Bloom Alma Crib

Since the beginning of time it seems parents have favored stashing their babies in portable sleeping devices like baskets hanging from trees, baskets sent sailing down rivers, and now Bloom's Alma Crib ($400). Made to fit through standard door frames, you can roll this crib... [More]

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Amon Post Partum Support Girdle

Adios baby belly! Thanks to Amon Post Partum Support Girdle we don't have to do much except...wear it. If you're expecting any time soon, order a pair or two and pack them in your hospital bag because these are little miracle workers. Save yourself hours... [More]

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Little Play Spaces The French Cafe

Your bon bebe is far to sophisticated for a simple playhouse, non? Begin his or her wanderlust and appreciation of a good latte by setting up this French Cafe ($79) for playtime. The best possible outcome? Your child grows up to be a successful restaurateur... [More]

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My Dad is a Hipster Douchebag Baby One-Piece

We doubt expecting hipster mommies and daddies can tear themselves away from painting owls on their changing table and blaring Bon Iver into the womb to buy the My Dad is a Hipster Douchebag Baby One-Piece ($22). So do them a favor and wrap one... [More]

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Tea Collection Mila Embroidered Dress

So you know how sometimes we show you awesome kids stuff and wish it came in our size? Yes, this is true for ev-er-y-thing by tea collection. In particular, we're swooning over this Mila Embroidered Dress ($45, on sale). But let's be honest, even at... [More]

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Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight

We're torn between whether the Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight ($35) is creepy (just a little) or cool. Made to cast starry projections in your child's room, we think its ability to shut off after 45 minutes, or stay on all night as a... [More]

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La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach

If you're hoping to break gender stereotypes and keep your little girl from growing up with princess fantasies and knight-in-shining-armor delusions, this is not the bed for her. However, if you have a sh*t ton of money and are raising a little Veruca Salt, you... [More]

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Dotty the Wiener Dog

Some folks decide not to find out the sex of their baby before he or she is born, and they end up with a big old pile of depressing clothing and toys in pale green, yellow, brown, and various sad shades of white and beige.... [More]

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Hopscotch Watercolors Nail Polish

Hopscotch Kids Watercolor Nail Polish

Our little divas LOVE to give themselves mini manicures as well as pedicures! However we cringe when we see our favorite bottle of Essie Coney Island Cotton Candy be spilled and we've found Hopscotch Kids Watercolor Nail Polish ($8 on sale), which is perfect... [More]

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Oopsey Daisy Wall Mural Cherry Blossom Birdies

We're pretty sure your little mini-me will be waking up on the right side of the bed every morning when their eyes fall on Oopsey Daisy's Wall Mural Cherry Blossom Birdies ($126) first thing. It kinda makes us think of Japanese cherry blossom festival. And... [More]

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Personalized Fairytale Birds Name Bannerama

So what if it looks like it's for a kid's room or party! We totally want one of these to celebrate ourselves on our birthday! Made of whimsical birds hand-crafted from felt, each bird is grasping a letter to spell out your name. Maybe they'll... [More]

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Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf

Brushing your teeth is a lot more fun than getting a root canal, but that's a little bit depressing for the title of a book. The perfect gift for kids or one of your hygienically challenged buddies, Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun by Munro... [More]

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Ebi Nigiri Baby Halloween Costume

The only thing better than planning our own Halloween costumes is planning a kid's Halloween costume! And when they're young, they don't really care what they can dress 'em up in anything instead of tactfully trying to change their minds about being something with... [More]

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Merry Muscles Baby Bouncer

You guys, we totally looked at this Merry Muscles Baby Bouncer ($85) and thought "that baby looks like it's IN a MARTINI!!" Unfit to be mothers? Possibly. Ready for a cocktail? You betcha.... [More]

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Ladybug Poncho

Ladybug Poncho

Back to School List: X Notebooks X Binder X Pencils X Erasers X Pencil Sharpener X Backpack X Lunchbox Rain Coat Look no further...we found the most adorable rain ponchos for your dolls and dudes. We love the Ladybug Poncho ($18). Others to choose from... [More]

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Lunchbox Love for Kids

Lunchbox Love for Kids

Sometimes our hectic morning routines get in the way of us telling our little ones how much we adore and love them so we're definitely going to stuff these fun little notes inside their lunch totes each and every day. We almost can't wait for... [More]

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Sparkle Star Crayons

Sparkle Star Crayons

We find coloring with crayons rather therapeutic so we'd love to break out our Sparkle Star Crayons ($2) and go to town. We, of course, love the sparkles and star shape, but we love the fact that each crayon has 2 colors.... [More]

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Roadtrip Bingo

A typical road trip conversation might go something like this when you've got a serious game of Bingo in full swing. 'Hello Officer, is there a problem?' 'Have you been drinking tonight, ma'am?' 'No, sir.' 'Well you've been swerving all over the road for the... [More]

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Wich Ditty

Wich Ditty

We always like to be in the know when it comes to the latest and greatest for Back to School items. We've stumbled upon the Wich Ditty ($14), which is a very cool 100% organic cotton reusable lunch bag for your turkey and American cheese... [More]

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Kitty Coin Purse

Kitty Coin Purse

We found a great new little accessory to store our precious lunch money. The Kitty Coin Purse ($10) is adorable and reminds us of the days of waiting in the lunch line ordering up some square pizza, hot dog with beans or cheese ravioli healthy... [More]

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