A - Z Placemat Coloring Pad

Our saving grace is finding something that keeps our kid busy while we prep meals. It's much more pleasant to make lunch without a screaming baby on our hip. Lately we've been relying on this A-Z Placemat Coloring Pad ($20). It seems a lot more... [More]

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Cuddle Plush Cow Rocker

Who wants a boring ol' pony to ride on when you could hop on this squishy Cuddle Plush Cow Rocker ($149)? Plus, it's a lot easier to say "moo" than make that strange pony whinny noise - we're helpin' parents out here.... [More]

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Doll House Loft Bunk Bed

Is it possible that all of our childhood dreams are realized in this one piece of furniture? We say yes! Bunk beds are built into this kid-size dollhouse, and even though we didn't have a sister, we'd totally use that second bed as some sort... [More]

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Oeuf Animal Hat and Booties

We know it's getting warmer, so it's not the best time to stock up on snuggly winter-ish items for your little one, but these Oeuf Animal Hat and Matching Booties ($68) are too irresistible. Besides, it gets chilly at night, right? We're certain your little... [More]

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Lullaby Baby

Despite the fact that you can sing every single word of the number one pop hit the year you graduated from high school, you'd be surprised how hard it is to recall the tune of the simple songs you sang as a child. This is... [More]

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Ice Cream Cone Chalkboard Wall Decal

"How could anyone get upset about anything when they have an Ice Cream Cone Chalkboard Wall Decal ($56) in their bedroom? Especially one that comes with sprinkle and star decals to place as they please?" what you'll say next time your kid is throwing... [More]

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Art Cards for Baby

When we were raising babies, we thought we would just be able to make some cards like this. No big deal, just a computer, some simple animal shapes and a printer. We never got around to it, much like the laundry, our sex life and... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 7.21.34 PM.png

Wee Squeak Gladiator Sandals

When we were little girls, we wanted to be just like Mommy. We also loved shiny things and sparkly things and shoes that didn't require us to tie laces or wear socks. We also loved Travis, the red-headed casanova who helped us color in our... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-05-08 at 10.12.14 PM.png

Monsterbet Prints

We are totally smitten with Tyson Bodnarchuk's Monsterbet prints ($5/letter). He created a book for his niece and nephew (awww!) featuring all of his unique Monsterbet alphabet monsters, and now he sells prints of individual letters. We are, of course, partial to the letter "O".... [More]

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Kalon Studios Caravan Crib

Taking design cues from a storybook circus wagon makes the Kalon Studios Caravan Crib ($695) a ton of fun, and neon bright colors let the sleek modern design pop. If new moms and dads have too much money to throw around on eco-chic nursery items,... [More]

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Johnny Sugar Cookies

Our love of Trumpette Socks is no secret - they are THE cutest! Well, those fabulous folks have done it again with the Johnny Sugar Cookies ($45). Six sugar cookies are hand decorated like their Johnny socks, individually packaged, and tied with satin ribbon. Perfect... [More]

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Peace Love and Polka Dots Turquoise Book/Diaper Bag

Function meets fashion somewhere between the pink polka dot lining of this Turquoise Book/Diaper Bag ($60) by Peace Love and Polka Dots. The turquoise tweed upholstery fabric means this bag is able to take some beatings. It's hard to tear and easy to clean. And... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-05-03 at 9.35.33 PM.png

Robeez Lollipop Monster Shoes

When you have a young baby around who's learning to walk, it's worth it to have a few pairs of simple leather and elastic shoes around. They protect little feet and provide traction, but they don't have a thick sole that can trip up unsteady... [More]

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Let Him Sleep Vinyl Wall Decal

Let him sleep... for when he wakes he will move mountains. Damn skippy he will! Right after he poops. Let Him Sleep Vinyl Wall Decal ($36)... [More]

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Fornia Child's Drawing Keychain

Here's something that makes even our hearts grow three sizes today; Fornia's Child's Drawing Keychains (start at $79) are custom designed after the childhood doodle of your choice. They seem to be geared at newer mommies and daddies, but we bet they'd make an awesome... [More]

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Infant Desert Booties

Holy, freaking cute pants - the Infant Desert Booties ($50) are too much. These adorable boots are mini versions of our one of our favorite shoes. High sides, a lace up front, and soft leather sole makes babies foot extra comfy and ready for cruising.... [More]

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Bobles Tumbling Elephant

When you've got kids, they will undoubtedly and sadly grow up. And when they do, they require larger and more versatile toys to play with. Bobles Tumbling Elephant ($149) works as a rocking chair, balance board, foot stool or time-out punishing rack. We think it... [More]

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blabla Owl Dream Ring

So, when our boyfriend caught us looking at the adorable selection of blabla mobiles, we muttered something about baby fever and biological clocks to get him off our case. In reality, we were really trying to decide if it would be too juvenile to hang... [More]

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Playmat to Table Flower Garden

Every little kid deserves their very own secret garden, so splurge on this Tessel Playmat to Table Flower Garden ($135). The flat flowers can be assembled into a play mat or a wall to keep out marauding parents, and the standing flowers can be put... [More]

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Flensted Cat Mobile

Maybe it's just the ominous product lighting (and those cats in the back with no pupils), but if you at all believe in that urban legend about cats sucking the breath out of babies, you probably shouldn't hang up this cat mobile ($31) in your... [More]

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