Power Leaf Battery

Why settle for an ordinary backup battery when you can have one that's downright adorable? This Power Leaf Battery ($38) features a pleasantly curvy design in a fun tangerine hue.... [More]

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Raccoon Faux Tail for iPhone

The Raccoon Faux Tail for iPhone ($10) proves - once again - that everything is cuter with a raccoon tail. Comes with downloadable matching wallpaper. Also available in Fox and Purple Cat.... [More]

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Stripe Fender Set

Love PUBLIC's Euro-inspired, sleek, city-friendly bikes? We think they're well worth the splurge, and will look even more gorgeous when snazzified with this Stripe Fender Set ($30).We suspect that these accessories also fit non-PUBLIC bikes...and since they accept returns, why not find out?... [More]

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Composition Notebook iPad Case

Short of a slate, the black and white composition notebook is the most classic writing surface we can think of - not that anyone's using them anymore. We're all doing our note-taking on our iPads or tablets, thank you very much. But that doesn't mean... [More]

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Bombata Doppio Laptop Briefcase

Think a bright pink laptop case might seem a touch unprofessional? Then you obviously haven't seen this Bombata Doppio Laptop Briefcase ($40). Available in subtle color-accented black or to-hell-with-it sky blue or bright pink, this vinyl hard case is slim, organized, and practical, hitting all... [More]

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Classic NES Controller iPhone Case

They're both about the same shape, they both involve heavy thumb use, and older generations can't figure either of them out! The Classic NES Controller iPhone Case ($36) is a mash-up that just makes sense!... [More]

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USB Utility Charge Tool

It's a shame, but we don't use our Swiss Army knives for much other than picking crud out from under our nails. This USB Utility Charge Tool ($24) on the other hand? Much more applicable in the modern world. Plug this puppy into your computer's... [More]

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Talk Dock

You know, this wouldn't have been retro twenty-five years ago. Take a long journey back to a time when getting good reception wasn't an issue and "bars" were just places to get a drink! The Talk Dock ($36) works as a dock, charging station, and... [More]

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Kogeto Dot 360 Degree Panoramic iPhone Camera Lens

Stop taking 2-D videos like a sucker! The Kogeto Dot 360 Degree Panoramic iPhone lens ($24) is exactly the kind of technology we expected from the 21st century. Attach this lens to your iPhone 4 or 4S, download the Looker app, and start shooting panoramic... [More]

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Flying Elephant iPad Case

Elephants are badass. They're the biggest land mammals on Earth (so quite possibly anywhere), they honor their dead, and they endure twenty-two-month pregnancies. Celebrate these super cool critters by picking yourself up this Flying Elephant iPad Case ($95). Not only does it make for a... [More]

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Coloud Boom Headphones

As silly as we sometimes feel while wearing them, we have to admit that these substantial, colorful Coloud Boom Headphones ($40) represent a definite improvement over earbuds. They're not so huge that we feel like idiots walking around wearing them, but they keep white noise... [More]

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Desktop-Mega-Phone iPhone Amplifier

Get the party started wherever your travels bring you with this Desktop-Mega-Phone iPhone Amplifier ($10). It handily boosts the volume on your favorite jams by thirteen decibels without the need for pesky power cords or batteries. Even better, the white silicone speaker is totally washable,... [More]

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iTunes Match

A subscription to iTunes Match ($25 a year) means you've got ALL of your music in the cloud. (Sounds poetic.) Store your entire library - even stuff that iTunes has never heard of - on it and access it from all of your devices (iPhone,... [More]

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Hipster Lion iPhone Case

He's got the glasses, he's got the trendy fashion accessories - he's even got the mangy facial hair! The hippest king of the jungle lends his likeness to the Hipster Lion iPhone Case ($35)... just don't expect him to be enthusiastic about it.... [More]

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Rabbit Wine Trek

Come summer, trying to bring a nice pinot grigio to that deck party inevitably results in lukewarm disappointment and/or diluting your drink with a whole bunch of ice cubes. This Rabbit Wine Trek ($60) seems like an ideal solution. It's perfectly designed to fit that... [More]

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Ikat Hard Shell iPad Case

Given the seemingly endless array of iPad cases, we've been surprised to discover that not many of them are solid shells. At least, not many of the pretty-to-look-at ones are designed to protect our hardware. That's why we need this Ikat Hard Shell iPad Case... [More]

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Because Cats iPhone & iPod Skin

Why are we here? What's the point of it all? The Because Cats iPhone & iPod Skin ($15) has the answers to all of life's deep questions - including "Why do we need upholstery?"... [More]

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BellaVita iPhone 4 Leather Wristlet

Taking a clutch or small handbag to the club is hardly fashionable. And frankly, taking a purse to a farmers' market isn't even practical. Strap your phone and essentials to your arm with the BellaVita iPhone 4 Leather Wristlet ($65) and leave your hands free... [More]

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mod. Straps

Amateur and professional photographers alike understand how obnoxious factory camera straps can be. They are made out of the kind of material we can only assume the military invented for use in interrogations. mod. Straps ($49 for Premium and $36 for Classic) are comfortable, fashionable... [More]

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iPhone 5 Doodle Case

Don't like our iPhone skin suggestions? If you think you could do better, be our guest! The iPhone 5 Doodle Case ($18) is exactly what it sounds like - an iPhone case you can draw on, erase, and draw on again!... [More]

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