softness isn't. Plus, it's sleeping. Everything's sweeter sleeping.... [More]

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Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4

So you're telling us that this Michael Kors Wallet Clutch for iPhone 4 ($80) is both designer chic and awesomely functional? How have we lasted this long without owning one of these gorgeous little wrist wallets to conveniently keeps our cash, cards, and phone all... [More]

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Incase Crystal iPhone Case

We've extolled the virtues of iPhone cases from Incase before. This Crystal Slider Case ($22) comes with an added benefit: now people can store your contact information as 'Sparkles' - just what you've always wanted.... [More]

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Air Touch Full Size Flexible Waterproof Keyboard

As much as we love our iPad and smart phones, they can't compete with the ease of typing on our laptops. We think the Air Touch Full Size Flexible Waterproof Keyboard ($37) makes capturing that snarky email you plan on sending your lazy co-worker a... [More]

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Extreme Portfolio by G-form

We think the Extreme Portfolio by G-form ($80) looks more like a case for weapons dealing than an iPad tablet case. Made to be nearly indestructible, it can withstand just about anything you dish it- which is a good thing, because we're giving it to... [More]

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Submarine iPhone Case

Maybe we don't technically live in the yellow submarine, but our phones can. Full of contact info, important calendars, favorite websites, apps we can't live without, and snapshots of the crazy people we love, we pretty much live through our phones. And though it's more... [More]

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Heat-Sensative- iPhone-small.jpg

Laserworks Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing

The last time we wore a mood ring the cute boy next to us casually leaned over and said to our geeky 13 year old selves, 'It's black. That means you're horny.' Much to our horror (how did HE know?!). Get that same excitement from... [More]

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Society 6 The Invincible Summer iPhone Case

Switch up your iPhone style with the The Invincible Summer iPhone Case ($35) from Society 6. Whether we like it or not, the summer's coming to an end--at least, outside. If we take the advice of our new phone case, we'll be seeing the sun... [More]

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Deux Lux Felix iPad Sleeve

You love your iPad. And why not? It's one super swanky piece of technology! Keep it safe, sound, and covered in sequins with the Deux Lux Felix iPad Sleeve ($62). There's no app for good taste, so you'll just have to trust us when we... [More]

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Spoke N Wheel Bike Bell

Have you worn out your bike bell thanks to a whole summer of riding? We know you'll be on two wheels until it snows, so instead of trading in your bike for another type of transportation, why don't you just trade in your busted bell... [More]

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Photojojo Trio Phone Lenses

Say what? The other day, someone told us that you could now get lenses for your iPhone. We looked into it and found the rumors to be true thanks to our friends at Photojojo. Their Trio Phone Lenses ($49) work with any phone, not just... [More]

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