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Oilily Paradise Baby Bag

Two of the four members of the Outblush Pregnancy Club (You down with OPC? YEAH YOU KNOW ME!) are on round two in the childbearing game, and this time around, things are different. People ask us how many weeks we are and we're like, "What?... [More]

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Put It Down Onesie

Girlfriends, it is awkward and uncomfortable when you belittle your husband in front of us for checking football scores instead of paying attention to your new baby. We're in your corner, of course, but we don't need to be pulled into your domestic battle. Instead... [More]

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Sunprints Kits

Sure these Sunprints Kits ($15) would make awesome birthday or holiday presents for our nieces and nephews, but we kinda want to make our own abstract art to hang on our fridges. Or our dining room walls. Or to personalize thank you notes. Or...... [More]

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Jessie Steele Retro Cherries Kid's Apron

Normally, our feminist perspective would look at this and think "Oh great, teach the girls young that cherries are feminine fruits and the kitchen is where they belong." But today, we are strapping on our bras and proclaiming the Jessie Steele Retro Cherries Kid's Apron... [More]

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Socks The Fox Blabla Doll

We're not cussing with you. This Socks the Fox Blabla Doll ($46) reminds us of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Which we think is fantastic, because we thought it was a fantastic movie. And you'll think it's fantastic. And your kid will think it's fantastic. Which, is... [More]

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Mama Merit Badges

Whoa, it's like Girl Scouts for moms! Parenthood offers plenty of rewards on its own, but sometimes it's nice to get a little extra acknowledgment, right? Preferably right after you've handled the toughest diaper blowout of your life or you realize your shopping trips take... [More]

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Crown Bubble Wand-small.jpg

Crown Bubblewand

So maybe we can't transport ourselves in one gigantic bubble, but we think having a Crown Bubblewand ($16) on hand is still magical. You never know when you're going to need to blow off some steam (or bubbles) or show the local neighborhood kids how... [More]

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Zara Girls Cable Stitch Dress

We're kinda wishing this Girl's Cable Stitch Dress ($40) from Zara was also sold in women's sizes because it looks pretty spectacularly comfy. But we suppose we'll have to admit that a cute little 6 year old would rock the socks off of this dress... [More]

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I Grow People Maternity Tee

While we don't usually go for corny sayings tees, the pregnancy hormones must be messing with our senses of humor. The I Grow People Maternity Tee ($28) may be just what we need on those days when we're feeling grumpy with the rest of the... [More]

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Old Navy Girls Lace-Trim Leggings

We don't know about you, but when we were kids, we had about a million pairs of lace-trim leggings. Okay, not literally a million, but several. We wore them with baby doll shirts and scrunch socks. Old Navy is bringing them back this school season... [More]

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Carter's Long Sleeve Knit Dress

Kids don't just get all the best costumes, they also get the cutest clothes. We wish this Carter's Long Sleeve Knit Dress ($12 on sale) came in like, a billion sizes bigger so we could have an epic go go dancing party in it (or... [More]

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Great White Shark Costume

We're impressed that this kid model was willing to get inside of this Great White Shark Costume ($49). Because us? We were those kids that doggy paddled around the four foot deep part of the pool until we reached an embarrassingly old age because we... [More]

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Watermelon Fairy Costume

Most of the time we love being adults. We love driving cars, and staying up till ridiculous hours playing rock band, and being able to wear as much red lipstick as we want. But every once in a while we come across something that reminds... [More]

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Bloom Alma Crib

Since the beginning of time it seems parents have favored stashing their babies in portable sleeping devices like baskets hanging from trees, baskets sent sailing down rivers, and now Bloom's Alma Crib ($400). Made to fit through standard door frames, you can roll this crib... [More]

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Amon Post Partum Support Girdle

Adios baby belly! Thanks to Amon Post Partum Support Girdle we don't have to do much except...wear it. If you're expecting any time soon, order a pair or two and pack them in your hospital bag because these are little miracle workers. Save yourself hours... [More]

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Little Play Spaces The French Cafe

Your bon bebe is far to sophisticated for a simple playhouse, non? Begin his or her wanderlust and appreciation of a good latte by setting up this French Cafe ($79) for playtime. The best possible outcome? Your child grows up to be a successful restaurateur... [More]

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My Dad is a Hipster Douchebag Baby One-Piece

We doubt expecting hipster mommies and daddies can tear themselves away from painting owls on their changing table and blaring Bon Iver into the womb to buy the My Dad is a Hipster Douchebag Baby One-Piece ($22). So do them a favor and wrap one... [More]

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Tea Collection Mila Embroidered Dress

So you know how sometimes we show you awesome kids stuff and wish it came in our size? Yes, this is true for ev-er-y-thing by tea collection. In particular, we're swooning over this Mila Embroidered Dress ($45, on sale). But let's be honest, even at... [More]

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Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight

We're torn between whether the Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight ($35) is creepy (just a little) or cool. Made to cast starry projections in your child's room, we think its ability to shut off after 45 minutes, or stay on all night as a... [More]

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La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach

If you're hoping to break gender stereotypes and keep your little girl from growing up with princess fantasies and knight-in-shining-armor delusions, this is not the bed for her. However, if you have a sh*t ton of money and are raising a little Veruca Salt, you... [More]

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