Ganesha Baby Girl One Piece

Expecting? Got a million and one friends who are expecting? Yeah, I guess we're getting to be that age, huh? Go slightly controversial and gift one of those million and one friends with the Ganesha Baby Girl One Piece ($16). We only say "controversial" because... [More]

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Stride Rite SRT Soft Motion Ernie

These Stride Rite SRT Soft Motion Ernie shoes ($42) are close to perfection; we're just a little disappointed that the left shoe doesn't feature Bert. Where's the love for the slightly curmudgeonly voice of reason? Stride Rite has a variety of other Sesame Street shoes,... [More]

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Blank Canvas Bib

You always knew your kid was an art prodigy, now you can admire his artwork after every meal. Blank Canvas Bib ($15) from Uncommon Goods... [More]

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ThinkGeek Doodle Tablecloth

So what if this ThinkGeek Doodle Tablecloth ($40) was created with kids in mind? We're kids at heart and we've always been doodlers. We doodle in margins, on shopping lists, and most often when we're supposed to be paying attention to someone who is talking.... [More]

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Romantic Star Projector

When we first stumbled on the Romantic Star Projector ($22) from Infmetry, we thought, "Score! Bedroom fun just got even MORE fun!" But we suppose we could use this projector for more than just two-person ambiance. We could use it during a Halloween party to... [More]

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The Babe With the Power Creeper

We might as well face the music. Our Outblush offspring are all going to be a bit on the nerdy side--the fashionably nerdy, no doubt--but since we spend at least 8 hours a day on the internet, some of that cats-making-funny-faces-video-watching and snarky-blog-reading is surely... [More]

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Thomas Paul Baby Elephant Pillow

Put some finishing touches on your nursery with the Thomas Paul Baby Elephant Pillow ($24). We're assuming you'll be spending plenty of time in that glider anyway--you might as well lean your back against this cushy elephant. Plus, it's adorably hip without being in-your-face-nauseatingly-baby-decor.... [More]

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Uncommon Goods Construction Plate and Utensils

Giving a whole new meaning to the way your child will play with his food, this Construction Plate and Utensils ($15-$18) could go one of two ways. Perhaps your picky child will enjoy the action of putting food into his mouth with a bulldozer and... [More]

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Baby Bullet 21-Piece Baby Food System

This ain't no infant gangsta' initiation, we be tryin' to feed yo baby, fool! The Baby Bullet 21-Piece Baby Food System ($60) comes from the makers of the Magic Bullet and helps you prepare and store healthy food for your little one. After all, you... [More]

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Scary Hands

We're thinking we're gonna dress in all black and let our hands do the talking this Halloween. Forget painting our faces and trying to choose from one of the plethora of sexy, sexy ladies choices. Scary Hands Temporary Tattoos ($8).... [More]

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P'kolino Klick Desk

We're not sure why kids always get the playful, creativity inducing furniture and clothes, but we're wishing we had a P'kolino Klick Desk ($182) to sit at and doodle. The Padded seat offers room to stash your kiddo's art supplies or puzzles while the desk... [More]

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Baby Costume Giveaway at The New Parents Guide!

LAST DAY FOR THIS, FOLKS! Got a kid to dress up this Halloween? If so, take full advantage of the fact. After all, you'll only have a few years where you can dress them up as whatever you want before they can fight back. Which... [More]

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littlegoodall Ferocious Felt Lion Coat

Even if you're adamant about not having kids (mainly because you fear taking care of a baby will be as creepy and unsatisfying as it is in Eraserhead), you've got to admit this littlegoodall Ferocious Felt Lion Coat ($145) is the sort of thing that... [More]

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Baby Fortune Cookie Slippers

We never need any encouragement to nibble on baby toes, but if we spotted a little one wearing these Fortune Cookie Slippers ($28), we're pretty sure it would take a team of seven men to restrain us from running across the room squealing at the... [More]

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Artful Flyers

We're pretty sure as a kid we would have preferred one of these Artful Flyers ($9) in our stocking to the orange and nuts that no one ever ate. In fact, we'd prefer these rubber band airplanes in our stocking now, preferably to have races... [More]

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Citrus Lane

We've heard of monthly wine delivery, farmer's market delivery and even sterile catheter delivery. But never have we heard of Citrus Lane ($25 a month), a service that delivers custom baby products every month right to your door step. And not just your regular, run... [More]

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Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 7.48.29 PM.png

Oilily Paradise Baby Bag

Two of the four members of the Outblush Pregnancy Club (You down with OPC? YEAH YOU KNOW ME!) are on round two in the childbearing game, and this time around, things are different. People ask us how many weeks we are and we're like, "What?... [More]

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Put It Down Onesie

Girlfriends, it is awkward and uncomfortable when you belittle your husband in front of us for checking football scores instead of paying attention to your new baby. We're in your corner, of course, but we don't need to be pulled into your domestic battle. Instead... [More]

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Sunprints Kits

Sure these Sunprints Kits ($15) would make awesome birthday or holiday presents for our nieces and nephews, but we kinda want to make our own abstract art to hang on our fridges. Or our dining room walls. Or to personalize thank you notes. Or...... [More]

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Jessie Steele Retro Cherries Kid's Apron

Normally, our feminist perspective would look at this and think "Oh great, teach the girls young that cherries are feminine fruits and the kitchen is where they belong." But today, we are strapping on our bras and proclaiming the Jessie Steele Retro Cherries Kid's Apron... [More]

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