Brica Cover Guard Car Seat Tote

If you're not a parent, you might think that this Brica Cover Guard Car Seat Tote ($45) comes in handy for keeping your car seat clean and protected when traveling. Seasoned parents know that the real value in this cover comes in the ability to... [More]

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Rockabye Baby! Lullabye Renditions of Journey

True story: Dead tired OB editor and mama. Teething four-month-old daughter. Three o'eff in the morning. Babydaddy away on business. Mama starts up the Lullaby channel on Pandora on her iPhone in a desperate attempt to soothe baby. A sweet percussion song comes on and... [More]

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Wittlebee Kids Clothing Club

We love our Birchbox membership so much that when someone showed us Wittlebee ($40), we may have actually squealed out loud. Wittlebee is a kids clothing club that operates similarly to Birchbox. You pay a monthly fee and they'll mail you a box of kids'... [More]

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Dotty Wooden Sailboat

You've tried bath body paint, bubbles, and a plethora of other activities to keep your wee one entertained in the bath. Why not try a Dotty Wooden Sailboat ($22)? Let them be captain on their own uncharted sea or pretend they're a wild sea monster.... [More]

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Rose Pavilion

Growing up, building a tent meant pulling the pillows off of our couch, using them as walls, and then covering the mess with a blanket. Our construction never looked half so fancy as this Rose Pavilion ($625). We're sure we would have spent every waking... [More]

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Aromatherapy Play Clay

Sure, the Aromatherapy Play Clay ($14) is made for kids, but we deserve to get our Zen going while making rolled clay pots, too. We plan on bringing the aromatherapy play clay when we babysit our nieces. We figure the soothing scents of lavender and... [More]

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Zara Combined Leather Dockside

We may have differing opinions on boat shoes here at Outblush, but fan or not, we have to admit that kids in boldly colored boat shoes, like the Combined Leather Docksider ($50) from Zara, are completely adorable. Truthfully, we like anything that's a miniature replica... [More]

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ZoLi On-the-Go Travel Formula and Snack Dispenser

For as small as kids are, they sure do consume a lot of food. And if you're lucky, you can get a kid who will eat all the food on the entire planet. That includes nuts, dried fruit, crackers, strange cracker-shaped objects found on the... [More]

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Puss in Boots

Okay, we admit it: we're animation nerds. We own just about every Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, or Studio Ghibli film there is, and we're excited to pick up a copy of Puss in Boots ($17) now that it's out on DVD. With voices by Antonio Banderas... [More]

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Boon Naked Collapsible Tub

Bathing your babe in the kitchen sink seems both smart and adorable...until you realize that means you have to do all the dirty dishes first. The Boon Naked 2 Position Collapsible Bathtub ($60) requires no dishwashing and collapses down for easy storage. You can set... [More]

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Bird Feet Booties

We have a hard enough time maintaining cool composure around itty bitty baby toes and socks, so we're almost certain these Bird Feet Booties ($24) will melt our tough exterior and turn us into the cooing, baby-obsessed woman our biological clock has been beeping at.... [More]

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Orange Flower Power Mini Tote

You're not the only one who needs to carry around a bag full of stuff. We're digging this kiddo-sized Orange Flower Power Mini Tote ($22). It's made from recycled fabrics and the bright, cheery design should appeal to your mini-me. She needs a place to... [More]

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Moby Bath Kneeler

Kids are hard on our bodies, and anything we can do to make life a little more comfortable while enjoying time with our babies is usually well worth it. Bathtime has taken on a whole new vibe now that we have a Moby Bath Kneeler... [More]

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uncommongoods Gnome Babysuit & Hat

The gnome onesie is cute enough on its own, but the hat, the HAT!! Why must you torment us with eternal cuteness, tiny babies in your tiny adorable clothes? There's not even a babe in the photo for this Gnome Babysuit & Hat ($34) and... [More]

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Red Plaid Changing Mat Set

Who knew changing a diaper could look so high-class? Apparently Ralph Lauren. Red Plaid Changing Mat Set ($35).... [More]

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Chandra Numbers Rug

Raising the next supergenius? Of course you are. And since you obviously want the best for your little drooling, teething future Steve Jobs, you're determined to create a visually stimulating nursery full of educational toys and decor. Why not start with a great focal point,... [More]

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Sleep Deprived Daddy and Baby Gift Set

Usually it's the mommas who get all the attention and gifts when a new baby is on the way. But we want to give due recognition to dads, too. Our 21st century men are stepping up to the plate: changing diapers with the best of... [More]

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Dwell Studio Elephant Bookshelf

Brighten up baby's room with the Dwell Studio Elephant Bookshelf ($124). Not only does it add a pop of color, perfect for babies who are learning to focus their sight, but it holds a library of books destined to become favorites. A hundred and twenty-four... [More]

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Pink Roses/Pink Waves Crib Bedding

We don't have a baby and we probably won't have one for a long time, but we can't help but want to buy (and hide so our husband doesn't think we've gone totally nuts) this adorable Pink Roses/Pink Waves Crib Bedding Set ($335). We love... [More]

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Little Miss Austen: Pride and Prejudice

It's never too early to indoctrinate teach children about Jane Austen, right? Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver's clever Little Miss Austen: Pride and Prejudice ($9) helps wee 'uns up to age three learn to count using "1 English village", "2 rich gentlemen", "5 sisters", and... [More]

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