COVERFACE Innocable Charging Cable

The COVERFACE Innocable Charging Cable ($14) is so cheerful we almost want to lose the cables our iPhones came with. Not that we don't like the crisp white cords of Apple products, but... these come in turquoise...... [More]

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lifefactory Flip Top Cap Glass Bottle

We've known that lifefactory makes a damn fine baby bottle for some time now, but it was only recently that we bought ourselves one of their adult flip top cap bottles ($23). The silicone sleeves come in vibrant colors and do a stand-up job of... [More]

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Noble Glass Travel Mug

Who would've thought tea to go could result in one highly adorable haute accessory? This Noble Glass Travel Mug ($30) is as chic and pretty as a pair of Louboutin pumps. (We love the delicious contrast between the chemistry-set bottle and the warm bamboo lid.)... [More]

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Bloom of the Loom Travel Mug

We get to wear high-waist bikinis and '50s-esque floral print capri pants. Why shouldn't our morning cup-to-go get to enjoy the same vintage styling as the rest of us? With this Bloom of the Loom Travel Mug ($25), our java can feel stylishly retro at... [More]

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Solar-Powered Battery Pack

Our iPhone batteries always seem to send us that 10% warning at the worst of times. Most recently, when we were on an elevator and hoping to avoid creepy-guy-eye-contact by playing Draw Something. Fortunately for us, we just invested in a Solar-Powered Battery Pack ($39).... [More]

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SEaLAbox Waterproof Phone Case

Keep your phone safe from any hard knocks and mistreatment this summer by snapping it shut in the SEaLAbox Waterproof Phone Case ($79). Sure, it's not the prettiest thing, but it keeps sand, water, and spilled margaritas from seeping into your phone and ruining it.... [More]

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Leese Design iPhone 4 & 4S Cross Stitch Case

For those of us with a crafty sensibility, it's tough to just go with an unadorned store-bought phone case. But before you get out the hot glue gun and rhinestones, check out the Leese Design iPhone 4 & 4S Cross Stitch Case ($24). It comes... [More]

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Poste Smartphone Wallet

Not to be immature or anything, but our wallet is smarter than your wallet. Which might not make a difference to you now, but when we score the last pair of size eight colorful wedge sandals on sale at Nordy's Rack because we were carrying... [More]

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Crate & Barrel To Go Containers

We might actually be able to bring ourselves to take last night's meatloaf to work if it's packaged like restaurant leftovers in one of these To Go Containers ($11-$13) from Crate & Barrel. If nothing else, they're so brightly colored that we can't tell ourselves... [More]

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Chef Sleeve

The idea that we can use our iPads to look up recipes and not end up splattering them with tomato sauce and flour is laughable. We'll admit to being the accident-prone hacks we know we are and invest in a pack of these Chef Sleeves... [More]

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iLatch iPad Hanging Case

Road trip with the kiddos this summer? Let us introduce you to something you'll be happy to have. The iLatch iPad Hanging Case ($50) allows you to easily clip an iPad to your seat back so your little ones can have a temporary distraction and... [More]

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'80s Cell Phone Case

Break out your acid-washed jeans, neon tees, and... iPhone? This '80s Cell Phone Case ($20) uses your iPhone to recreate cool old-school style. Zack Morris would be soo proud.... [More]

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Molami Twine Headphones

Is that lovely headband pumping our ears full of "Enter Sandman"? It sure could be, if it's really a set of Molami Twine Headphones ($200). However hard Apple worked to make those little white earbuds cool, they've still got nothing on this twisted piece of... [More]

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Kishu BottlesUp Glass Water Bottle

Normally, the idea of buying a water bottle that arrives with a burnt stick in it would have us jumping on the class action lawsuit bandwagon (Hello, expedited student loan payoff!) But the lump you'll find in this Kishu BottlesUp Glass Water Bottle ($30) is... [More]

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Be A Good Sport iPhone 4 Case

In honor of the Summer Olympic Games in London, we're wrapping our phone in this fanciful Be A Good Sport iPhone 4 Case ($40). It's just a reminder that tripping, performance enhancement drugs, and poor sportsmanship are bad ideas even for us regular non-Olympic humans.... [More]

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8-Bit Bumper

What is it about having the newest gadgets that makes us long for the good ol' days? We love that we can carry around thousands of songs in our pocket, but if we see a hipster listening to a cassette tape in a Walkman, a... [More]

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Lionel Richie Hello Travel Mug

You can see it in our eyes. You can see it in our smile. All we've ever wanted to complete our hot beverage fantasies is this Lionel Richie Hello Travel Mug ($20). It's dishwasher-safe, eco-friendly, and instantly adds one of our all-time-favorite soft rock hits... [More]

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Retro Calculator iPhone Case

We calculate that the odds of being complimented on this Retro Calculator iPhone Case ($25) are in your favor. Be the first in your Math Club to sport this egghead accessory. It's hip to be square(d).... [More]

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Micro Gem Headphones

Why can't headphones be classy? Sorry, Apple, but those little white earbuds don't quite cut it. These Micro Gem Headphones ($35), on the other hand, are really quite elegant. And not only will our music sound great - our hair will be kept fabulously in... [More]

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Wood Camera iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S Case

Is that wood in your pocket or are you just happy to see us? Oh, it is wood? Oh, it's a Wood Camera iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S Case ($42)? Our mistake.... [More]

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