2010 Hot Holiday Toys: Moon Dough

Move over Play-Doh! Moon Dough ($12, for a pack of 2 colors) seems to be the "gone before it even hits the shelves" item this holiday season. The silicone-based, fluffy, other-worldly dough of awesome is hyper-allergenic (gluten free!) and offers kids a lifetime of fun... [More]

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2010 Hot HolidayToys: ImagiNext Toy Story 3 Tri-County Landfill

The landfill scene in Toy Story 3 was one of the most gripping, edge-of-your-seat moments of any of the Toy Story movies. If you've got kids on your holiday list, they can help Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the Toy Story gang escape the... [More]

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hot wampa-s.jpg

2010 Hot Holiday Toys: LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Set

If you don't know what a wampa is, you're probably not interested in the LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Set ($33), but it's pretty cool. Kiddies can build the entire battle scene from The Empire Strikes Back with pieces for the wampa ice creature, wampa... [More]

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2010 Hot HolidayToys: Zoobles Petagonia Gift Pack

We here at Outblush are old enough to remember when a ball was a good plaything just because it rolled and bounced, but the current generation of children is a little more sophisticated, we suppose. Zoobles, little toy animals that fold up into spheres and... [More]

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2010 Hot Holiday Toys: Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey

When we were kids, our toys didn't do nearly as much cool stuff as the toys do today! Be the hero (bestest mom/godparent/aunt/big sis/etc.) and let the little loved one in your life unwrap the Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey ($95) this Holiday season. Mickey doesn't... [More]

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2010 Hot Holiday Toys: Orbeez Magic Maker

Who doesn't love a toy that grows in water - we only purchased a couple hundred "Grow A Boyfriend" back in the day. The Orbeez Magic Maker ($25) takes magical beads and grows them - up to 100 times their volume. When the beads are... [More]

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2010 Hot Holiday Toys: Pillow Pets

Your favorite little guy or girl already carries his or her stuffed animal everywhere and sleeps on or with it every night, and now someone has the bright idea to combine a beloved creature with a familiar comfort. Pillow Pets ($25) are soft plus squares... [More]

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stinky garbage-s.jpg

2010 Hot Holiday Toys: Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck

Boy, have they come a long way in the interactive toy department. The Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck ($50) is the hardest working truck out there. He eats any trash kids shove in his face, transports Big Rig Buddies anywhere, and so much more. There... [More]

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2010 Hot Holiday Toys: Squinkies Cupcake Surprise Bakeshop

Um, can anyone enlighten us on this Squinkies thing? All we know is that they're tiny, they have bubbles (?), and they're squishy. The rest of the content on the Squinkies site just baffled and terrified us. But you know, it's totally something that we... [More]

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video girl-s.jpg

2010 Hot Holiday Toys: Barbie Video Girl Doll

When we heard about the Barbie® Video Girl™ Doll ($50), we cringed at the thought of instilling music video vixen aspirations into young impressionable girls. Our bad; Mattel promotes something a lot more constructive here - directorial ambition! There's a Windows/Mac compatible video camera tucked... [More]

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2010 Hot Holiday Toys: Hasbro U-Build Games

The thing about giving board games as a gift is that they can get a bit dull after a few rounds through. Once kids have played a game six or seven times, they know the drill. Keep things in a constant state of chaos (the... [More]

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2010 Hot HolidayToys: Kung Zhu Pets

Remember those cute, cuddly Zhu Zhu Pets that were all the rage last holiday season? They were sold out by the end of September, and gift-givers had to resort to inflated prices on eBay. Boo to that! This year, the cute Zhu Zhus are still... [More]

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The Official Tooth Fairy Kit

For such a magical occasion, there's not much pomp and circumstance to leaving a tooth for the Tooth Fairy. Leave a tiny tooth nub under your pillow, wake up to money. It's cool, but it'll feel so much more special with The Official Tooth Fairy... [More]

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Sweet Treat Birdies Growth Chart

Sometimes a mark on the door frame just doesn't cut it. Preserve memories of your growing girl with the Sweet Treat Birdies Growth Chart ($54) by Oopsy Daisy. The stretch canvas growth chart comes personalized with the child's name, making it perfect for a girl's... [More]

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Infantine Jumbo Wheel Playspace

Doubling as a "Tummy Time" blanket and infant play mat, this adorable Infantino Jumbo Wheel Playspace ($30) is a godsend for parents in small apartments. Including over 20 different play features with a variety of sounds, games, colorful patterns and textures to engage baby's senses,... [More]

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Treetop Friends Owl Activity Toy

With plenty for babies to explore with eager, drool-covered fingers, and a mod design aesthetic that'll make parents happy, the Treetop Friends Owl Activity Toy ($18) makes for an inexpensive, appreciated-all-around holiday gift. The big owl and baby owl contain 10 sensory learning activities like... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Room Decor for Sonia's Son

Sonia writes: "Dear Outblush, First, you are awesome and are my absolute favorite daily work break. Second, I need help on so many fronts...But will only bring up one main one. I recently moved to a new apartment, and have not decorated it at all,... [More]


Push Car and Trailer

This Max Push Car ($220) would be a fun gift for one of the young'ns in your life. Even better, you could opt for the Lorette Trailer ($220) to go with it. Their parents will than you because it doesn't make noise, it's not garish... [More]

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Playsam Saab Roadster Ride On Car

Give your child the ride of their life with the Playsam Saab Roadster Ride On Car ($400). So posh, so fetch, this first car for your little one is based on the first Saab prototype. The steering wheel is made of wood and metal and... [More]

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Mariah Carey's Baby Registry: Our suggestions

Okay, so we haven't always been so nice to Mariah Carey, we admit it. But when we found out Mariah Carey is pregnant, we were genuinely excited for her and wanted to bury the hatchet, so to speak, by offering up our suggestions for her... [More]

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