Alicia Bell Shirts

Nothing says tres-chic like a customizable button-down for your mini-me. These Alicia Bell Shirts ($65-$75) are made with the same great cut as the shirts you've come to know & love, they're just shrunk down to toddler size. Pick your fabric, custom fasteners, and shirt... [More]

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Dudididum Wool Felt Baby Shoes

Squee! How endearingly adorable are LaLaShoe's Dudididum Wool Felt Baby Shoes? ($40) We are fully prepared to admit that were we to see a random baby sporting these (even if we didn't know the parents) we'd go crazy and start tickling said baby's feet and... [More]

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Egg Baby Sleepsack

A lot can go on in our baby's sleep, and between kicking and screaming, blankets become undone easily. Thanks to the Egg Baby Sleepsack ($40) temper tantrums won't ruin bedtime temperatures, and our baby maintains a level of consistent comfort. Hopefully, this means more sleep... [More]

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Safari Giraffe Jumper

This Safari Giraffe Jumper ($45) is a fantastic all-year-round go to piece for toddlers. They can don it as a dress for a few months and then as they shoot up, it will look fantastic over jeans and leggings. Each dress is custom made to... [More]

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Turtle Night Light

Turtle Night Light

Your little bundle of joy will be on cloud 9 when he/she drifts off to sleep with the Turtle Night Light ($34) in her room. This fabulous little stuffed turtle has a luminous shell that projects a starry night sky on ceiling and walls. Plus... [More]

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My Little Beating Heart

Think about it: babies spend nine long months nestled just under their mama's heart, listening to the rhythmic thump-thump, thump-thump of her heartbeat. It's little wonder, then, that My Little Beating Heart ($42) is proven to help relax and calm infants. A nifty microcomputer inside... [More]

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Kid Made Modern

Todd Oldham: clothing and housewares designer extraordinaire, and now... Babysitting aide? Cart his new book, Kid Made Modern, ($16) along the next time you watch your nieces and nephews and you'll be rewarded with well-behaved, attentive kiddos who think you're the best aunt ever. Oldham... [More]

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Dachsund MyPetLamp

We can think of a lot of kids (and adults, for that matter) who'd love having a MyPetLamp Dachsund Lamp ($59) as a night-light. Available in six colors, the molded plastic contains a replaceable low-wattage halogen bulb that emits a soft, comforting glow. And, come... [More]

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Peacock Gypsy Tote

Are you a bohemian momma that loves the smell of incense more than baby powder? This Peacock Gypsy Tote ($164) is the perfect purse for the new-age mom on the go because once you're no longer on diaper duty, you'll still have a stylish accessory... [More]

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Even though we're full-grown adults, on occasion, we slip into a pair of cranky pants thanks to traffic, work, boyfriends, bills, etc. We try and remedy the situation quickly (especially once we've been called out for our crankiness). Our younger counterparts can often drag out... [More]

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Teething Bling

What an awesome concept. Babies love to gnaw and tug on jewelry, so why not give them something safe to teeth on? That's where Teething Bling ($34) comes in. They're made of food-safe, phthalate free silicone, that your little one can chew on all day... [More]

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T-Rex Wooden Dinosaur

There's just something about this homemade T-Rex Wooden Dinosaur Toy ($8) that made us smile. It harkens back to the days of simple toys that required a kid's imagination, before lead-infused toy hamsters became popular. The chunky construction makes it easy for small hands to... [More]

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Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Finally, a stainless steel alternative for bottle babies. Little ones want to be BPA & lead free too, and Organic Kidz has come to the rescue. They have designed a stainless baby bottle that is easy to hold and easy to clean. We like the... [More]

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Mawok Cradle

The Mawok Cradle ($247) is a soft modern hammock that allows your baby to lie safely within arms' reach while snuggled in its own little bed. You can hang it from the ceiling or from a doorway, and it folds up in a snap into... [More]

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chick chair-s.jpg

Roebuck Studios Chick Chair

Husband and wife design team Kate and Barret Roebuck create eco-friendly pieces from local sources around their home in Chelsea, Michigan. The whimsical shape of the Roebuck Studios Chick Chair ($200) instantly earned it a place in our hearts, and we're sure kids would flip... [More]

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Santa Clues

Maybe Santa doesn't exist - and don't you dare tell us he doesn't - but there's nothing quite like seeing a kid's face light up on Christmas morning when they see a new pile of presents with "From Santa" on the tags and evidence that... [More]

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Leopard Baby Bag

Leopard Baby Bag

ROAR!! You and your lil' bambina will be strolling around town in style when you're sporting this fiercely fashionable Leopard Baby Bag ($350)! Not just stylish, it's uber-functional. This leopard-print canvas bag with patent white trim has a fold-out nylon changing mat, an adjustable and... [More]

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Karito Kids Yoga Outfit

You use yoga to keep yourself centered, especially when your little ones are driving you a bit bonkers. Why not try and get some 'om' goin' on for your daughter with this Karito Kids Zen Vibe Yoga Outfit & Accessories ($35)? She'll have her own... [More]

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Stella McCartney Cashmere Sweater

babyGap debuted its new line by Stella McCartney last week and it's already almost sold out. With lux, comfy offerings, like this Leopard Cashmere Sweater ($88), it's not hard to see why, but we've got a sneaky suspicion that some of these items may not... [More]

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Vintage Kids Tee

Wolfgang's Vault has some really cute rock t-shirts for tykes, like this 1976 Bob Marley and the Wailers Tee ($30). They've got great artwork from bands like Cream, Journey and Tom Petty to choose from. Nothing says, "I'm with the band", like a 1977 Led... [More]

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